Kermit's face

What Kermit's Mask Looked LIke

Have any of you heard of the Muppet show? Oh, why am I asking you this? Of course you know what the Muppet show is.

Before I tell you about this, the episode had no blood or people dying. It was like a Muppet show episode, but it was kind of dark.

If you're wondering where I got it, I got it at Disney world, which I went to one week ago, and it was a DVD with 23 episodes on it, and this one was the last episode on the DVD.

It started with the beginning of the intro, but some of the logo was falling off and the wood was breaking. and he weared a mask on the front of his face and painted in the gaps of his neck peice and When Kermit said, “Now for our special guest star,” nobody cheered or clapped. When the other Muppets begin to sing, they were not there and there were cardboard masks on sticks in their place. Kermit was singing in a deep voice and he sounded sad. Then the other Muppets sang, and after the intro the episode started with Kermit backstage. He was talking to cardboard masks of Fozzie, Ms. Piggy, Gonzo and Animal.

"It's okay, Kermit, they were jerks anyway!" said Kermit, copying Fozzie's voice.

"Yeah, you're right, Fozzie, they left because they were junk!" said Kermit, normally this time.

"And I would never leave my Kermy alone!" he squealed in a high voice.

“Thanks Miss Piggy!" said Kermit.

“And they were pieces of trash and should never exist," he growled.

“Yeah Gonzo,” Kermit said, growing angrier, “but it wasn't because of them. It's because of you pieces of filth!”

He then broke Gonzo’s stick in half on his knee and ripped the mask. Then the masks started talking by themselves and then got cardboard body parts and ran towards Kermit. He ran to his makeup room and said "they are not real not real not real! I'm dreaming!" He pinched himself and nothing happened and then he heard a voice.

“Kermit, wake up! Time for your medication!”

Then it showed him in a doctor’s office, and the doctor said “Here's your schizophrenia pills.”

“Thank you doctor,” Kermit sighed.

Then the episode ended and the menu appeared.

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