You were minding your own business. It was a beautiful day. You found this weird journal. It belonged to somebody named: Dr. REM. Who the hell is that? Irregardless, you decide to read it.

Chapter 1: Day 1.

If you found this, then clearly you must either be myself, or a thief out to expose my genius. Anyway. I have become the first doctor/emperor in the history of the world. I am in a cross between benevolent and iron fist ruling. My machines are made from my subjects. It provided life support. It's for a reason. A virus has been spreading around. It mutates you into.... a creature. Violent, rebellious creatures. As emperor, I must protect my subjects. I have my subjects to bring in some of my other subjects that have been infected.

Personal Log:

I must confess. The virus was my fault. I meant it as a way to built better immunity. It back-fired. It was instead, some sort of, mutation virus. I swore to make a cure, and undo the mutant rebellion.

Chapter 2: The Capture of Project S.

The mutants have been captured, and among them, was none other, then Project S. My carrier of the mutation virus. This creature caused the rebellion, accused me of being a tyrant. I do not mean to be strict or to make the mistake that's the virus. I am practically the last human in the world of sentient animals, ever since.... that accident with my grandfather.

Irregardless, I ordered my troops to escort Project S, and the other Mutants to the lab. I intend to experiment on them.

Personal Log:

I was not expecting this. Project S, Project T, Project K, and some of his cohorts he infected from a swamp, a bee hive, and a jungle, Project Negative S, Project R, Project A, Project B, Project C, Project FB, have escaped. They destroyed my army, and the animals, infected by the virus, now worshiped them like heroes. I was forced to escaped.

Chapter 3: Escape

I got on my pod and escaped. Project S will never catch me.

Personal Log:

I was wrong. Project S destroyed my cruiser and i fell into the jungle.

Chapter 4: Stranded, injured, and scared

I survived, though my leg was internally broken. I was remorseful. I casted myself. My loyal soldiers in the patrols found me, and took me to their camps for protection. My best commander, a mantis like robot, SHE-088, was my best and dearest friend. She cared for me. Protected me from harm during the first mutant attack. She lost many of her friends to Project S. However, I am growing concern around my strongest warrior, an experiment called Unit O. He grew to become dissatisfied with me. His suit was leaked, so the virus got in him. He had to be contained. Some soldiers died, but he was captured. He admitted he was allied with the Projects, then we placed him in statis. 088 ensured me, I will have seen the last of Unit O.

Personal Log:

It was night. 088's soldiers sent to destroy Unit O never returned. I fear the worse. 088 tried to ensure me I am safe with her. Suddenly, the camp was attacked, by the cohorts of Project K. I did not knew their names, but they appeared to be a brutish reptilian crocodile, a chameleon, and a bee. 088 got me away safely, for we know the soldiers were doomed. Nothing can defeat the projects.

Chapter 5: 088's Sacrifice

She....... She...... she was lost. she sacrificed herself for me. During the attack, Project Negitive S, Project R, and the traitor, Unit O, attacked. 088 intervened. I escaped. the last that I heard, was a robotic scream, and an explosion. I ran, ran and ran, thanks to my leg being healed hours before the attack thanks from my grand invention, the heal-o-matic.

Personal log:

I will avenge 088. Her end will not be at vain. I will seek out magical jewellery, that'll be my only hope in surpassing the projects once and for all. My elite guard, wasp-like machines, and my bodyguards, Fiery centipede-like machines. I was protected. I will avenge her. I will not let The projects, and the traitor Unit O, get away with this.

Final chapter: the fall of an empire.

I...have lost.

Project S become more powerful then ever, and together, with aid from the other projects, and O, reality was altered.

It returned back to the age of humans. But the projects existed, side-by-side with them. All of my subjects exist too. What is left of my imperial followers are here as well. The jewels became a source of power for the mutants. They also changed the rules.

I am the enemy. The humans of the new world, and all freed subjects, feared me. Hated me. even prosecuted me.

The Mutants are viewed as heroes. They're worshiped like gods. They even fell victim to their own cons, fallen into a false sense of security, that they're heroes. I know they're not.

My empire never existed. There's no more mention of my clan. My grandfather is now viewed as a madman, that he had, a grand-daughter I think, that Negative S is fascinated by.

No matter what I do, I always lose. A reminder on my first real failure. I find myself crying in my sleep. Forever cursed by that blue hedgehog! Damn you Sonic! Damn you and your "Sonic Heroes"! I will never forgive them for what they done to me..... I, Doctor Robotnik Eggman. A once great emperor, a hope to humanity's light of hope, now a symbol, of its enslavement. My life, is forever, bastardized.

Book ends.

You drop the book in shock. Suddenly, Sonic and his friends appeared. They took the book. Tails concealed the book.

Sonic looks at you.

He said: "You never found this. NEVER?!"

And with that... they left.


Metropolis news:

Sonic and his friends have finally brought an end to Eggman's reign of terror. His secret island blew up, and the doctor was lost.

Sonic Commented: "No sweat. It's about time we enjoyed a sweet retirement. With Eggman gone, I think things are smooth sailing from here."

Someone who was believed to be a spy of Eggman was arrested, and sent to prison on a life sentence without trial. Thanks to Sonic's heroic nature, the evil Doctor Robotnic will never harm our way of life again.

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