Before you read any further, I should warn you that if you do indeed decide to read this, you'll receive a grave and unfortunate end.

You see, it started when I had first met this girl, around the age of 12. She was pale, and had blonde hair that looked almost white in the sun. It sent shivers down my spine whenever I saw her. She could literally paralyze anyone with those dull blue eyes of hers. Anyways, she was often quiet, only talking to this one group of kids who always played this odd game of hers. It peeked my curiosity, I wanted to know what was it that made these children shiver in fright. My friends always joked that I had a crush on her, I just really had an interest in the girl. She was always so calm, lifeless even. I saw her almost everyday. Keep in mind that I'm a freshman in high school, and that we all live in a boarding school, so there is no avoiding her.

One day, she came up to me, staring at me with those beady eyes of hers, a small smile plastered on her face. She handed me a note, and quickly ran away, giggling creepily. I was confused, why did she give me a note? I opened the paper up, my eyes falling on the badly written note. She told me that she wanted to show me a game she had been playing with all the other kids. Why me, I asked curiously. I sighed and shoved the note in my pocket. Obviously I wasn't going to go and see what game it is that she plays with her classmates, I wasn't about to go to some random girl's house whose eyes stare into your soul. Days had passed by, I still didn't go over to her dorm to see what it was that she played with everyone else. One of my friends got invited. He hasn't come back yet, the principle said that he was removed from the school for various reasons. It disturbed me a little..

It came to the point that I had started to grow paranoid. They all called me the crazy dude in class 151. I really didn't give rats ass if they called me insane, that little thing was doing something to everyone here, I was sure of it.

One night, I decided to finally go and see what her stupid game was all about. I honestly couldn't imagine her doing any harm to anyone, it was probably just some stupid thing that she enjoyed. I knocked on her door lightly, blowing away the hair that fell into my eyes. She slowly opened the door, her lifeless eyes staring at me. I jumped a little, startled. She giggled at my reaction and opened the door, letting me in. Her room looked decent, it wasn't what I expected actually. I thought that maybe I judged the poor girl too quickly, and that she was as normal as anyone else in this school full of weirdos. I sat down quietly, waiting as the little girl took out a blanket, wrapping herself in it.

I asked her about the note she gave me a few weeks back, she smiled.

"You finally came." She told me, eyes flickering slightly. I nodded, asking her what it was about. She smiled and looked out the window in a creepy matter.

"You're already playing it."


She giggled and bobbed her head towards me in a creepy manner.

"You're. Already. Playing it." She repeated, a small giggle trailing out at the end of her sentence. I darted my eyes around, I was a bit scared, but maintained a straight face.

"Explain." I said bluntly, she squealed before looking dead at me, her eyes dull as ever, her smile gone from her pale face.

"I am what you first saw, and I will be the last. Once you've spoken of me, seen me, or even heard of me you've already started your game. To avoid your demise, you must start the game for someone else, ending yours in triumph instead of defeat." she said darkly.

I tilted my head to the side, confused. What the hell did she just say? She smiled and stood, opening the door, motioning me to leave. I got up slowly, leaving as I looked back at her, her smile growing wider, whispering that if I didn't do what I was told, there were to be unfortunate consequences.

I spent the next day on edge, trying to avoid her as much as possible by locking myself in my room.

And I finally figured out what she meant.

I'm really sorry, anyone who's reading this.

For me, the game has ended, and I've survived in triumph. As for you, whom is reading this, I apologize for starting the game for you. I really am.



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