The Buzz on Maggie

Maggie, on a background of stars.

So, 7 days before FIFA 12 came out, at 12:00 PM, I was playing FIFA 11 on my PS3 (I like the way you can become Player Manager in Career Mode).

After about a while, I became real bored, and I switched from HDMI to TV mode, and I began flipping through channels, up until I realized that The Buzz on Maggie was airing.

I started to watch it.

It started out with the normal intro, but all of a sudden, I began to realize that it had horrid quality, horrid colors, horrid everything. The theme song was also different. Instead of the normal theme song, which is "Just The Way I Am" by Skye Sweetnam, the one in the intro was some song from FIFA 12, which is "Drownin" by Tying Tiffany.

"What's with the change of music?" I thought, confused.

The intro looked as though someone had recorded it with a VHS tape, but, man, I haven't described the episode yet.

It started out with Maggie and Rayna talking about something that I cannot understand, because the audio quality was horrid. But judging from their looks, I can tell they're arguing. And it's not normal arguing. It was real arguing. The scene went on for 3 minutes, right before it showed Maggie walking, but after 15 seconds, the background began to distort and discolor, as though it was already 200 years old, but not Maggie, for some reason. She kept on walking and never noticed the changes, as though nothing ever happened.

Some weird music was playing at this point, but after about 1 minute of trying to decipher it, I began to realize that the music that was playing right now was some song from FIFA 11, which is "Splitting The Atom" by Massive Attack.

I decided to continue watching.

But then, 22 seconds later, I began to notice that the background was starting to vanish, and got replaced with a black screen with color lines from FIFA 11. But Maggie didn't vanish. She kept on walking. The music was still playing.

18 seconds later, the color lines started to change from red and blue to purple and black, but Maggie still didn't notice the changes. She just kept on walking.

Later on, the music began to distort and degrade, and the color lines began to distort and pixelate, but not Maggie.

Then the background went to the same one from the start of the scene. But this time, there are no color lines, and it showed signs of negativity, like broken windows, and destroyed doors, then it showed the houses on the background falling down to the ground, but Maggie still didn't notice.

Then, the screen went to black. It froze right there.

I began to turn off the TV to get it to unfreeze, but it's still frozen. I began to unplug the TV, and the same thing happened. I plugged the TV back in, and began to give it a good punch to get it to work, and it's finally unfrozen.

I looked on the TV guide, and there's no sight of the show airing. I then began to realize something, which is this:

The Buzz on Maggie was cancelled 6 years ago.

The Buzz on Maggie (2005) - Intro (Opening)

The Buzz on Maggie (2005) - Intro (Opening)

The intro for those who don't forget Maggie.

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