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Beginning Credits/Disclaimer[]

Orignal Pasta made by Spongebob Incident!/The REBORN Sponge… This is the link to it. And Tanner’s Rewrite is right around… Here! Plus Tanner’s rewrite inspired me to do this.

You already know who originally wrote this, and the king of all rewrites? NetherRunchkins! Say my name… ~NR

Chapter 1 - Beginning[]

The current time is 4:32PM, and outside of my house it was nearly foggy as it was a cloudy day with little to no rain expected. All I did basically was just watch a marathon of Spongebob Squarepants on the main Nickelodeon channel on my TV while eating cheese balls. I had nothing else better to do as I began to grow bored out of my mind. I then thought about watching retro Blue’s Clues tapes on my VCR, yet I didn’t have any tapes, only the ABC’s & 123’s tape. So I thought about heading to my local thrift store near me, Life’s Treasures.

I exited through my garage door, but a sticky note was attached onto the door. “Hey, we’re telling you that we’ve gone out to eat dinner together. I left you money to buy food or whatever you think you might need. Please don’t do any mischievous activities nor misbehave while we’re gone. Love you.

                            ~Mom & Dad

I was left confused, yet left with a pleasant feeling, as I left the house while taking my keys, starting up my car and drove off to my destination. Once I got in, I took my look at the VHS section, searching for retro movies and shows that I personally like. At first, there were movies such as ones released by Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount, etc. I kept on looking, but no other moves above my interest. As I was gonna leave, something colorful caught my eye. A video tape of a rare short movie of Blue’s Clues that i’ve never seen.

Untitled1113 20240521135110

the video tape

Upon looking, the tape was just the show’s logo plastered onto the right side cover of the tape with text beneath it that said “Blue’s Howl-Oween Mystery!”. The cover consisted of Blue looking curious while in a cartoony like forest background with fog around the place as a shadow resembling Tickety was in the background. There was also a full moon being covered by clouds in a dark night like sky background. Not to mention that it had the squiggly orange lines at the top resembling in many Blue’s Clues Nick Jr/Nickelodeon home video releases. However at the bottom right it had the Digitally Mastered THX logo with text next to it saying “MUST NOT BE VIEWED BY CHILDREN”. Confused yet excited, not caring if the tape was pre-owned or its condition, I rushed up to the counter to pay my order. The moment the clerk saw the tape, his entire face went pale and lost all emotion. He told me that if I were to watch it, I'd go through insanity and get eaten alive. I thought to myself that he was just making jokes with me, so I paid the clerk with the money I got for my birthday a while ago, and drove back home.

Once I got home I unwrapped the tape and took a good look at its contents. There was nothing in the back of the cover, except for a sticky note slapped onto the cover. “HELP ME HELP ME IT HAS TAKEN OVER MY BODY, THE PAIN IS UNBEARABLE. I BEG YOU NOT TO WATCH THE TAPE PLEASE.” I was puzzled, it was just a video tape. What could be so bad inside the tape anyway? I unveiled the cover and looked at the tape. The tape however had the labels ripped and scratch marks on it, as if the tape was old or was kept in a hot area. I also could make out a hidden message in the label at the bottom of the tape that said, “PLAY WITH ME”. I was getting concerned about the possibility that this tape might be cursed, but I just simply shrugged off the feeling and went to grab my VCR player and hook it onto my TV. And so I’d insert the tape into the player and pressed the play button as I sat my back down and got ready to watch a never before seen movie. And to my surprise, the tape actually worked, despite its heavy damage and withering. Soon that I knew, things were to get horrifically down…

Chapter 2 - The Tape’s Beginning[]

Erm what the skibidi slicer

What the disturbing image of the burnt SpongeBob image looked like

The tape began with the trailer for the Spongebob Squarepants movie, but almost immediately after the trailer ended, an image of a burnt Spongebob with half of his face melting and his skull faintly flashed onscreen. Almost immediately after this a text instantly flashed for 0.01 seconds that said, “MY PASSION, MUST DEVOUR”. Then after it played home video releases of Rugrats and The Fairly Oddparents. In each preview however the same text kept flashing, overlapping many times before the promo ended. Before the feature presentation started that same message appeared, instead of it saying “MUST DEVOUR” it was now said as, “I’LL BE COMING SOON”.

