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This is my first time I've ever written a Creepypasta and I must wasn’t easy. If you thought the stories you’ve read before were scary, then imagine all the terrifying shock and fear the authors of such stories had to go through just to even think of an idea scary enough for any reader. Then type it up. Let alone complete it. That, is why today, I have decided to write about my own horrific tragedy just so that the world could finally know the truth...before it was too late.

Online Dream Journal Screenshot

My Online Dream Journal

Now, before we begin, I would like to let you know a little something about myself. The most important thing you need to know about me - other than my name, which you may never find out - is that I am a lucid dreamer. Now, what I mean by that is I can become aware that I am indeed dreaming, and can control my dreams. Also, whenever I have a dream that I wish to remember, or if there was a certain sign I saw in it, I have a little dream journal beside my bed waiting for me to write in it. That way I can keep track of my dreams so I don’t end up forgetting any little detail ten minutes later.

The thing about my dreams, however, is that unlike other people’s dreams, mine aren’t exactly...random. Each and everyone of my dreams always has a particular setting throughout the dream. There isn’t ever a moment you’re here and next you’re somewhere else. My dreams always seem so realistic even though they shouldn’t be, which makes it very difficult for me to make myself realize whatever is happening is just a dream.

Oh, and for the record, as sick as this sounds, I quite enjoy watching almost any moron’s intestines being spilled from their bodies and then gazing at their blood gushing out and saturating absolutely everything in sight. Thus, the victim gets his punishment for all of the utterly idiotic decisions he has made and suffers his slow and painful, yet most deserving death. But this only applies as long as it’s happening inside a slasher film or another piece of fiction. Believe me, I’m not that psychopathic. Though the idea of horror itself and what it can really do to a person emotionally, mentally, socially, and sometimes even physically is just so fascinating to me, yet so nerve wracking at the same time.

Yesterday I happened to stumble upon MrCreepyPasta’s videos on YouTube. After watching a good amount of them...well...let's just say I became hungry for a satisfying dish of Creepypasta. I logged onto the wikia website to see what other great stories were there that I hadn't read yet. I found a variety of very entertaining and indeed frightening stories, such as Red Mist, Squidward’s Suicide, Candle Cove, the list goes on and on.

All of these legends and folklores seemed so interesting that I too decided to write one for myself so that I could someday be up there with the greats. The only question I had a hard time answering was...what will it be about exactly?! I stayed up until two o’clock in the morning, hoping an idea would soon enough pop into my head, until making the decision to go to sleep. Then maybe, just maybe, the story would come to me in the morning.

I laid in my bed and fell asleep...only to wake up a few moments later in a forest in the dark, all alone, and all that could be heard was the sound of crickets in the night.

The eerie atmosphere made me hesitant to scream or yell for help. Luckily, I happened to notice a flashlight laying right beside my right shoe. I grabbed the flashlight. As I turned it on, I shined it on a few letters traced into the dirt. I read the letters aloud, softly, still trying to remain unheard by anything inhabiting the area that could be considered dangerous.


Find? Find what?

Unfortunately, the rest of the message was brushed away due to the fact I was sleeping on it for who knows how long. Even though my objective or reason for me to be in a place such as a forest during the night time couldn’t be clarified, I ventured forward anyway, praying to myself that the first thing I find would be the exit.

Approximately four minutes later I bumped into what I believed to be a really skinny tree, until shining my flashlight on revealed it to be a being with extremely long and thin limbs. He appeared to have four to eight long, black tentacles expanding from his back. Not to mention the suit and tie he wore, which were both darker than any shade of black I have ever seen. His head shot down at me as soon as the spotlight from my flashlight shined on him. I attempted to run, only to be tripped and captured by one of his tentacles. As he pulled me in closer and closer, most likely planning in his head how he will prepare his next dinner, I quickly grabbed a rock and threw it straight at his face, which caused him to retract his tentacles and set me free.

The Slender Man

I looked behind me as I ran aimlessly away from him, watching as his eyes revealed themselves to be a fiery red and his mouth opened up, letting out a screech more terrifying than a banshee. My actions had released a more furious, rage filled side of him...and I had just made his list.

