There is a legend about a board game named "Board of Pandora". Some says that this game will perish your soul into the deepest of hell. So one must finish and win the game to stop his/her own curse. This is a game of life and death. You must use everything you know to win the game. And unfortunately, only 1 player will win the game. So the other player's soul will be damned. The game can have up to 4 players. Well, for those who seeks thrill, then do this in your own risk! The winner of the game will be rewarded by massive wealth, love and luck on his life.

Getting the Board

The Board of Hell can be found by anyone and anywhere. First, you have to pack everything you need. A flashlight, a lighter and a candle (a medium sized candle is good) can be a good source of light. A knife, gun and other weapons is good to bring. You also need some old coins at the same class. And the most important of all, a bag, of course. All you have to do is go in a crowded city at about 11:30 PM. Wait for a non-crowded bus. Sit and pay for the fare immediately. If the driver asks you where are you going, then say: "Oh! I want to go There!". And the driver will respond: "Where is There?" You need to reply in a fair mood: "The Board... I want to go THERE". The driver will smile. Take your seat. The time should be exactly 12:00 AM. If it goes to 12:01, then you failed.

Take a look and remember some faces in the bus (if there are any). Then look at the window and stare for about a minute. You will feel drowsy and will fell asleep. You will wake up. Check your watch or any clock in the bus. All of

"OPEN" NEON sign

the clocks are broken and all hands of it are stuck to 12:00 AM. The bus is now parked and there's no one around, even the driver. There is only one safe place there. Inside the bus. If you encountered someone (or something) unusual or not normal outside, then run quickly to the bus. While you are still inside, gather everything you need. Use your flashlight and bring out your weapons. Then go and check the driver's panel. Set the handbrake and open any headlights, backlights and indoor lights. Open the door then close it immediately and silently. Every step is conditional because it can wake up someone (or something).

In a far distance, you will see a glowing light of a small structure. You have infinite time to do this so walk gently and silently. As you walk to it, you will notice that you are walking towards a bar. The sign will say "OPEN". Then gently open the door and close it. Inside, you will see something you didn't know who he is. But you feel a really strong aura. He will be drinking an espresso on a horrible looking bar table. He wears a black vestments or something like that. He wears a black hat. He will remain sitting and will ask you a few questions. It's sad to say but I can't help you to answer his questions. His questions are hard and you, yourself, can only say the right answers. If one of your answers is wrong, then ran as quickly as you can then go inside the bus.

If you answered it correctly, then, the bartender will appear. He is a horrible looking creature. Actually, you will not recognize him at first, but he will say "Good Evening Sir! Welcome to ______ Bar! What is your order?" This creature and the man sitting at the bar table are damned souls. But they will not harm you. Just don't make them pissed. Don't ask them too many questions. If you can, then share stories with them. Entertain them for few minutes or hours. Your aim here is to gain some trust to them. If they share their own stories then congratulations! You found a new friend. Ask the bar tender to have a bottle of an old preserved Frolique Wine. He will get the wine. Open the wine and on the cork, you will see a necklace with a key as a pendant. Give the key to the bartender and say: "Vault no. 13 Pace 6". And the bartender will not make any gestures or noise. The "person" beside you (the one drinking espresso) will say a few advice to you regarding the game. Be attentive! Listen to what he says. And if possible, write them down on a piece of paper.

After 30 minutes or more (you can't actually tell the time of staying there because your watch and other clocks are broken), the bartender will go out and bring you a box sealed with chains. The entity beside you will give you a bunch of keys to unlock each locks on the chest (or box, whichever). Say your gratitude to them and bid farewell. Go outside the bar and gently close the door. Now, this time, run as fast as you can. Because the entity in the middle of darkness has been awakened. They will chase you. They are longing for bodies to possess. So don't ever try to be slow. You are safe if you are lit up by the headlight of the bus. Now, all you need to do is get in to the bus, close the door, put the box (or chest) on the bag, and pray. You will still here that those demons are still tormenting the bus. Pray that the bus will not shatter in the darkness. You will feel dizzy (again) and fall asleep.

You will now wake up 8:00 AM of the same day. And this bus is now parked on the terminal. Now, there's no steps for now, do everything you normally do. Do not ever open your bag unless you wanted to play it. If you wanted to start the game, always start it in the middle of the night. About 11:00 PM.

Starting the Game

If you desired to start the game, then be ready for the consequences. Ask 3 more people if you wanted. Remember: Only ONE can be saved by playing this game. Aside from it, the 4 player slot will always been filled. For example, there are 2 persons playing the game, so the third and the last slot will be filled by any soul or ghost nearby. If you choose to battle with three ghosts then be ready for some consequences. If the ghost won, then they will possess a human body and come back to life. If they will lose then they will be locked in the deepest of the game.

Get every weapon you can have. Use every knowledge you can. If you're ready, get the bag and the box (now covered with white cloth). Start at 11:00 PM. Go to a dark room without any windows. Get 13 candles (a big one is better to use). Then draw a circle. This will be the only zone you and other players can move. So maximize the space. Place 12 candles on this circle. Place the 13th candle on the circle.

Remove the white cloth and you'll see a box sealed by more than 100 chains and lock. Each lock has its own name, same as the keys. Once you unlocked the chains, a strong wind will blow. This is the right time to turn off every light in the room and start lighting up the candles. Then pray. Prayers can save you! 

The board will be slightly thicker and bigger than a chess board. Its thickness is as wide as your palm. It looks like very similar to a Jumanji board (except that it's smaller and thinner). "PANDORA" was written with big and bold letters on the cover. Written below the "Title" of the game is a note saying "Abandon Hope Ye Who Enters Here".