The Paramount Feature Presentation then started, but had the background pitch black, and there were claw marks on the screen, including a huge bite mark in the middle of the screen, as the Paramount logo looked like it was melting from massive heat. The usual trumpet music was replaced by an eerie whistling tune, and the voice of the announcer was demonically toned and heavily distorted. And when the “Feature Presentation” text zoomed in, a loud static noise erupted as it faded into the warning screen. But the text was in heavy mixes of jumbled words that had hidden messages on it like “EAT”, mainly overlapping the word thousands of times. Not to mention that the background was in cracks and blood soaked in it too.

It fades to black before showing a warning message; “The following THX trailer, featuring the characters of Spongebob Squarepants, and is to be made for the upcoming release of the Noroi: The Curse, is not to be seen by anyone with sensitivity issues nor the faint of the weak-hearted. The contents you will soon be seeing wil have unsettling scenes, sounds, and images that will frighten younger viewers. You have been warned.

Chapter 3 - THX/Nickelodeon Presents; Spongebob Squarepants in THX-Terror![]

The message fades out as the THX trailer begins with a shot of Bikini Bottom at nighttime. It fades to a shot of the Chum Bucket, where inside Plankton and Karen were discussing how he will secretly steal the Krabby Patty formula since no one is there at the current time. Karen disagrees that there might be someone guarding the Krusty Krab there. Plankton obviously doesn’t agree with her, and so they argue for quite some time, before something barges down the main entrance of the restaurant like a maniac. That figure who stood menacingly at the entrance was no other than Tex the Robot. However his design in the trailer was deranged and frightening. His robot body was in dark shades, with black ink oozing from the bottom of his head and on his cap, as the head of his was deeply shaded out. He displayed a malevolent grinning expression as he slowly walked towards Plankton and his robotic partner.

Tex spoke in a slow, and raspy voice, “Hello… Wouldn’t you like to play a game with me?” Plankton, scared, doesn't agree to play with the robot due to the way he looks. He asked him if he could help steal the Krusty Krab formula with him. Tex in response, morphs his right hand into a grimson, and monstrous hand, and tries to attack Plankton, but fails and instead targets through the screen of Karen and shatters her completely. Plankton screamed in horror upon seeing his wife’s inevitable demise. He runs out of the Chum Bucket but is soon met with a shadow that resembles the Nick Jr mascot, the familiar orange figure that killed Jr.

That same figure said “Wouldn’t it be great if you were… to JOIN YOUR WIFE PLANKTON?” as he transformed into the monstrous resemblance of the Kirk Odd figure from the noedolekciN Archives. Plankton yelled “OH NEPTUNE WHAT THE KELP IS THAT THING?!” as it then showed a hyper realistic, and gruesomely detailed image of a closeup shot of Kirk Odd’s face as the sounds of the distorted screams of the damned were heard. Plankton backed away from the figure as he said “You’ll NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE!!” and ran the opposite direction but was also met with Tex, still having that same demonic effect, as Plankton then made a run out of the main entrance of the Chum Bucket.

There he would meet his demise by Kirk rapidly running up to Plankton and squashing him, thus cutting the screen to black. But the trailer was just the beginning.

Untitled1114 20240507200241

aw fucking hell nah bruh what duh hell are the sponglbingl gang doin in da THX place

The black image soon faded into a shot of the THX logo seen in the Moo Can trailer. Then the screen pans down to the sea creatures, gazing upon the ginormous logo in awe. There we see Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, and Gary, who were all confused and puzzled at the same time.

“So me boy, why exactly are we here anyway?” Mr Krabs questions Spongebob.

“Well Mr Krabs I've heard that apparently three people went missing in this area, and we all might have the courage to search for them.” Spongebob explained.

“Ugh, this will indeed, be wasting my precious time, relaxing my patience away from you guys..” Squidward fused.