Nonetheless, I continued running for my life knowing he was still on my tail. When I looked back again he mysteriously disappeared. I stopped in my tracks. I just kept staring at the same spot he was in before wondering where it was he had gone. It was then I felt a shiver go down my spine. It was also then that I realized it wasn’t a shiver. As I turned around...and there he was. Slowly wrapping his tentacles around me like a boa constrictor that would wrap itself around its prey. I was too petrified to even move at this point. He lifted me off the ground and started to squeeze me with all of his power. I felt like my body would’ve exploded under all the pressure and I wouldn’t be anything but a pile of blood and guts.

For about thirty seconds, his red glowing eyes stared into my soul, as if he was sneaking his way inside. I tried to close my eyes, but the red glow pierced through my own eyelids. I kept hearing loud cracks every seven seconds, but I couldn’t feel anything...but an isolation from oxygen. I didn’t know where they were coming from. He continued to choke me until my face turned blue. When he released me, I fell to the ground. Trying to get up and crawl away somewhere safe, I realized I was completely immobile. The loud cracks I kept hearing were my own bones. I guess I was too distracted with the fact I was slowly losing air that I didn’t even notice. There was nothing I could do then as I was picked up by my head, wrapped up with his tentacles once again, and soon enough I just blacked out.

I later regained consciousness and sensed that I was no longer in the forest. Instead, in a room sitting on a wooden chair. I couldn’t see my surroundings. Not because the room was too dark...but because I had no eyes.

My guess is that they popped out of my sockets during the strangulation. That fiend must've decided he wasn’t in the mood for a meal, but instead just a quick little snack.

The Rake

Suddenly, I began to hear the sound of a little girl sobbing to herself in the corner of the same room I was in. I tried to get up and help her, but I was still immobile. I instead shouted to where the crying was coming from.

“Are you okay?” I asked. That was when everything went silent. All of a sudden I saw a pair of glowing eyes piercing through my empty eye sockets. For a minute I thought that slender monstrosity was back to finish what he had started, but the glow on these eyes were white instead of red. Whatever it was, it screamed at the top of its lungs and lunged at me. It started scratching furiously at my face. I was too busy worrying about keeping this thing from mangling my face to even feel the pain. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t seem to get the beast off of me. It was as if the rage inside of it had the same effect as steroids did when injected into the user. I found the thought of that ironic because the critter felt very bony and skinny. In fact I would say his body shaped resembled Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Eventually it stopped scratching me and began to try and pry my mouth open.

It snapped like a reverse bear trap. The opposite of what you would expect happened. My body mysteriously became mobile again and my reflexes kicked in as I punted the monster right in the stomach and bit its own fingers off. I spit the fingers out of my mouth and proceeded to pick up the brute trying to escape from the clutches of my bare hands. I pinned it to a wall and I socked him in the face, which knocked him out, causing him to fall to the floor once I let him go. That was when I did something I thought I would never do, even in a dire situation. I ripped both of his eyes out and stuck them in my own eye sockets. I had no idea as to why I did this, but as odd as it ended up restoring my eyesight again.

I felt around the room for the flashlight. I found it and shined it on a looseleaf paper taped onto the same wall I placed the corpse of the unidentified being. As I walked over to the wall I tripped over the dead body of another creature, half bird half human with a blood dried skull. It looked to be the Seedeater, a bird-human creature which roams around forests to stalk and abduct children. I had no idea why he was there, how he had died, or if he even was dead. However I simply did not care and I brushed it off as I ripped the paper off the wall. It read "SPREAD THE WORD!" I couldn't help but wondered what this meant. Attached to the paper was a photograph of a Siberian husky...but this wasn’t your average canine. It had a very wide grin with two rows of very white, very straight, very sharp, and very human-looking teeth. A message was written in marker below the photo. It read "SMILE!! GOD LOVES YOU!"

Next thing you know, I hear the sound of...licking. I dropped the looseleaf onto the ground and in front of me I saw the beast licking the flesh off of the Seedeater’s corpse.

The Smile Dog

“Don’t make any sudden movements.” I said to myself, trying to be as quiet as possible so the wild thing wouldn’t sense my presence. Ironically...that was what made the mongrel notice me. It stared at me with those satanic eyes of his. The demonic animal jumped at me, but in that exact second...I woke up.

It all turned out to be nothing but a nightmare. I frantically looked left and right inside my room to assure myself that I was safe. It was four o’clock in the morning, so I decided to go back to sleep. opened my eyes one more time out of curiosity...big mistake.