"Jumanji" board

You'll notice that there is lock in the middle of the board. Check your pocket, the key should be there. Unlock it and be prepared. You can open the board by opening the two "door-like" covers. If you have watched "Jumanji" then you'll know it's mechanism. In the center, there is a small (small as a coin) white circle. This circle can be called as winning point.

On the back of the wooden cover is a spell to chant. You and the other members should chant this spell to start the game. After reciting it loud and clear, another strong wind will blow. This time, all of the candle's light except the 13th candle will be gone. After 5 minutes of silence, the candles will be lightening up by their own. And now, you will see shadows of horrible creatures on the wall. They are there to watch. Also, the time will completely stop. And only you and other entities does have time.

The Pieces and Elements

There are many pieces and items in the game. Each has its own characteristics. There are total of 4 Pieces to be used by each of the players. The Angel, The Black Knight, The King and The Reaper. This pieces represents you
Chess Piece

This is not the actual piece. But this looks like the one in the game...

in the game. Choose 1 piece. Choose what you really like. Because you cannot change it when you hold that piece. There are no special elements with the piece. It's just your representative on the board game. 

Next are the cards. These cards are the consequences that follow. Text will just appear when the dice rolls. So do not attempt to see cards before you start the game because you will see nothing. These cards have a riddle to solve or a consequence to finish.

Next are the Skull Dices. There are 4 skull dices in the game. Do not get or own one or you will be perished. Each turn a player must throw 4 dices at the same time. The first dice (white) is for forward movement. The second dice (black) is for the backward movement. For example, you got 3 dots on the first dice. Then you get 4 on the second dice. So: 3-4= -1. So your piece will move 1 step backwards. The third dice (grey) is the value of consequence. The 4th dice (red) is for the weight of consequence. 6 will be the heaviest consequence. This can be said as the most unlucky dice on earth because some say it usually drops on 6 dot.

Playing the Game

There are 4 different starting points for each of the pieces. Each of the path has equal no. of squares. Some path will cross of intersect with the other path. Use the 1st dice (white) to know who will move first. The lowest dot will be the first to move. The dice will never give repeated dots when it comes to order of players.

Place your piece on a starting point. Then, if it's your turn, cast the dices. Then, the piece will move by itself. After it, draw a card. This contains your consequences. Be prepared. Sometimes, a person from medieval age will come to life and will kill you with old items. So after you read the riddle and consequence, look at your back or because he/she/it might come. Sometimes, your soul would do an astral projection and travel below hell and
Astral Projection

A man doing an Astral Projection

you need to find your body to go back. Sometimes, the consequence will last for hours, minutes, days or even years. If you didn't finish the consequence, then you will be trapped in the game for 2 turns and your piece will move 2 steps backward. You can actually feel the pain while doing consequences. You will only finish the game of you made it to the central circle.

Here are some consequences that some people said who have been finished the game:

► Astral Projection

Players who got this consequence will travel below hell. To finish this consequence, you should stay away from the eyes of demons, travel outside the hell and finally went back to his/her own body.

► The Coffin

One is trapped in a coffin and burrowed 6 feet below ground. There is a clock on top of the player and a lighter is the only source of light. The player has 25 minutes to find his/her way out of that buried coffin. If the timer's out, shadows of hands will appear and will drag ones soul down to earth.

► Nostalgic Graveyard

In this consequence, the player will be transported into a graveyard. Demons are watching and surrounding you. Find your way out of the graveyard. They said that the graveyard is vast. White candles will be your guide to get out of the graveyard. Demon will still follow you. Run as fast as you can to avoid them.

► Evil Cerberus

In the Greek mythology, Cerberus is a creature from underworld that has 3 heads. When a player got this card, he will be sent out to a closed space arena together with Cerberus. You need to beat Cerberus or else the player will be eaten up. Your weapons will be useful here.

► The Toll way

A player will be sent to a toll gate. He/she should pay the toll. After you entered the toll, you have 3 seconds to dodge. Massive trucks are rushing on players back. The toll way is a vast land. You can use one of the trucks to prevent being bumped and to save time. Your goal here is to make it to the other part of the Toll.

► Pitch Black

The player who got this card will experience dizziness. He/She will be awakened on a pitch black area. He/She will only hear the ticking of a clock. He/She will never hear anything aside from it, even his/her own voice. No one survived this consequence.

There are many more consequences. But here are just the few of them.

Useful Strategies

Here are some tips while playing the game.

► Do not attempt to break the rules or to cheat the game. Whosoever cheated will lose.

► Do not go out of the circle. The circle is your boundary between the players and the souls.

► Be alert. Enemies may appear anywhere and everywhere at anytime.

► Helping each other will work a bit. But always remember, they might always betray you.

► You have your own body. Your body is so sacred. That even the demons envy it. You are powerful than them because you have your own body.

► Pray. It always works.


After the game, the souls of the players will be trapped inside the Pandora. No one ever did get out of it. They were just vanished completely. Their existence will never be known. And while this is on human's hand, that human will

End Of Game

have horrible nightmare about the damned souls. So, after the game, it is recommended that you should return the game board to the bartender. To return it to the bartender, do the same as said above. Now this time, when you enter the bar, they are smiling at you. Give the keys and lock the board again. Share to them the stories and experiences you had inside the game. They would be happy to know. Be polite this time. After they had satisfied with your story, they will reward you the prizes: massive wealth, luck and love. Bid farewell to them and go outside of the bar. No need to be quiet now. They have fear on you. Go to the bus, pray, and wait to wake up.

Again, play this game at your own risk! I am not liable for any damages it occurs.

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