“Gee I hope me daughter is feeling safe back there…” Mr Krabs said.

“Spongebob, are you sure this is safe?” Sandy asks him. Spongebob would then take a couple of seconds to look around the hideout to see if he can find some mischievous bad guys that might be lurking throughout the area. But there were none to be seen (for now at least), as the hideout was dead silent. Spongebob would then reassure the others that they’ll be fine if something bad happens.

Then as they walked up towards the logo, a shadow flew by them at a quick pace as a jetpack sound was heard. The gang were confused at first but paid no attention to it. As they continued approaching, the same shadow flew by again, but more visible. Patrick began getting nervous as he thought that shadow was gonna hurt him or something. Just then the jetpack noise became louder as the robot flew over and dropped down in front of them as Patrick yelled “AHH ROBOT GET AWAY FROM ME!!”. Tex reassures them that he comes in peace and won’t hurt a single creature in this hideout.

Spongebob decided to ask Tex if he had seen the three missing people that ended up in the hideout. Tex in response said that he hasn’t seen the missing people inside his hideout since he’d entered. The red robot then takes his leave as the others said goodbye to him. He activated his jetpack and took off in the shadows, where he wouldn’t be seen for now. Spongebob and the rest decided that they all should split up and find the three missing people. Those people in question were Larry, Ms. Puff, and Pearl. So Spongebob would go with Patrick, Mr. Krabs would go with Sandy and Gary, and Squidward would go off by himself. They all searched for the missing ones, but to no luck they couldn’t seem to find them anywhere. Back with Spongebob and Patrick, they were in a surrounding void, along with Squidward, and Mr. Krabs, Sandy, and Gary.

How i look at bro when he mischievously brings up 7-25-05

what THX's mascot (Tex) looked like in the trailer

They would all come back together to the same spot where the THX logo stood. Spongebob told them all that they had no luck finding the missing people, as Gary meows in sadness. Just then a faint demonic chuckle echoed through the hideout, as Spongebob got puzzled. Patrick started getting more nervous thus becoming scared. Mr Krabs thought that laugh was Plankton, who stole the formula, but in reality, DEAD. Just then the same robot dropped down in a dark background, far away from them. The robot had a shadow on his face, as if he was going through something depressing. However he wasn’t depressed, he had something malevolent to do. He looked at the sea creatures and said in a slow, and raspy tone, “Hello… Wouldn’t a game be fun to play with you all?” Spongebob of course wouldn’t say yes, except Mr Krabs, who was interested in the “game”. Tex said that the game is about hide and go seek.


the sea creatures upon seeing Gary's death

“Ohhh, so that’s what you wanna play huh? Sounds fine to me.” Mr Krabs exclaimed. Yet Sandy realized that this game the robot was playing wasn’t. She informs him that he was actually setting up a trap to kill them. Tex then spoke a hidden message in morse code which translates as “You don’t wanna see what I can do to these poor innocent sea creatures…” They all began to back up from Tex as he manically walked up towards them. Then he would do something that frightened me so much. Tex would snatch Gary and began tearing his insides apart, and would choke him at the same time offscreen. Upon the sea creatures watching in shock and horror arose within them.

Then he would drop the corpse of Gary as Spongebob shedded tears of anger. He would run up to Tex and throw punches at him, but all Tex did was dissipate into thin air and reappear again, in his demonic state. “Don’t you see Sponge, the blood that was shed, was for the matter of purposes.” Tex said as his voice faded into a demonic effect. “Now, which unlucky sea creature shall I be dying to fry next?”

Now this is where they all begin to fight Tex, karate moves, swinging back punches, etc. But yet the robot just vanished back and forth, repeatedly doing the same move, thus to the point where he bothered Sandy with the same move. All she could do was throw karate moves back and then, yet no anvil was involved as the robot mimicked her over and over. Just then the squirrel was shoved over and fell to the ground, seemingly in pain. She tried to get up but the pain in her knees was unbearable. “What a dynamic sea creature duo.” Tex said. “Why do you call yourselves those silly names? The dynamite creature duo would work best. Nevermind, you all look dead in my eyes…” Sandy doesn’t know that what will happen next will soon succumb to her life. The same distorted figure appeared behind her, but in a darker contrast, as he let out a tentacle that went inside her helmet and took over the face of hers, ultimately killing her.

