Okay yeah, so you know. I'm a girl, and you guys think girls are always getting scared easily. But not me. Although I had one thing that scared the hell out of me. Let me tell you the story. The story of the weeping child.

It was a normal Tuesday for me. I was playing my favorite childhood game, Mario Kart 64. It was all a good day. I was home with my brothers, and my parents were out on vacation. I then forget that I had to go to sleep, because it was past 3 o clock, and I usually go to bed at one on weekends, ten thirty during the weekend, unless I am exhausted from something.

I then go to bed, and wake up at five. Nobody was home for some reason. "Where is everybody?" I thought, questionably of where they could be. I then hear a gentle sobbing. I look out the window, the darkness of the early morning keeps me from seeing. I could barely see the figure sitting in the fields. I put on my clothes, glasses, and my hoodie.

I couldn't believe my eyes once I saw it! It was a child that I had seen down there. I rushed down to the stairs, still being quiet as if my parents were still there. I then go out the back door, and notice the child. I walk up to him, and wonder why he is up so early.

"Hey, what's the matter?" I ask him.

"Nobody wants to play with me," he sniffles, playing with his soccer ball.

"No wonder. Everybody else is still asleep. But I'll play with you once. I have school afterwards," I say.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you!" said the boy.

"What is your name?" I ask him. The boy stays silent, until he speaks up.

"Allah," he says.

"Well, my name is Natalie," I tell him, giving him a pat on the back. I then go back inside, shocked to see he was now sitting on my bed.

"Oh...hello!" I say in shock. He smiles with his amber eyes, as he waves.

"Good morning!" Allah said.

I backed away slowly, and grabbed my backpack. I was packing up for school, until he appears again.

"I have to go to school," I say. Allah nods slowly, smiling with his pale skin.

Once I walk to the bus stop, I wait for a few minutes. Nobody else is there. I wait even longer, until eventually my friends and neighbors came. I then yelp in shock, as I notice the boy down the street.

"What's wrong?" my friend, Nicole asks me.

"Nothing...I'm seeing things," I say.

The bus arrives, and we get on. I then see the boy in the back. I shudder in fright, but then sit down. Once we arrive at the school, I greet my friends and my teachers. I kept seeing the boy... As the teachers worried about me. I was sent to the nurse, and took a nap. In my dream, Allah was in an empty room. I grab his attention, and his skin is all white, his hair is a pale blonde. Instead of his amber eyes, he had no eyes, as black leaks from his eyeholes. Red is in the center of where his eyes would be, which made it creepier. I screamed, as it took me time to notice his fangs, long and bloody.

He pounces on me, and tackles me. 

"Won't you play with me?" Allah says, smiling.

I wake up, hyperventilating. I'm told to take the rest of the day off, because I'm thought to be hallucinating. A teacher drives me home, as nobody would answer the phone, except for this breathing. This heavy breathing that sounded like a child. I go to sleep once I get home. I kept dreaming the same dream, until Allah is right there. In my face. Smiling. I noticed he had fangs.

I then scream, and faint, dreaming everything all over again, but this time, Allah was in my face, with his creepy look. I tried to breathe, but he had his knees on my chest, his feet on my belly, keeping me from breathing. I was suffocating, until I slowly closed my eyes, to stop breathing. I wake up, as he is not there. It's evening, and I call Nicole to come over.

Nicole gets to my house as we talk. "Nicole, we have a situation here," I say.

"I'm hallucinating. I keep seeing a young boy stalking me". Nicole thinks for a second.

"Describe what he looks like," she says.

"Well there are two ways. The first time I saw him this morning, he had dirty blonde hair, pale skin, amber eyes, a white shirt, and blue shorts with a stripe down the side. The creepy version of him is bloodstains on his outfit, no eyes, but red where they would be, black leaking from his eyeholes, bloody fangs, white skin, and pale blonde hair," I explain it all directly. Nicole is in shock, as she then stares in horror at me.

"Nicole? What's wrong?" I ask.

"L-l-look behind you!" she said. I turn around, to notice Allah.

"Won't you play with me? We can be best friends.....forever," he says, in his creepy look. I run, grabbing Nicole with me.

"You can't escape, friends," he says. He chases us. I get on my bike, Nicole grabs hers, as we ride like the wind, faster than we had ever rode.

Allah chased us, as he flew in the air. Nicole and I were screaming. We were speeding down the road, away from Allah. We then pulled the brakes, as we almost flew into the lake. Allah goes too fast, as he then falls into the lake. A little boy, who just wanted to play, fell into the lake, and could possibly had drowned. I felt guilty. I then take a flower, and place it into the water, a tear slowly streaming from my eyes.

"See you later....friend....I'm sorry," I say.

"You were getting too scary... but you just wanted a friend. I'll still be your friend forever..." Nicole gives me a pat on the back, as we go back home. A black figure rises from the lake, as it then smiles:

"Goodbye, friend."

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