It had been a long day at the orphanage Adrian lived at. Studying, classes, teasing people he didn't like, hanging with his best friend Carl, and more studying. Since his orphanage had a school built into it, it made things pretty convenient. The usual day, so he had fallen asleep quickly once he hit the bed. When he woke up though, the room he usually shared with Carl was empty, and Carl was no where to be found.       

      This would be normal, if it wasn't 5 in the morning and if the window wasn't so wide open. Carl often stayed up playing his videogames, but never this late. Adrian shivered from the cold and sat up out of bed, feeling a rush of cold air hit his skin. He wore only boxers and hugged himself. ''Damn it Carl I told you to close the windows when you sleep.'' He grumbled to no one in his groggy state and got up to put on some more appropriate attire to find his friend.

Once he was dressed, he went to leave the room when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Turning quickly to the window once again he did a double take and gasped in shock. He must've been too tired to notice it before, but the window was actually broken, the glass shattered all over the ground. And beside it, on the wall was written in blood, "Do you believe in fate? If so, come for your friend, if you wish to change his."

Adrian's eyes widened in shock and he carefully approached the window, moving closer and avoiding as much glass as he could to peer out of the broken pane. There was blood all over the window at closer inspection, and all along the wall leading down. It appeared as if Carl had been pushed out or worse.       

      At the bottom there was more blood, where it appeared that he had been dragged away. Adrian covered his mouth and started to tear up, his entire body shaking at what he was beginning to suspect happened, then without a moments notice dashed out of the room to go out into the night and find out.       

He ran to the blood trail at the foot of his window and stopped to catch his breath for a few moments and scanned his surroundings. It was still very dark, and he could barely make out the trees of the forest in the distance. He immediately regretted not bringing a flashlight, and at this point he didn't want to waste time getting one. He glanced at the blood trail and hesitantly followed it.       

      The blood led up to a shed in the forest, that looked like it had been abandoned years ago and was falling apart. The old chipped wood was peeling off of its structure and the door made a loud creak every so often when the wind blew against it. He shivered again feeling chills run down his spine, and dread starting to well up in his stomach. He wanted to go back to the orphanage and hope this was all some sick prank, but pushed himself to open the shed door.       

      He screamed like a girl when he felt something pounce on him, and fell backwards. In his panic he squirmed and tried to shove the thing off, only to realize it was a black cat. It screamed at him in an unnatural way and clawed at his arm before running off into the night. ''Stupid fucking animal you shouldn't hide in weird places!'' He yelled at the long gone feline and looked at his now bleeding arm.       

      It looked pretty bad and he winced at the dull ache. ''Damnit...'' He cursed slowly making his way to a stand and hesitantly peeked his head into the shed as he clutched his arm. 'I still can't see... maybe if I get a closer look there could be something to help stop the bleeding...' He thought and took a step in.       

      He regretted it when his footing gave way and screamed as he fell down hard and felt a piece of wood poke through his leg, leaving a nasty splinter. He sobbed and tried to push himself out of the hole in the floor but it only made the wood dig deeper into him. It seemed the shed floor wasn't stable enough. ''FUCK!'' He yelled in frustration and tried again, this time successfully pulling the wood free from himself and hoisting himself up, but at the price of another injury he couldn't fix.       

      Sitting down and clutching his injuries he glanced around the shed quickly now that his vision had adjusted to the darkness, and noted it was empty. ''I never had to come in here to begin with, great.'' He sighed annoyed. SLAM! He jumped and looked back in alarm to see the sheds door had slammed shut due to the wind, leaving him in complete darkness.       

      He immediately panicked and tried to get up but his leg caused him to crumble for the pain was too great. ''No ... noo... noo this can't be happening..'' He whimpered and started to crawl for the door, his eyes wide as he started to panic.       

      'Almost there... just have to open it and get out of here... I don't have to do this... I can find an adult or something...' He tried to rationalize through his panicked mind and reached for the door handle with a shaky hand, only to feel something grab his leg.       

      All rational thought was gone as he screamed again kicking wildly and fumbling with the door but it seemed to be stuck. ''GET OFF OF ME LEAVE ME ALONE!'' He shouted and kept struggling with the knob, but it seemed his good leg was caught rather well. He'd have to use his bad one if he wanted to get anywhere.       