Eyeless Jack

I was staring face to face with a man who wore a black hoodie, along with a dark blue mask. No nose, no mouth, but what was truly horrifying about him was he had no eyes. Just empty sockets. If you wanted you could’ve probably stared into his soul, assuming that wasn’t empty as well. Before I could do anything, he quickly jumped onto my bed and began to strangle me. I kicked him so hard he crashed into my television set and died by electrocution. Suffice to say the fight was short lived. Knowing he wouldn’t be dead for too long - because almost every single creature like him never really is - I picked up his surprisingly very heavy body and threw him out the window, hoping he would find a different victim. Perhaps my neighbors, or that socially awkward family across the street...but then I realized something. My window was already opened when I walked to it. It was closed when I went to sleep.

“What’s wrong? Did you find another monster under your bed?”

I heard the voice of a madman behind me. I turned around and it was then I saw a man with lips covered in blood. A white face, not pale like that tall man’s face, pure if it was bleached. Oh, and his hair...his hair was darker than my own shadow.

“WHAT THE HELL?! HOW DID YOU GET INTO MY HOUSE?!” I asked frightened, yet demanding an answer.

Jeff The Killer

He didn’t say or do anything...but stare at me for awhile. I wanted to say something, but at this point I was too scared to even cough or sneeze, believing that the moment I did it would be my last. He noticed I was so tired I would fall back to sleep, so he finally spoke.’s alright. Just go back to sleep.”

I immediately woke up as soon as he said that...but it was already too late. I tried swinging at him with my fist, but he ducked and socked me square in the face. I collapsed as he hovered over me and said “You shouldn’t have done that.”

Out of nowhere I noticed a girl somewhere around my age who had almost all of the same characteristics as the man who was above me, yet for whatever reason wasn’t creeping towards me, but instead him. I guess the look on my face when I saw her gave it away as he turned around and stabbed her directly in the heart. As she fell to the ground and let out her last breath the man quickly turned back at me.

“What? What did you think was gonna happen? Come on kid let's face it there are kids that just want to show the world they have nothing to fear, and then there are fucking idiots like this bitch over here who go out and try to do something so stupid that in the end you just know they're gonna get fucked over somehow. Did you really think that she or even you would be treated by life any differently? I mean look at me. Look how my life instantly turned to shit. LOOK AT MY FACE! The truth of the matter is nobody ever gets the happy ending they've been searching for. I sure as hell didn't, and believe me when I say I will not stand by and let you get the happy ending you honestly don't deserve.”

At that moment my body was filled with nothing but fear. As the man went to stab me, I grabbed his arm and did everything I could to keep it from even touching my skin. All of a sudden...I heard someone crying.

Suicidal Squidward Tentacles

The murderous psycho was too persistent to even worry about it. I looked around the room to find no one else in sight. That was until I noticed what was on my computer screen. Squidward Tentacles from Spongebob Squarepants. Though I couldn’t help but notice something odd about him. The crying was definitely coming from the monitor...but there was no animation at all. Just his big bluish greenish head. His eyes were hyper realistically red with blood slowly trickling out of real that it looked as if you would stain your fingers if you were to touch them. He kept repeating the same thing over and over again.

“Do it...Do it...Do it!”

The sound of his voice gradually became louder as Squidward’s face came closer and closer. Eventually his head came so close that it literally left my computer screen. Right there, time froze everything except me and Squidward.

Squidward’s request turned from soft and eerie whispers...into loud and aggressive yelling.


Next thing I saw a gun right next to me. By then it was obvious he wanted me to use it...and what for. Therefore I let go of the man's arms, picked up the pistol, cocked it back, and I pulled the trigger.

Everything went completely silent for a good seven seconds as the bullet pierced Squidward's skull. After that Squidward's head turned to ashes and timed played again as it should've. The madman lifted his knife back into the air and went to stab me, but I shot him in the chest which caused him to fall back still alive...but barely.

"You know what? No. I won't do it. I won't give in to all of this insanity. There is nothing you can say or do to make me fear you. Wanna know why? You're not real. None of this is real. You and all the rest of those stupid urban legends are only real in my dreams. However one thing you should know about me is that I am a lucid dreamer which means I control my dreams. Not you or anybody else, but me."

I aimed the pistol at the madman one last time and as I pulled the was all over.

Written by Brandon Mollica
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