When "Thomas the tank engine" was greenlit for a second season in September ,14, 1998 .It was popular among Thomas fans all together,mostly on how darker episodes got in terms of problems and story lines.However there was a concept episode of how far they can be dark.The episode in question was filmed and made to be a Halloween special this was going to air on halloween day,October of 1998 but, was cancelled for unknown reasons.

"How did you know about this" well,i was one of the few of the sound editors for this episode.I was 25,and just got out of collage when i was looking for jobs and found a listing for the show "Thomas the tank engine" as a editor for the show's 5th season.I was exited my first job on a tv show.The next day i was interviewed and was hired to work on Thomas the tank engine as a sound editor.

After a few months, an audio cassette and VHS tape and was told to edit the the tape.when finished, i started to watch it and couldn't believe my eyes,The episode starts with Thomas and the rest of the steam team.Gordon was boasting like usual but was getting very cocky and rude."gordon you always say this and get in trouble in the end."Thomas said crossly. "Bah" said Gordon "Your just jealous that i'm fastest and best." Gordon said boastfully."Gordon" said Thomas "You just think your bigger and better but if you really think that where just going to stand here thinking your better and expect us to do what you command,well we are going to ignore you and see how it feels being treated like scum!" Thomas said crossly as he left the train yard.

Gordon was shocked and didn't know what to say, the other engines glared crossly at Gordon and also left as well.Then Gordon looks cross and says "You know what ,im going to show them that i can be a fast and greater then all of them to un silence them."Time passes and Gordon was ready for his morning goods train When percy [Who wasn't at the sheds through the whole thing] Percy try's to warn him of a bridge that isn't stable,Gordon wouldn"t listen to Percy.crossly Percy left to go pull the mail.Gordon wissed down the line going faster and faster.So fast that he didn't see where he was going and went onto the unstable bridge Percy warned him about ea rlier! Gordon was scared beyond relief and tried to back out but it was too late Gordon tumbled and fell into the ravine and a huge metallic crash was audible, Then screamed again and again for help but no one answered and it cut to gordon in the gorge battered an very rusty like how a rusty car would be.

Gordon looked at his battered buffers and said,"i'll never get out of this i wish they could forgive me for me belittling them and boasting at them." then chains had came down on him and lifted him out of the ravine."GORDON" said a familiar voice.Gordon look up and saw that fat controller looking at him crossly, please sir can you repair me said Gordon sadly."i'm sorry gordon but we are tired of you getting into these accidents its bankrupting us your being sent to scrap." it cuts to Gordon had a shocked look on his face as he screamed.The episode ended just like that.I was quite surprised at seing how dark this episode was! When i was still pondering about it,Britt alfcroft the creater of the TV series came in and here is what she said."are you all done with the editing? Good you need to give it to me i decited to scrap it i'm sorry for the inconvenience you will still be paid." She said as i gave her the tapes and she left.After the flop that is "Thomas and the magic railroad" movie, season 6 roled around and the episode was remade into "gordon takes a tumble

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