• Hello, great and powerful creators of Alternate Universes. I, The Infinite One, have recently been quite suprised and overjoyed by your reception of my little article, under the title: I Am The Infinite One. It fills me with happiness to know that you are all understanding and willing to challenge the normal laws of imagination by reading and fully understanding just what I am trying to accoplish.

    In other words, because of the positive reviews and many acceptions to my call to action, I am happy to announce that a sequal to my story is currently being worked on day and night. I won't say what happens exactly, but I will say that the story will shift from having the reader as the main character, to a thrid-person kind of story focused not on myself, but on a young writer who has recently posted her first story on the website,! What her exact name is and what alternate realities we will encounter and visit will remain a mystery for now, but I can give all of you who decide to read this a little leaked information; One Alternate reality we will enter contains a familiar character to all who browse the internet, although it's not a character from Creepypasta or . . .

    Thank you to everycreature who has decided to investigate my story, and I wish to give honerable mentions to CalasanX, SOMEGUY123, and I, da Cashman for giving me such a warm welcome to this incredible site in the fist place. Thank you, and may you all find good fourtune whenever possible.
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