Rei is shown to be a lean man. His appearance is covered by the mask, it is unknown why he wears it. Most victims that are found, normally don't have hearts, which made many come to the conclusion that he takes them.

A figure ran as fast as she could down the school, screaming as she was being chased by a man. The man walked slowly down the hallways, his face covered by a mask and a human heart in his hands. "Please! Don't kill me!" She cried, running up the stairs. The man started running after her, his long black hair shifting as he ran. "Why?! Why would you kill him?!" The woman screamed, running into a classroom. The man chuckled underneath of his mask and looked down at the heart he had in his hands, the lady looked directly at him through the window. The man, brought the heart up to his mouth and bit a large chunk out of it, eating it. The woman quivered and screamed as he finished it and busted the window.

"No! Stay away from me! You killed my husband!" She cried, grabbing a chair and trying to throw it at the window to shatter it. The glass only cracked and the man got closer to her, lighting his barbwire on fire and laughing insanely. The woman's eyes widened and she slammed the chair into the window again, shattering it completely. She climbed up the desks, and tried to crawl through the window, broken glass entering her hands cutting her. "I'm gonna get away!" She smiled, just to start choking, and screaming in pain. She looked down at her neck, the barbwire was around her neck, and the barbs were digging into her flesh while the fire burnt her neck.

"Your... not going.... anywhere.." The male laughed, the female tried to move forward, and the male wrapped the barbwire around his wrist and tugged hard on the barwire, the female grasped her neck, trying to losen it, just to fail when the male pulled her back inside, forcing her to slam onto the desks. She choked and coughed up blood, her eyes widened when the male gripped her head, and started twisting, then, life vanished from her eyes as a sickening crack went throught the classroom.

Blood soon went down the womans body, and the man dropped her ripped off head onto the ground. "Hehe... lunch.." He laughed, getting out a large knife, and he brought it up to her chest, the sound of the lungs popping from the air going out and the sound of the ribcage being broken, and then the man took out the females heart, blood dripping and squirting out of it as he squeezed it. He slowly brought it up to his mouth and bit into it, and ate it all. He then got up, grabbed his barbwire, and pushed down his mask, this man's name... is Rei Ripper.

Rei was... always a weird kid, he would cut things open and explore their insides, mostly animals. His brother and him were awfully close, never arguing, or fighting. They were so kind to one another, then they both started playing with roadkilled animals, and exploring the carcass's piece by piece.

Then, when they both went home, their parents would yell at them, because they thought the two were going out of control with the cutting things open. They rolled their eyes and went up to their room to watch scary movies, they loved the gory scenes, because of the body parts.

And as time went on, Rei went off to his senior year in high school, his brother and himself started to drift farther and farther away from each other because his brother decided that it wasn't right to dissect things, and it was sorta gross. Rei rolled his eyes at his brother and happily waited for biology, they were dissecting frogs that day, and dissecting things was his favorite subject.

As Rei went into class, the frogs were set out and waiting.... waiting for him... and his knife. He walked up to his frog and began cutting into it, ignoring the teachers rules and directions. The teacher then got mad at Rei, and called his parents, Rei laughed and rolled his eyes at the teachers stupidity, she wasn't realizing that it was fun for Rei.

-Time skip-

When Rei got home, he was disciplined by his parents. "What is wrong with you son?! Killing animals like a savage!" His father shouted. Rei rolled his eyes. "It's not big of a deal, it was already dead.." Rei mumbled. His mother walked up to him. "What if it was alive?! Either way, you cut into that dead frog like it was air!" His mom scowled. Rei grunted and turned away, his brother walked in. "What's going on?" His brother asked. Rei laughed. "I supposevly did something wrong!" Rei laughed. Rei's brother looked at him in shock. "You... didn't kill another creature did you!?" His brother asked. Rei facepalmed. "It was already dead!" Rei yelled. His brother smacked him. "Enough is enough Rei!" His brother hissed. Rei looked at his brother and slapped him back. And then their first fight started, one after another, they both punched and kicked, and Rei's father and mother seperated the two and forced Rei into his room, where he sat for the whole day.

During night, Rei was laying in his bed, staring at the ceiling, he had so many thought's running through his head, was he taking things too far? He shook his head and looked down at his dog, laying on it's back happily. Then, Rei got a sick idea, he grabbed his knife from under his pillow and went towards his sleeping dog, and when it's eyes opened, Rei had it pinned. The dog yelped as Rei cut into it's stomach and it's liver spilled out.

He laughed and the dog kept whining and yelping as he removed it's liver and other guts. The dog howled in pain as Rei snapped it's ribcage to see his favorite part of the body, he wrapped a blanket around the dogs muzzle to shut it up, and he looked at the part, it's redness and it's thumping made him smile, he wanted it. "Shh.... boy. It's okay, it's not a big deal." He laughed, a sick grin on his face.

He gripped the dogs heart and yanked it out, and the dog twitched... and went still. Rei admired the body part that was in his hands. "It's so perfect, it's looks so healthy...." Rei laughed, and heard a door slam. "Rei! I heard the dog! Are you okay!?" His mother shouted. Rei chuckled and nodded. "Yeah! I'm better then okay! Check this out!" Rei said. Rei's mother bursted in, and her eyes widened. "R-Rei... what did you do?!" His mother cried. The dog's body was bleeding heavily, and her son had a bloody knife in his hands, and a insane grin. "It's not a big deal mom.. hehe!" Rei said. Rei's mom turned around and Rei got up, dropped the heart, and jumped on her back, cutting her stomach open, making her guts fall out. "Hahahhah!" Rei laughed, and pinned her, ripping out her intestines with ease. That's when his father and brother ran out of their rooms at their eyes widened. "R-Rei...." His brother started. Rei laughed and ran at them both, his brother ran down the stairs while Rei tackled his father and did the same to him.

Rei's brother was towards the exit of his house, just for Rei to be in the hallway, holding his father's heart. "W-Why!? Why would you do this!?" He asked. Rei looked at him and took a bite out of the heart. Rei's brother wanted to puke, but knew if he did he would be killed by Rei. "Because, you guys didn't want me killing random animals, so I'm gonna kill animals I know." He chuckled. His brothers eyes widened as instant pain collided with his chest, Rei's smirk grew large and he kicked his brother into the wall, cutting him over and over. Then his brother's eyes slowly closed.

Rei looked at the blood on his hands, and fell onto the floor clutching his head. "So wonderful!!! So, so wonderful!!" He laughed. He then looked around got to his feet and ran out of his house, never to be seen again by anybody.

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