The rake by dranos-d5g7t8e

Hello. If you're reading this, I need your help. Lately, I have been having these repeated nightmares of just a shadowy figure crouching at the foot of my bed.

At first, I tried to just forget about it. But every night they just repeated over and over. Gradually getting more and more disturbing for me and every night the figure got closer to me and became more detailed. It just went even more downhill from there.

I awoke one morning to see a strange imprint on the mattress. It was sunken in deep as if, well, something was crouching there. The most disturbing nightmare however was when the figure was closest to me. It looked almost like a hairless dog or a naked man. It looked straight at me with its hollow black eyes. It made a hissing sound and scratched me deep on the arm.

The next morning I saw huge gash marks on my arm. It was getting too unnerving, I just couldn't stand it any more. I decided to do some research. I went to the library to use their computers.

The weather didn't help either as it was pounding with rain making my mood all the more dull. Once I entered the building, the lights became dim. I passed the librarian and instead of greeting me with her usual friendly "hello," she just stared at me strangely. Her face was very pale and she looked depressed. I just thought to myself that the weather was getting to her also. I found the computer room and sat down at a seat. I clicked the on button and went looking for information.

It turned out nothing useful to help me. As I was getting ready to leave, a man wearing a black hood passed by me and set down a book. I picked it up and looked at it. On it was a note that read: "Maybe this can help you. From, S.M." I picked up the book and put it in my bag and left. I sat down on my bed and started to read it. The book was a hardcover with a black leather cover on it. I opened it and and started to read. It all contained stories about a creature called "The Rake".

The descriptions of it were uncanny to the being in my nightmares. I decided to put out video cameras to see if anything was actually visiting me in my sleep. I continued this for a couple of weeks. At first the cameras caught nothing. Then one night I decided to check out my footage again. I noticed a pale gray being walking in the doorway. I continued to put out cameras for several weeks. I put all the good evidence together in a file I titled The Rake Project. I stopped the project because it was getting too creepy for me.

I had hoped that The Rake had left and stopped watching me. I was wrong. Last night I awoke in the night to see that thing just staring at me. I heard it whisper my name. It started to move closer to me. I jumped up and collapsed out of my bed. It tilted its bony head at me.

It stared at me for the last time and whispered, "I am The Rake."

It ran out of my bedroom into the night. I don't know what happened to The Rake, but one thing I know is it is still out there. He is looking for its next prey and it could be you.

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