I never wanted this, I never wanted a life like this. He made me do those things, he made me kill all those people. He tells me to do things for him, and I have no choice but to listen. Without any hesitation, I do as I'm told, and that involves the slaughter of innocent lives.

Did you ever expect a proxy of the Slender Man to not be so... animalistic? Oh believe me, we've all had our fair share of the insanity, some of us have had more of their share. Some of us, just completely accept being in this mental nightmare. I am stuck in this hell, it's almost as if I'm locked in stasis. Oh wait, I just remembered something, I am.

You can't escape the Slender Man. If you try to run he always finds you. Once you become a proxy, it's like his tendrils bind you in a permanent state of insanity (that's because they do). We are his puppets, Toby, Masky, and I.

I'm not like Toby or Masky though. I may murder innocent people like they do, but I don't do it out of enjoyment like they do. Toby and Masky's minds have been crazed completely, and they have well enough accepted the insanity. Well, that and also they were already pretty messed up in the head before they became proxies. Killing to them is like a sport, they have fun doing it.

Think of basketball and all the players bouncing the ball around from each end of the basketball court. Now think of two psychopaths playing basketball, except, the ball is someone's head and the body is laying off to the side of the court. There's no negotiating with those two, if they are out to kill you, you better run. Now me on the other hand, I kill to survive, and if I don't, then the Slender Man will kill me.

That's fine though, I personally don't care. One time I tried to commit suicide to break free of this insanity lock. However, Masky caught me, and him and Toby bent me over a fire and burned my face. I guess that's their way of saying "you can't escape us". The pain I felt from those burns is nothing compared to the pain I feel each and every day and night when I have to kill someone. I don't want to do these things, but I can't control myself, the Slender Man owns me.

They call me Hoody, I just wanted you to know my suffering. I just wanted you to know what being a proxy is like... for some of us.

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