Creepypasta - The Dream

Creepypasta - The Dream

Hello, my name is Kernis. I had a weird dream a couple months ago. I remember it like it was yesterday.. I turned into a bird, and I was flying around with a friend. It felt good. Then I see a mansion that I haven't really seen before. Curious, we go fly around it. Nothing interesting. I get back to a tree and the bird accompanying me suddenly changed his face to a terrified look. My heart started racing and something changed in the atmosphere. I felt something evil yet familiar nearby. My friend looks at me and, well, looks at the mansion next. I looked at the mansion and I don't see anything. "Look at the window," he says.

I look in the window. It was dark inside but I saw a silhouette... Green eyes, staring at me.

We looked at each other for a few seconds. Then it just swiftly left the window and I got so scared. My eyes opened and I saw things as I lay awake now.

My room looked like it was if...vapor? My feet were on fire, and that silhouette was right to me. I couldn't scream... I started moaning as loud as I could.

I was so terrified... the "thing" started flying and it went above me, through my window.

Whatever I saw to this day has never left me alone. Though I have no more fear it seeks it with more effort each time it visits. Something still eats at me as I try to figure this out. How come it didn't haunt me before the day of that dream? Is it just a coincidence or do our dreams set free evil things that only attack us? Whatever the cause, next time you're having a bad dream, don't listen to the evil demons when they tell you to do things such as Look at the window. Doing so only opens up a portal for your worst fear to escape into the real world. I figured I may tell you now before its too late. You don't believe me? Then take another look at those dark shadowy things you see at night in your room when you try to sleep. Those aren't just your imagination. You already set those free.. But don't worry, they're too weak.

However, now that the demon knows you're aware of him, he will appear in your dreams more until you set him free. From there, hell only kill you. Trust me, you don't want that, do you? Once he gets you, he kills you ever so slowly and painfully and brings you back to the undead and then turns you into one of his own kind. Then you write your story about how it all happen to you, like this, and pass it on to your victim to listen to.. Ready to set me free tonight?

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