      At that realization he let out a defeated sob and slowly brought it forward, screaming at the pain and letting out more sobs, and put most of his weight on it to force himself forward, which made the door swing open. He fell face first into the dirt and heard a loud riiiiiiip sound. Glancing back he saw his pants had been torn off and a nail sticking out of the floor with fabric stuck to it. ''FOR FUCKS SAKES!'' He hollered just about at his limit. Really out of all things he'd been terrified of a fucking nail.        

      He wanted to go home, and forget everything now. He cried as he slowly limped back. His friend would be fine he told himself. Everything would be fine... he just needed to take care of these injuries. Or that's what he told himself anyway.       

      That is, until he saw something he did not want to see. A limb, what looked to be an arm lay on the blooded path, with the words 'Are you sure you want this fate?' carved into it. He immediately felt nauseated and leaned against the nearest tree to vomit, letting out large chunks of his last supper onto the forest floor. ''I don't want this... just leave me alone... stop it... this prank isn't funny anymore...'' He sobbed weakly.       

      After emptying his stomach contents and wiping the bile from his mouth he took a couple deep breaths to calm himself and rationalize his thoughts again. If it was a prank this would be far too cruel, even of his friend, but he didn't want to believe it was real. He could just go home, but if it was real he'd be abandoning his friend. He could continue onward... possibly die but, he could try to save Carl at least. He could also try to get an adult, but again if this was real, it could take too long and his friend could end up being killed.       

      He looked down with his bangs covering his eyes at the lack of choices he had at that moment. That's when he saw a new trail that he hadn't seen before. Compared to the one he'd walked on it looked quite fresh. His heart squeezed in his chest as he felt that dreadful feeling again. Reluctantly he pushed himself to follow the path using the trees for a crutch, limping and letting out whimpers of pain as he did.       

      Moonlight poured through the trees just enough to give him the sight he needed to follow the path. He couldn't hear any noise except for the howling of the wind and rustling of the trees. The normal buzz of crickets and nocturnal animal life was absent only making him more unnerved. Not to mention the crunching of his shoes as he walked only made him jump every now and then thinking something was there. He started to feel like something was in fact there, watching him, toying with him.        

      The end of trail led deeper inside the forest, up to a big oak tree that looked about 500 years old. Its long branches were twisted and contorted at odd angles, with long leaves dangling like hanging bodies. The trunk of the tree was twisted into a face that appeared to be a sadistic smile, and under it...       

      There was a body he couldn't recognize nailed to it and missing their right arm. It was naked and badly cut into, almost unrecognizable. It had the words carved in it's chest, "It appears you've chosen the wrong fate... what a shame." His eyes widened and he shivered seeing his name. "I-it can't be..." He choked out, crumbling to his knees as he stared in horror at the sight before him.       

      His friend, or what used to be his friend, was dead. ''Whyy..... C-carl... why... WHYY?!'' He sobbed shaking his head rapidly. ''N-no more.. I've had enough... n-no more... make it stop... MAKE IT STOP!!'' He yelled holding his hands against his head as hot tears streamed down his cheeks. Suddenly he felt a blaze digging into his throat, and a strong arm around him to keep him still.       

      ''If that is the fate you wish for, then so be it.'' Was the last thing he heard before the blade severed off his head. His body crumbled lifelessly to the forest floor and yet he could still see what was going on somehow as his head stared up at the silhouette in the moonlight. It provided just enough to see the figure was wearing a long black cloak... and in their hand was a Japanese katana.       

      Their eyes met and even though he was no longer attached to his body, he could feel a phantom pain from his heart. Those eyes... were cold, full of no life or emotion to them, and that expression showed no joy or any resemblance of a psychopath. Simply cold, dead. Then he drew his final breath, and moved no more.       

      ''I think you were a bit rough on them.'' A voice spoke from the trees as the silhouette turned to face the oncoming voice. The bushes parted and out came the black feline from before, it's limbs were twisted and contorted in odd angles, and its fur looked dirty and matted as it stood on end. It's ruby eyes could bore holes into your soul.       

      The silhouette didn't answer, simply watching the feline approach. ''The silent treatment huh? Alright, be that way.'' He chuckled, hopping up onto the figures shoulder. ''You really made a mess this time... hmmm can I eat the bodies?'' He asked glancing over at them. ''No.'' The figure finally answered and turned away, flicking the blood off of their sword before sheathing it. The cat smiled with its jagged teeth, saliva oozing down from them as they left the bodies behind,       

      ''Kukuku... that's just like you... Janiel.''             

      So... what fate do you wish for?

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