Hello, everyone, My name is Roxie and I am 16 years-old I need to tell you all something because no one else believes me, This is the last place I can trust because I can’t trust anyone anymore.

Last night I was laying in my bed watching Onision on my phone, as I do every night to help me sleep. When I saw a weird long shadow on my wall standing over me. I was terrified and hid under my covers what the hell is in my room? I kept thinking, I laid there it felt like hours just petrified of whatever the shadow was off.

I finally got the courage to crawl to the end of my bed and ran out of my bedroom down the corridor to my mum’s room, I told her there was something in my bedroom but she didn’t believe me. “Mum there is something in there! There is, I promise you.”

She just sighed “Go back to bed, you have college in the morning.”

I walked back to my room and turned my bedroom light on. ”Haha I’m so stupid, it’s nothing but my curtains.” They were blowing into my room and the shadow was caused by my TV. It was now 3 am and I figured that I should get some sleep, I turned off my video and turned facing the TV with my eyes closed. I had fallen asleep for about an hour and had a nightmare. As I started to wake up and I felt some air on my face, but I had closed the window I definitely closed that damn window but this air was warm and smelled like something was rotting.

I opened my eyes and there inches away from my face was this thing, The thing was crouched right in front of me just watching me I wanted to scream for help but nothing came out. It was creepy and smelled so bad, It was like a great big hairless dog but it had the posture of a human, The thing what scared me the most was It’s large claws they were designed to tear into flesh.I tried closing my eyes tight hoping that thing would disappear and I was dreaming, but every time I tried it would hit me. I just laid there sobbing and it whispered to me, ”I am your friend.” It kept repeating it over and over, so for the entire night I just laid there still and my eyes widened staring into its big black eyes.

It finally left at 5 am, it jumped out of my window and before it did it smiled at me. I bet you are all thinking well if it smiled it must be friendly. No, it is not! It is not here to be my friend! Its smile was terrifying it had sharp teeth and they were smothered in disgusting gooey blood and they claws dripping blood on my floor and on me.

Was I dreaming? Or was that thing really sitting in my bedroom? I am not crazy I saw it! I swear it was there the hits were real, The damn blood was real I spent ages scrubbing it off my face, I have the bruises to prove I am not crazy ! what happens if that thing comes back? Well, I will be ready I will have my camera I will prove to all of them assholes that what I saw was real! I am only writing this now because I wanted to remember everything perfectly before I actually tried to sleep or wake up. I don’t know what one it is but whatever I need sleep. Just please for god sake please don’t tell anyone about this, not your parents, not your local police officer, not a word with or to anyone because it might come for you too.

I have drawn a picture of the thing, If you see this anywhere run! Run for your life for the sake of you and your family. Get away from it. Before it takes your soul.

The rake ink practice by sparkfay-d64qdpn

Thank you for reading.

Until next time.

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