Slenderman awoke. Below him, circled around the tree and holding hands, was The Collective. They were channeling their energy into him. His limbs had regained their elasticity, and he now had just enough strength to untie his tendrils and lower himself to the ground.

"Thank you, my children. But I am still not safe. None of you are, anymore. Not as long as Jeff is on the loose."

"What do you mean, Master?" asked Masky. "He's only a human. Mortals can't hurt Slendermen."

"That was once true, but not anymore," said Slenderman. "He is now able to feed on the energy of Slendermen like me through our tendrils and make himself more powerful. He aims to absorb all of them and become a god."

Firebrand gasped. "That means...using our powers against him would be like suicide."

"Exactly. But...we must find a way to stop him. We must."

Meanwhile, Jeff was making his way to the city. He decided he would test out his incredible new strength by laying waste to the metropolis and crushing the puny humans like the insignificant bugs they were. And then...he would find that bitch Jane and tear her apart. He swung his massive, lizard-like tail around wildly in excitement, knocking down the trees around him.

No no, he couldn't just rush in. The humans would see him coming from miles away and try to stop him. He wasn't sure if their pathetic little weapons would even slow him down, but still. "Ah," he thought. "Since I absorbed Slenderman's power, I should have some of his abilities as well. Isn't he able to make himself invisible and mess with electronics? I bet I could do that."

He narrowed his eyes (strange, as he thought his eyelids were burnt off) and concentrated. His hair frizzed up, and he felt an electrical charge build up around his enormous white body. Slowly, starting from his legs and going upward, he faded into the background. Within 5 minutes, he could no longer be seen. He looked down. It had worked. Now those humans literally wouldn't see what hit them.

At the edge of the city, the locals were disturbed by what at first seemed to be mild tremors. But then, really weird stuff started to happen. Huge craters started appearing in the streets. Telephone poles and trees were mysteriously being knocked down. TVs, computers, and tablets started going haywire. Cars were being flipped over and crushed without explanation. Widespread panic abounded. Everyone was afraid to come out of their homes. Several people claimed aliens were responsible.

Mayor O'Donnell issued a public statement, telling everyone to keep calm and that there was probably a reasonable, scientific explanation for all this. "After all," he joked, "it's not like this is all being caused by some giant, invisible monster!"

And wouldn't you know it, it was at that exact moment that Jeff's invisibility wore off. And he was lurking directly behind the building the Mayor was holding his press conference in. Everybody gasped as the twisted, red-eyed white face faded into view, filling the plate-glass window behind the middle-aged, mustachioed black man.

O'Donnell noticed the awkward silence. "What?"

Everyone in the room pointed behind him. He slowly turned around. "" he muttered as he saw the horrible, nearly-reptilian visage. Jeff grinned, revealing a mouthful of gleaming fangs as long as broadswords.


Jeff turned and walked away. He had decided to spare these ones. They shall tell everyone that Jeff has come. And that he shall crush them all.

Meanwhile, Slenderman was in the cabin, recuperating. He still was not strong enough to teleport, use telepathy, or communicate with the other Slendermen. He would act through The Observer until he recovered fully. "Remember what I said. You cannot let Jeff touch you or Firebrand. Only human Proxies can safely make physical contact with him."

"I understand, Master."

"Good. Now go. Seek out the other members of our species before Jeff can find them. And be careful."

"I shall." The Observer teleported out.

Jeff was tearing the city apart. He punched huge holes in buildings and knocked over skyscrapers. He stomped on houses, cars, and people. He tore streets right out of the ground and rolled them up like burritos. He picked up lampposts and snapped them like toothpicks. Destruction was so much fun. And yet...he felt like he was forgetting something important.

Jane peered out from behind the statue in the middle of the park, and continued to observe the madness in the distance. Holy shit! She'd sensed Jeff would be here today, but...this is NOT at all what she expected! What had happened to him?! He was HUGE!!!

Jeff dropped the truck he was holding, and narrowed his eyes. He smelled something nearby. Something...familiar. He sniffed deeply, and then recognized the scent. Jane. That bitch. She was in the park somewhere. Well, wasn't she in for a surprise.

Jane grasped her knife harder and readied herself as she felt the tremors of Jeff's enormous footsteps come closer. She didn't know if she could even hurt him now, but she could sure try. She could at least stab him in the eyes and try to blind him. But suddenly the footsteps stopped. Jane wondered what was happening. She looked around the side of the statue again, and there was nothing there. Nothing behind her, nothing to the sides. Where?....

Then she was yanked upwards by her hair. "OW! LET GO!"

Jeff lifted Jane higher, towards his face. "OH, I COULD," said Jeff, "BUT IT'S A LOOOONG WAY DOWN! HAHAHAHA!"

Jane slashed out wildly with her knife, but Jeff's face was just out of reach. "AWWW, WHAT'S THE MATTER? IS SOMEBODY UPSEEEET?"

"Die...DIE! You MONSTER!" sputtered Jane.


"Fuck you. FUCK YOU!" Jane yelled. Jeff laughed again.

Jeff saw something silvery fly over his head, and heard it explode behind him. It was a missle. He looked down. The humans had sent the armed forces after him. Tanks, jeeps, fighter planes, and helicopters were coming towards him. He growled, and looked back at Jane. "I'LL FINISH YOU OFF LATER, BITCH." He tossed her into the river like a shotput.

