Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Today I dreamed of why I had a recurring dream when I was a kid, one that was fun but also disturbing. In the dream, I am myself, usually in the third person though, and I seem to have the ability to either control gravity or my weight just by lifting or lowering my arms with determination. It was cool, you know, I had the ability to fly, but for some reason near the end of the dream I would feel uneasy, and when I woke up I would feel like shit, but I could never figure out why. Until today, I had not had that dream again for six years. I had completely forgotten about the entire thing, about everything that happened. Then it happened.

It started like it usually does, me standing there, always about to raise my arms in an empty lot, but this time it was different. There seemed to be a lot more people surrounding me in that lot, and a lot of them seemed to be troubled in one way or another. It was hard at the very beginning of the dream. Not good. I eagerly set off into the air to get away from those people, to experience something long overdue. I only had time to get a foot off the ground before the dream changed to a rich Harry Potter-like school, you know, the ones with the multiple floors and windows looking out to the square of outdoors they encompass.

Anyway, I was with some people who I suppose were supposed to be my friends when my mom (or some other women that resembled her) grabbed me from behind, pulling me away. I think we teleported in that dream way, but we were now in a dorm room. So I was in college? She closed the faded red door behind us and looked with panicked concern into my eyes.

"It takes people by subduing them with fantasies, dreams that are enchanting. when it comes, get down, and don't look." To me, that sounded like Slenderman, except a bit better. I could tell this would be important information, otherwise she wouldn't have been told to me. I teleported to a school lunchroom. Ten seconds later I saw it. It looked like... Slenderman? But with a mouth like Venom. I say it looked like, because I could only see it's face, and I only dared to look for as soon as light took to come to me from it. It struck fear into me.

I dropped to the floor, closed my eyes, and got into the most comfortable position I could, because I didn't want my last moments alive in a dream to be shitty. I don't know why, but it passed me by for some reason. I mean, yes, it did stop next to me, but it didn't do anything. The dream progressed a little in time, because I was back at the dorm room with my friends. we're all having a good time when it shows up.

I ducked my head down and shut my eyes tight. I can hear my friends asking me what I'm doing, but I don't care, it's too late to tell them. My closed eyes are then barraged by images that I don't fully recall, all I remember is how much I wanted to open my eyes to escape them. I don't remember any sounds of violence, all I remember is that when I open my eyes my friends aren't there. either that thing can take parts of dreams, or those were other people and we all just happened to be in the same dream. I hope it's not the latter.

Anyway, one unrelated apocalypse dream later and I woke up. Felt like shit, as usual with that dream, and it was 1 PM, way past my usual time of 9 AM, meaning that it could have honestly happened that I was struggling to stay alive. the fact that I woke up so late is the only reason I'm writing this.  If ANYBODY at all has had this same sort of experience, please tell me via email. And remember, get down, close your eyes, and no matter what happens, don't look.

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