I was like every other kid at the age of 8, big imagination, very curious, getting into trouble without knowing why and of course my parents had me in the many lies of holiday mascots like Santa, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy. I honestly don’t know why I was so interested in those things at that age but even when it was the middle of July I obsessed over Santa, in January I got excited for Easter, and almost every day I would check my teeth to see if any of them had gotten loser in the past few days.

Even after my parents told me that the holiday characters weren’t real I still perused an interest in them. When I got into my early teens years I started looking for a more realistic explanation, that’s when something stood out to me about the tooth fairy, someone pointed out that the tooth fairy is actually really dark, she comes into your house in the middle of the night and collects your bones or in better terms your teeth then leaves money like it was some kind of drug deal.

It gave a good laugh and it made a lot of sense, I even started to make up things about Santa dropping off drugs from house to house in the presents, or the Easter bunny is actually trying to lure little kids into his white van or something like that. I found myself slightly obsessing over the tooth fairy story with how messed up it is but yet how true it could be. I started really thinking about it; she practically breaks into your room, takes your tooth then makes a hasty get away. I started to realize this wasn’t just fictional, I remember that, that’s why I know what she does. Then I remembered it.

I was 9 I had just lost my k9 tooth and I was so excited to get a dollar form the tooth fairy. I woke up pretty late at night, I almost immediately felt under my pillow, my tooth was gone and I found the dollar, I turned around to go back to bed when I saw someone standing in my room, my light wasn’t on and I was too fearful to turn it on but the moonlight was just enough to see a bag. I saw white pebbles. As my eyes adjusted I could see that they were teeth, but instead of white pearly bones I saw dark red at the bottom half of all of the teeth. Just before the person left I heard a male’s voice say “you’re lucky you had a tooth under there.”

Then he ran off.

With that memory I started some online searches of break-ins similar to mine and with just a bit of searching I found an old police record of an arrest that was made on a man who would break in to homes and check under pillows for teeth but if someone didn’t have any he would rip all of them out.

Apparently he had accumulated thousands of manually acquired teeth.


Written by Decisivefactor
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