There is a channel on YouTube titled, The Dark Cat. He is a small time YouTuber who only has one subscriber. He said that his future content will include: CreepyPastas, hilarious stories with the antagonist of the Samurai Jack series, Aku, reviews and rants, and Satanism.

Yes, Satanism.

You see, he's a modern day Satanist who has never made a single video in his life. His description is a quote from Anton LaVey himself which reads: "I dip my forefinger in the watery blood of your impotent mad redeemer, and write over his thorn-torn brow: The TRUE prince of evil — the king of slaves!"

That does sound like someone who lives up to his own word. With The Dark Cat, however, this was his life goal; to be like the rest of the devil worshippers all over the globe. But, ever since he's been on YouTube, he's been dealing with this anti-cat propaganda, and is still trying to lead a movement called, #CatLivesMatter. He even once said that he has been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, and Asperger’s Syndrome. But there was one thing he did mention on The Shadow Reader's livestreams, that he suffers from a rare disorder that he faced growing up... Insomnia, which causes him to stay up very late and not get tired at all. So, of course, he has to deal with getting up around six o' clock in the morning, get inside a Paratransit and go to his job at Project SEARCH, where he gets a part time job at the food court at Fort Eustice; a military base. Of course, his job was not an easy task for him, he has to do three things: buss down the tables, sweep the floors, and do the dishes. That's it. He gets little breaks, and has to be on his feet twenty-four seven.

It was maddening.

Now, I was around The Dark Reindeer's channel scrolling down his video section, got bored, and noticed that... my notification bell popped up. The Shadow Reader was having a livestream. I got on there, and noticed that... Shadow had a... freaked out kind of expression. Like he saw someone getting ran over by a truck. His eyes were wide, and he shook his head slowly. Everyone in the chat was asking, "What did he do?!" "Is he killing someone?!" "What is he saying?! I can't tell!"

Shadow just looks at his computer with the same freaked out expression... And when the mysterious video ends, Shadow said nothing for about a good minute or so. He looked as if he was trying to say something, but he couldn't find the strength to do so. He finally choked up, "W... Well... Well, he did say th-that he was trying to do... T-Telekinesis... But... I did, not know... It would work..."

What? What did he mean by, "it would work"? Telekinesis? That's... That's impossible, no one ever used telekinesis before and made it work without any failures. I asked Shadow on the chat to provide me the link to the unknown video, somehow, Dark Cat had made. I thought he was only bluffing at first, Dark Cat never made a video before in his life. Shadow saw my response and said, "You want to see that?! No way dude, you won't be able to sleep after that!"

This is where I began to literally beg Shadow to send me a link of sorts, till he finally gave in due to pressure. He sent me the link, I clicked on it, and it took me to... Dark Cat's first video...

I couldn't believe it! His very own video!

It showed a dimly lit alleyway with a set of white chairs surrounding a table. I started to notice that it was in a bird's eye view, which had me scratching my head. What's up with that? A car drives up and head's inside a car wash that says, "Fox Wash". Just then, I heard an ominous, otherworldly voice saying something. But I couldn't make out what it said. The man getting out of the car didn't notice this, and continues to do what he's doing. Suddenly, a hooded figure wrapped in chains appears and walks over to the man. The chains clattering as he walked. What made me weirded out and confuses, was that he was chanting in a strange language. Not Spanish, not French. It didn't even sounded legitimately German. He could be speaking in gibberish for all I know. It's completely alien to me.

Suddenly, the man looks at him, and backs away. The hooded figure lifts his hand at the gas cans, and what I saw, made my eyes grow wide as frying pans! The gas tanks fly everywhere as he just outstretches his hand towards them, and he did the same to the chairs and a garbage can! The man begins to make a dead bolt away from the hooded figure, as the cloaked man continues to chase him with outstretched hands, never did his walking increase in speed.

It then cuts to forest path, a man in standing under the street light as the alien voice comes back. Two teens walk down the path minding their own business, till the phantom figure immerges from the shadows, still chanting in that unknown language. The two men began to stop dead in their tracks, and watch in horror as the cloaked man outstretches his hands towards the man under the street light, and immediately the man was levitated from the ground in suspended animation. A nearby garbage can falls over as this happens. The two men run as the hooded spellbinder walks after them in the same manner as the first scene.

What the video showed next, gave me chills.

