I sigh deeply, bored on a Sunday afternoon. I glance around my living room, the router that sits atop the mantel isn’t flashing with light like normal due to the fact my internet is broken. Feeling somewhat curious I look about in the cupboards, and after finding nothing interesting, I notice large wooden chests that are high up on the bookshelf in my living room.

I grab a stool, and I eventually get the chest down after much stretching and attempting to jump up on the shelf itself. Heaving, I place the chest the able in the middle of the room, its surprisingly light compared to what I thought it weighed. I open the lid carefully seeing as it was extremely old.

At first, I couldn’t make out what was in the box; it was covered in at least an inch of dust. So, without thinking, I blew the dust away, which just got in my eyes and mouth, causing me to cough. After the dust settled and I could see again, I noticed in the chest were lots of old CD cases; each of very simple, without labels or colors to tell what they were of.

Being a very curious person, I opened one of the cases, to my surprise there was a clean disk inside, with no scratches or dust. This was odd, since the neither cases nor chest were in very good shape. Now extremely intrigued by the disks I got my laptop and inserted one of the disks. It took a while for my computer to process, which wasn’t a surprise since my laptop was very old and had limited memory.

When the disk had finished spinning, I noticed pop up on the computer screen, where you would access USBs and similar. It was titled ‘One’ and its icon was simply a number one. I clicked it twice, and a message box came up saying ‘One, only one.’ Nothing else happened, and I assumed that all it was. Knowing a bit about computers myself, I was able to see the folder the disk held, and all it had in it was a .txt file named One. And it was the same message that was displayed; ‘One, only one.’


IAmTwo phtot recovered from deletion, for more info see 'The Headless Girl' by me.

I tried to make sense of the message, but couldn’t. So I simply went onto the next disk. This time, the disk was called Two. It wasn’t surprising, seeing the first was called One. Instead of clicking, I went straight to observing the files it held. There was a .txt file like the other but also a .jpg file. I clicked the .jpg file, which was titled IAmTwo.

It was a picture of a girl, but it looked like it had been drawn by a six year old, because the proportions were off, and it seemed to be done in MS paint.  I regarded this as nothing much, the only thing remotely off about the picture was the girl had red eyes, which is odd for a child to be drawing.

I then clicked on the .txt file, it said, ‘Two is here.’ Similar to the first disk, I couldn’t understand what it meant, and swiftly went on to the third disk. This one, however, instead of being titled Three, was called ‘Bye’. I went onto the flies it held, and there were two files, just like Two, it was a .jpg file and a .txt file. Just for a change, I decided to look at the .txt file first. It read ‘Goodbye, have a good dream.’ The grammar was quite bad, though it was a very ominous message.

Slightly more wary now, I clicked on the .jpg file, and jumped at what I saw. It was the girl from Two, but she was headless, and though the picture still kept its childish nature, the blood coming from where the head had been severed was so realistic it looked as though someone had imported it from a real photo.

Reluctant, but still curious, I removed disk three, and put in the fourth disk, this was the last disk and I was dreading what I would find. He disk was titled ‘End’ and this made me even more wary. I went to see the files it held, there were four; a .gif file, a .mp3 file, a .jpg file and finally a .txt file. Choosing carefully, I fist opened the .mp3 files It was one minuet of static, and then it cut to a scream and ended.

Then the .gif file, it was of the drawing of the girl again, but since .gifs are animated it had to move, I watched it for a while, then jumped as the image cut to static then it was the girl, headless and though .gifs are silent, I could of sworn I head giggling.

As for the .jpg file, it was the one I was most dreading. I hesitantly opened it to find a photo of the same girl in the picture, almost as if they were the exact same child. The girl had blood dripping from her neck and her eyes were glowing red like the drawing.

I shivered and opened the .txt file. It read ‘The End.’ Feeling extremely disturbed, I put all the disks back into the chest and put back on the shelf. I wondered who the girl was and what the story behind the disks were.

Later that night, I asked my parents about the disks, but they said they were no disks in the chest, and it was empty. To make sure, we got the chest down again, and just as my parents had said, it was empty, I was about to put the chest back, and my parents had left the room, but I noticed a picture in the bottom of the chest; it was the drawing of the girl.

Not daring to even touch it, I hastily put the chest back and went to my laptop. To my surprise my picture library was open, so I scrolled through them, only to get startled by the same familiar image of the girl without a head, with all the realistic blood.

I quickly deleted it, and after that, there was no trace of the strange disks at all, except the photo I don’t dare touch that still sits at the bottom of that chest.