I’m not really a big fan of Frozen. I just find the movie overrated. The songs are overrated, the characters are overrated and the amount of merchandise is ridiculous. However the characters are not all bad. I do like Elsa because of how relatable she is. Hell, I even had a phase where I had a crush on her.

So back in 2014, Frozen had just come out on DVD and Blu-ray. My little sister Emily wanted to watch Frozen because she wanted to watch it again. I decided to buy it for her since it was her birthday. My little sister was so happy that she literally was bouncing off the walls, telling me to put it in the DVD player.

I did just that and it was pretty normal. That is until Elsa hit Anna’s brain with her ice powers. The screen turned red and it stopped at that exact moment. I got my dad to fix the DVD for us and it went back to normal.

Emily told me to go to the scene selection to get to the part where Elsa sings let it go. I did just that as the scene began. The problem was that no sound was playing. It was just Elsa singing except it sounded nothing like Idina Menzel. The singer sounded like a dying elderly woman. The words were the same until she was about to sing the line “The cold never bothered me anyway,” only for her to sing “The cold never bothered you anyway.”

My sister went to get dad but I just said that it just needed to be cleaned. I took out a bottle of Windex and ejected the DVD. I wiped down the DVD and put it back in the DVD player. I decided to go to a random scene. The scene I chose was where Anna sang “For the first time in forever.” It was normal until Elsa came on screen. Elsa was mute. Her lips moved but no sound came out. When Elsa sang “Put on a show” The video froze. 2 minutes later Elsa started to look different.

She started to form wrinkles on her face, her skin color turned pale as her hair started turning gray. She then laughed loudly and pointed at the screen. “You… CAN’T!” Elsa screamed at the top of her lungs as it cut to the scene where Elsa froze Anna’s heart. Instead of Elsa feeling remorse for doing what she did, she laughed maliciously. Her laugh sounded like The Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz movie. She still looked like an old woman which was really unnerving.

I started getting a bit freaked out as the film cut to Anna saved Elsa but it was different. Instead of Anna running towards Elsa and Hans, she just froze on the spot as Hans decapitated Elsa. That was when the film cut to the credits but after the credits, I saw a video of a group of old women dressed in black robes preforming a ritual.

Candles were surrounding the DVD as another woman sprinkled ashes on the DVD. That was when I had enough. I tried ejecting the DVD but the DVD player electrocuted me. I started to spaz out and then I blacked out.

I woke up in the hospital as my dad hugged me. “Thank god you are alright.” My dad said. I asked what the hell happened. That was when the doctor came in and told me that I had a seizure. I was confused as to how I had a seizure. The doctor explained that it was due to stress. I asked where the DVD was and my dad told me that he took it back and got a refund.

My dad told me that the DVD was heavily edited and tampered with by the same group of women that I saw in the video. My dad explained that the women escaped from a mental hospital and decided to start a cult. She really hated Frozen because of how overhyped it was. So she stolen a copy and heavily edited the film to damage its reputation. I sighed as I put my face in my pillow. The doctor said that visiting time is over because it was time for me to go to sleep.

I was asleep but I heard the door open. I moaned and got up. I screamed as I saw the same old woman that was in the bootleg Frozen DVD. She was wearing a dress and had a hairstyle similar to Elsa’s. What was chilling was what she said. She sang “The cold never bothered you anyway.” Sounding nothing like Idina Menzel.

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