I just want to be hidden from the rest of the world. Is that too much to ask, just this one little thing? That's why I wear this mask, so nobody will ever see or even know who I am. "Masky" they call me, hmmm, seems like a pretty attractive name to be given to a guy like me.

There's so many things you should know about when talking about a guy like me. A guy like me, so full of himself, always thinks he's the leader (or wants to be and does what he can to be, things like that though, usually involves mutilation). A guy like me, working with a guy like, Toby. Haha, oh Toby, always twitching and ticking when you talk, always going on about how you killed your father, always taking my fucking job.

God damn, it really makes me angry when the Slender Man chooses him instead of me. "Kill them," he says, "rip them apart," he says, "slit their throats," he says. Funny, the only throat I want to slit right now is Toby's. But, our dear old master the Slender Man forbids it. If the Slender Man never have chosen him to be a proxy, he would have already been dead by now.

The thing that haunts me about these jobs, is my temptations. Even when the Slender Man doesn't give us any jobs to kill anyone, I always have that itchy feeling to just murder. I'm so tempted to kill Toby whenever I see him. I'm so tempted to gouge the eyes out of all the people who have wronged me (then again why wouldn't I? People are assholes you know). There was this one night where I came across a man in the woods who didn't have eyes to begin with. He tried to beat me down to the ground and bite into my stomach, I stabbed him in the shoulder and he ran away, an interesting guy he was.

Now, back to what I was saying about people being assholes. Don't you just wish you could make the pain go away by hurting the ones who've caused it? A lot of these jobs I get sent on involve me murdering those people, and it makes me feel, at peace, and it also gives me joy. Oh, hey what do you know, go figure, a tall man sends three mentally deranged people (I find myself perfectly normal, just cleansing the planet is all), to kill the scum of the world. There's also a couple innocent lives in the way as well... just for that feeling of relief. For a person in my mental state of mind, who wouldn't find joy in that?

I always love the reactions I get when people see my face. They say something like, "Hello... who are you, what do you want?" I'm just standing there and thinking to myself, "Oh, it's just me, Masky, no big deal, hahaha."

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