I was walking down the bus stop to go to school its was 6am in till something caught my eye it look like a movie case I walk over it was that was the vanishing movie my mom didn't want me to watch it. I looked at the case the cover looked like the cover color was fading and a little negative then the back looked fine I checked the disc it looked a little dirty I but the case in my backpack. On the way to school I thought about the vanishing DVD parents aren't going to be home if I watched alone. afterschool I took out the DVD case I locked my bed room door and put it in my DVD player and it played but it was not normal there was no commercials when it got to the title screen had only one option PLAY I pressed play it started it was unusual it started out with James alone the rest of the crew left James behind the first 10 scenes where ok normal but when next scene came up its was disturbing. James was slowly going insane he was talking by his self when the next scene he chops his 2 arms off then he stared at the camera and started to cry blood his eyes changed to from blue to black and gold. then he chops his legs he started to smile then a shadow of man then the scene play when the crew got back they saw the body then cut to a picture of a decapitated chicken. James floated to Tomas and bit chunk of Tomas neck and then when Donald walked in he and saw James feasting on Tomas fresh course Donald yelled " who t-the hell are you!" then James replied back "y-you l-left me behind and want me to die! y-you knew if you and Tomas left me behind and you tried to took EVERYTHING FROM ME NOW LOOK AT THE MONSTER YOU CRATED DONALD MCARTHUR!". then James killed Donald the same way he did Tomas then he turn to the camera and said" I-I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WHO EVER IS WATCHING WILL BE SORRY". my DVD player turn of by its self I took the disc smash and buried the disc. I acted normal around my parents when I was about to go to sleep. I saw a shadow it looked like James then James whispered " I told you you'll be sorry"

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