The Boy, The Cat, and The Ogre written by TheDarkCat97 (A.K.A.: Ash the Dragon)

Once upon a time there lived a boy, and his pet cat. All the children in all the lands had dogs, all except him. Because of his parents, he could not go outside after dark, nor would he celebrate Halloween because of their religion. He could only play inside with his cat. One day he ventured out to the woods, deciding to venture out and prove there is nothing wrong with having some fun once and for all. He exited the field and he and his cat did journey until they reached a cave.

When he got to the mouth of the cave, he saw what looked like bones from some half-eaten animal scattered all over the cave floor. Then as he and his little, furry companion ventured inside the cave, what he saw next, made him wish he hadn't come here. It resembled (in my own words) a four-foot chupacabra with the color and skin texture of an uncooked Thanksgiving turkey. His teeth were a disgusting orange, almost, rotten and all aligned in a sharp point. It's eyes were yellow and jaundiced, and had the nose of a bat. It looked like it came out of someone's nightmare! It was eating a feral dog that was already dead by a broken neck, assuming that the monster had snapped it with it's bare hands.

The boy smelled the putrid stench of flesh being exposed, and the putrid odor of the abomination. That's when the boy saw a bag full of... Something. He crept as quietly as he could, and held it in his hands, before.

“What do we have here? Trespassers?” a deep, grizzled voice came directly behind the boy, and the child slowly turned his head over his shoulder to reveal...

The hairless, ape-like monster was staring directly at him with blood splattering his grotesque face and clawed, hairy hands!

The boy yelped and fell backwards, crawling away from the beast as it looked at him with a look of sternness,  “What is it you want to steal? I know it wasn't money, even though we don't earn much.”

The boy fell silent at first, before uttering words that further encouraged the boy's own fear. “I... I was just looking for someone... And there he is...” The boy said as he looked at his cat.

“Looking for someone...? Or. Looking for something...?”

The creature grabbed the bag that was dropped by the boy, untied it, and dropped the contents of the bag on to the cave floor. They were beans. Nothing more, nothing less.

“You might as well confess as to why you are here, or I'll use your skull for a scrapping tool.”

The boy quickly confessed, basically spilling the beans about going on an adventure to prove himself to everyone including his family.

The monster seemed, rather interested for some odd reason, and asked. “Tell me, what is your name?” The monster asked. The boy trembled at the very presence of the demented creature, but the creature quickly said impatiently, “Well? Speak up, boy.”

“My..... My..... My...” He swallowed hard.  “My name... Is Tavish.” The boy answered. Every word that escaped his lips filled him with one-hundred percent dread of the monster killing or eating him.

“Tavish…” The beast said with... what sounded like interest. Like it finally knew the name of it's next meal. “Hm. Well, Tavish, do you know what I am?”

Tavish didn't know what to call it. He thought and thought, he paced around the cave. He brain stormed for what felt like hours on end, trying to find an answer... But he couldn't. Till he said the very thing he can come up with. “Are... You... An ogre...?”

The beast then gave Tavish a sickening smirk, “Correct...” The ogre grinned in a way that makes even the toughest of men tremble in fear, “And you must know why you entered my domain.”


“You don't...?” The ogre asked, still interested in the child. “We are depicted as hateful monsters that bully those weaker than us. We are also believed to eat human children. But. This is not true, even though we are carnivores. We eat animals, not children. Besides, we do not bully others, we eat flesh to survive in this Hellish land. We are survivors, not monsters.” He then sees the cat, who is hiding behind the boy's leg. “And while we're on the subject of eating animals, your friend, here, will do nicely.”

Tavish sees that the ogre is looking at the boy's cat, and licking his sharp, disgusting teeth. “Wait, wait! You can't eat Midnight, he's my friend.”

The ogre sees this, and cocks his head back, bellowing out cackles so grotesque, it sounded like a pitbull choking to death. “Oh, the small-mindedness of humanity!” The ogre roared in laughter, “It is nothing more than a wee little joke, my child! I do not eat the domesticated. I eat what is feral, left out into the outside world to fend for itself. Me and my race chose this because they have been proven worthy to die for their honor, and courage. What is domesticated, is protected by man. So what is left outside, it has the chance to be chosen to be food for my race.”

Tavish became somewhat fascinated by the ogre's statement. “What's your name?”

“My name?” The ogre asked, “My name, is Putrid.”

“Putrid? What kind of name is that for an intelligent ogre such as yourself?”

“It is the name suitable for us ogres. Names such as: Wrathful. Gorgon. Killer. Cyclops. Rabies. Goner.” Then Putrid paused for just a moment, before saying in a regretful tone, “Blitzkrieg.”

“What's the matter with Blitzkrieg, why does that name trouble you?”

“Because, Tavish, Blitzkrieg was a very. Very. Bad, ogre.”

Putrid then told him the tale of Blitzkrieg, an ogre who had possessed the ability of shapeshifting and, eventuality betrayed his race, all because he didn't want to eat animals because he grew bored of the same old thing, and wanted to eat something else. So he decided to eat children, causing his race to ban him from their tribe for good.

“So, you see, Blitzkrieg still devours children like fruit to the day.” Putrid stated, “So, once you leave, be careful who you may run into. Because, it might be Blitzkrieg.”

“How do you know all of this?” Tavish asked.

“Because...”Putrid gestures Tavish to come closer, in which, he did. “I'd keep an eye on your cat if I was you.”

After hours with the ogre, the two began to walk back to his home, Midnight never left his site. But, there was something about that cat that made Tavish jump out of his skin.

Midnight was walking with him back to the house...on two legs. 

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