"This isn't so scary after all, I guess the rumors weren't true", I said as I walked through across the closed roads of Helltown, Ohio. Helltown was a ghost town in Ohio that many people are afraid to go to, as there is talk of the KKK and Satanists practicing rituals.All the roads are closed off there and many people say it isn't safe, there is even talk of an insane killer in the woods at night.

Everything was going fine, nothing was unusual as I walked across the closed roads at night. It was November and the air was a little chilly so I was wearing my windbreaker jacket. In case anything happened I was probably screwed because the only thing I had with me was my flashlight and camera, nothing to protect myself with in case I was attacked by someone or... something. I thought everything was normal until I heard a hissing sound.

I jumped! My heart was pumping with adrenaline and I stepped back a few steps and looked at my surroundings. I looked on the ground and saw a snake, it was black with yellow stripes across its sides. I recognized the snake from learning about reptiles when I was young and it turned out that it wasn't venomous. It was just an Eastern Garter Snake and it didn't notice me, it just crossed the road and slithered into the woods. I was getting myself worked up over nothing.


Sketch I drew of the man I saw in the woods

I decided to walk back to my car, since there wasn't much else for me to see. As I took the road back, I noticed many snakes were crossing the road as if they were scared of something. I looked to the left side of the road, where they were coming out of the woods and I pointed my flashlight. What I saw when I aimed my flashlight I will never forget.

It was a man of average height neither skinny and neither fat. He was dressed in all black and he had shoulder length black hair, he was very pale. What shocked me was that his eyelids were missing and he had two scars by the sides of his mouth like his face was cut into a smile. I felt adrenaline pump in me again and I was scared, I wanted to run! I tried to run but the man was fast, he caught up with me, pushed me, and I dropped my flashlight and camera. He got on top of me and I couldn't move because he had slammed my arms to the ground. "Finally, I found a victim.  No one can hear you scream here!," said the man as I struggled to push him off of me.

What I did next was brave and I don't think anyone would have done what I did, I fought back. One of my arms broke from his grasp and I punched him in the shoulder as hard as I could, then my other hand broke free and I pushed him off of me. I got up and ran like hell, adrenaline pumping through me! In an instant, the man caught up with me with amazing speed, speed that no human could have. He would have to be something else... he wasn't human... he was... he was a demon. He choked me with both of his hands and I struggled, elbowing him in the stomach and trying to break free from him. It was no use, what I did didn't seem to hurt him, he just got kept on choking me. My vision began to get blurry and I couldn't breath, I was gasping for air. 

My blurry vision still made out one thing, a knife in the man's pocket. I grabbed the knife and stabbed him in his sides with it then I pushed him down. After doing what I did I coughed, finally breathing air again and ran! I ran as fast as I could while the man tried to catch up with me but he was slowing down because of his loss of blood. The man was fast, very fast but I had used my head to escape from this encounter, not just my strength. I quickly made it back to my car and turned the keys, started the car and drove off, I drove far away from Helltown. I would never set foot in Helltown ever again... EVER. 

It is obvious that the insane killer who was rumored to live in the woods was the man who chased me. They didn't know his name but we did know one thing... he would continue to kill and he would be back... for me or for some of his other enemies.

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