It was a full frame of the hooded figure. He seems to be wearing a black hooded robe with chains wrapped around him, a rope tied around his waist, wearing sandals, and what appears to be a pale, white mask with no mouth, no nose, just a pare of two black eyeholes. It genuinely scared me just looking at him, he looked like something out of the Conjuring.

It then cuts to three men walking inside an underpass as they chatted. A man was sitting asleep on a shopping cart full of cardboard boxes. The demon druid appears again from around the corner in front of them, and continued his nocturnal chant, and outstretches his hands towards the sleeping man. And... Jesus fucking Christ...

The man's head explodes into massive amounts of gore! Blood and brain matter splatters all over the graffiti covered walls. The three men scramble away from the hooded figure, as he chases them the same as the other two scenes.

It cuts to another underpass, a homeless man passed out from massive amounts of alcohol on some more cardboard boxes. Three more men are walking down the underpass as the hooded figure appears and continues to chatter in that same language. He outstretches his hands towards the homeless man, and like the first victim, his head explodes into a bloody, gnarl mess.

It then cuts back to the car wash, as the driver puts money in the machine. The hooded figure walks over to him, still babbling away like he usually does. He does the same thing he did in the first scene, causing the gas cans to fall down, chairs and the garbage can to move around, causing the man to panic saying, "Who are you? Who the fuck are you?" He continues to chase him till it cuts back to the forest path.

The same thing happens here, a couple of people walk down the path, the masked man appears and causes the other man to levitate off the ground and causes a garbage can to fall down, frightening the people there as they run away.

A close up of the hooded figure's white, faceless mask appears as it fades in and fades out in quick sessions. Then the video ends with that "Click here to subscribe" icon appears.

I just sat there in my chair, dumfounded. Like, really... what the fuck was that?! Generally speaking. Better yet, why did The Dark Cat make something like this?! I know he's a fan of horror but, fuck man, you didn't have to go that far! And there was absolutely no props in that video, it was all fucking real!

The next night, I confronted The Dark Cat on shadow's live stream asking, ""What the fuck, man? What the FUCK?"

"What? Huh? What's wrong?"

"Your video, man. What the FUCK?"

"What about it? You... you didn't like it?"

"Didn't LIKE it? You straight up SLAUGHTERED those people like a fucking supervillain!"

"Whoa, slow down, I don't understand..."

"What kind of monster are you, Dark? What kind of sick mind downloads a fucked-up video of himself using telekinesis to kill someone?!"

"Wait, did you say telekinesis?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I said."

"... I don't remember using that kind of power."

"What? Yes you did, I saw you!"

"No I didn't. I was asleep around the time the video was uploaded. Now since it's already taken down by YouTube staff, I just don't know what happened."

I just looked at the comment Dark Cat left on the chat. "So... You're saying you were sleepwalking?"

"Maybe. Or it could be that I'm possessed or something, I really don't know if that's the case. Just be glad it's taken down for good."

I was shocked...

Was The Dark Cat really possessed by some sort of telekinetic demon? Or, was this just a sick joke? From that time being, I still have questions left unanswered. Him, Shadow Reader and Dark Reindeer are still close friends, and he still goes to the FWF channel to watch wrestling matches with SirHorror. But, there's no doubt, that he has some Jekyll and Hyde shit going on in his head.

He even went as far as to ask the demon his name one night... and this is what he heard in his sleep... Beleth.

The Dark Cat warned Shadow that in Hell, Beleth is a terrible and mighty king who rules over 85 Legions of Demons. He once was a member of the angelic order of powers. Beleth arrives on a pale horse, preceded by many musicians playing trumpets and other instruments. He is very angry when first summoned and must be sent to a magical triangle by a magician pointing a hazel wand to the southeast.

He must be treated with great courtesy, but if the magician shows fear, Beleth will forever lose respect for him. The magician must protect himself by wearing a silver ring on the middle finger of the left hand and holding it up to the face. If Beleth refuses to cooperate, the magician must proceed with his commands.

And that's what The Dark Cat has been doing with his time. If he doesn't do what Beleth wants him to do, then he'll most certainly will die! Keep this story as a warning to ALL of you: Never, EVER, do what Dark Cat did. He suffered a fate worse than death. Becoming a slave to a demon that's unstoppable.

If you see The Dark Cat, please, give him your best support, it might just be enough, to save a soul.

Telekinetic Priest Attack Horror Short Film

Telekinetic Priest Attack Horror Short Film

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