"YOU DARE OPPOSE ME, INSECTS? I'LL CRUSH YOU SO HARD YOUR ANCESTORS WILL FEEL IT!" Jeff roared. He snorted, banged his fists together, and whipped his tail around.

The bullets and artillery shells harmlessly bounced off of Jeff's thick, leathery hide and steel-hard muscles. The explosions of the tank rounds barely felt warm. Jeff laughed heartily. "AW, COME ON. IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO?" He raised his titanic arms, and his hair frizzed up again. Electricity surged around his body, and bolts of energy appeared in his hands. What was happening was impossible, but it was clearly real. The monster was...actually holding arcs of lightning in its hands, like a Greco-Roman storm god.

"NOW IT'S MY TURN," Jeff said, with a smirk on his face. He tossed the lightning bolts towards the forces on the ground in rapid succession, causing an incredible amount of destruction and death.

Jeff felt a hot burst on his shoulder. He looked and saw that some of his hair had been singed by a missile. He spun around and saw an F-14 darting around him. "MY HAIR! YOU...YOU MESSED UP MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR! WHY, YOU!..." his eyes glowed brighter, and a burst of destructive energy fired from them. The plane vaporized. "NO ONE MESSES WITH MY HAIR!!!" he bellowed. "RAAAAARRRR!!!!" He flailed his huge arms wildly, swatting more planes and helicopters out of the sky. The surviving forces rapidly retreated. There seemed to be no way to beat this thing!

Jeff came out of his temper tantrum. As he regained his composure, he noticed that the puny humans had retreated. Finally, they got the message. But...unh...was it just him, or was he a bit smaller than he was before? He didn't feel as strong, either. No matter, he would still tear Jane a new asshole. Where was she, anyway?

As if on cue, his amazing hearing picked up her voice. She was under the bridge. Well, soon there would be no bridge for her to hide under. And no Jane either. Ha ha ha ha.

Jane finally struggled onto the surface of the bridge. It was absolutely packed. Everyone was trying to get out of the city. She didn't blame them. Suddenly, the water beneath the bridge bubbled and boiled. A huge white shape burst from the depths of the river. Oh couldn't wasn't...

Jeff's hideous face leered down at Jane. He grinned toothily. "DID YOU MISS ME?"

"GO TO HELL!" Jane shrieked.



Jeff grasped the bridge's cables. "No! what are you doing? STOP!" cried Jane.


"I'll never give in to you! NEVER!"

Jeff started tugging at the cables. "SUIT YOURSELF!"

The bridge started to shake. Jane could hear the screams of children from inside many of the vehicles. "Wait, no!" Jane said. "I'll...I'll let you kill me."

Jeff released the cables. "I KNEW YOU'D SEE IT MY WAY."

He grabbed Jane, and took her further down the river. He stopped at a patch of protruding, jagged rocks and threw her down roughly. He took the largest boulder he could find and lifted it over her.


He smashed the massive stone onto her, and there was a satisfying "CRACK."

Finally, the bitch was gone. For good this time. She'd never interfere with his plans again. He waded back towards the bridge. That dumb broad really thought he'd keep his word, ha ha ha ha.

Jane was still alive, of course. That was a splendid trick she pulled on him. But...she couldn't move the stone, not even with her strength. Oh no...she couldn't move at ALL. She was paralyzed. Her spine had been broken. How was she going to get out of THIS one?

As Jeff approached the bridge, he felt strange. It was probably nothing. He grasped the cables again, and shook them vigorously. The bridge wobbled, and shook apart. Cars, trucks, and minivans careened into the river. The sounds of screaming, panicking humans was like music to his ears.

Jeff admired his handiwork, but then he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen. He started feeling weaker, and shrunk rapidly. No...NO!! He was becoming mortal again! He had wasted all of the power. He would have to be more careful next time.

Before long, he was back to his normal size and scrawny again. He now felt the chill of the river against his naked body. Thankfully, he had always been an excellent swimmer, and, being Jeff the Killer, he was rather resilient. He made his way to the riverbank, and came across a hobo. He killed him, took his clothes, and started planning his next move.

As he made his way out of the city limits, he spied a group of teenagers sitting on the edge of the turnpike. Concealing his face, he hid behind the bushes and crept closer. Wait...did one of them say something about Slenderman? He decided to listen in to their conversation.

"I still say that white dragon everyone keeps talking about is a phony. It was probably terrorists or something."

"Terrorists don't leave footprints the size of 18-wheelers, man. It really was a dragon. My cousin saw it herself. It breathed fire and everything."

"Oh, come on. You're so gullible, you probably even believe in Slenderman."

"That's different! Slenderman's just a myth. The white dragon really existed."

"Psheah, right. And I suppose that incubus that supposedly lives in Kingsburg really exists, too."

"I told you before, it's not an incubus. It's a spirit. And it lures women to their doom with a rose. It wears a trenchcoat, is covered in tentacles, and has no face."

"You're crazy."

"No more than you, jerk."

"Shut up."

Jeff slunk back into the shadows. No face...tentacles...could this creature they spoke about be another Slenderperson? It certainly couldn't hurt to try and find out. Now he knew what he would do next. He would go to Kingsburg, and seek out this creature. And then...he would feed again. He started slavering at the thought, and his red eyes glowed like burning coals. Soon. Soon.

Written by Furbearingbrick
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