HEY!! Why would you do this monstrosity to her?!” Squidward yelled with rage.

Me about to pull a slang

Mr. Krabs before getting his soul sucked

“I CAN’T heLp IT sqUidDy!! It mUsT CoNsUme the LiviNG aNd mUSt DIE!!” Tex glitched out as he let out a loud glitchy screech before targeting Squidward as he ran for his life. Squidward paced his running before the robot caught up to him and ripped his intestines out, but the scene was quickly cut off to Spongebob, Patrick, and Mr Krabs, who heard the faint blood-curdling screams of Squidward as he was getting mauled offscreen. They thoughtfully took a moment of thought that they might've lost the ragefullied robot who had a thirst to kill, but were all wrong as a quick punch threw at Mr Krabs, sending him off screaming. “MR KRABS NO!!” Spongebob yelled. Mr Krabs was on the ground in pain, as he was about to get up the same distorted figure came up and took Mr Krabs’ soul as the poor crab screamed in terror before being sucked.

Spongebob and Patrick had no other choice but to find an alternate escape route out of this nightmare. Patrick while running suddenly stood there if nothing had happened. Spongebob was left confused but worried about him being slaughtered, he confronts him to run along and get out of the hideout and back to Bikini Bottom they go. He at this point begs Patrick to keep moving or else he’ll succumb to his wrath of death. Patrick told the worrisome sponge, “Spongebob.. run.. Run your legs back to Bikini Bottom.” Before a tentacle stabbing him in both the head and torso, leaving Patrick to plummet down and instantly dying. My heart skipped a beat as I saw this. Patrick in my opinion was one of the funniest characters in the show and he had to sacrifice himself for Spongebob and his other dead sea friends. What am I supposed to be watching?

Spongebob gasped at the sight as he saw Patrick’s corpse. Tex turned over to Spongebob menacingly, facing him before him raising his arms and opening his one only eye that resembled a human’s eye. Spongebob screamed and took off in a flash to evade the robot and escape. Meanwhile the same distorted figure followed behind Tex, shredding things that got in their way such as walls, decorations, and other objects, as they both laughed like a couple of people who lost their insanity.

Spongebob soon found a hidden door that he went through so that the criminals wouldn’t find him. At first he went through a tunnel that led him into a dark room with no light. Spongebob looked around and noticed a light switch. He flips in on, not knowing what he was about to see, will scar him for life, also making me gag. In there he saw what seemed to be like the three dead corpses of Larry, Ms. Puff, and Pearl, who were all stapled between the walls stained with blood. Spongebob widened his eyes in shock as he tried not to let out a scream of terror by covering his mouth and then falling into a fetal position after falling to his knees. Spongebob couldn’t help but let out a tear and tried not to cry, knowing that all of his friends were dead by the hands of Tex.

Suddenly the scenery transformed into the same hideout before, but darker. Spongebob got up and looked to the right, seeing the same figure from before, but more visible as it had a wicked grin on its face. He then lets out the same familiar lines from the Nick Jr Little Bear hijacking, “What is stronger than the human heart?” Spongebob backed away from the figure as the figure continued with his speech as he twitched and eventually transformed into what he was known as Kirk Odd. He immediately snatches Spongebob and runs towards the exit of the hidden room and yeeting him across the room.

Untitled1114 20240510193101

this war Dunkin his brain up

Spongebob got up slowly as he began to hear bone breaking noises that echoed from the other hallway. He slowly walked to the other hallway as unsettling music began playing in the background. Once he reached the other hallway he saw Tex, eating the dead corpses of Mr Krabs and Squidward, who were both fried and cooked. Tex turned his head towards Spongebob as the sponge screamed and ran away from what he saw. He kept running as fast as his legs could carry him, until the robot picked him up and threw him to Kirk and started head towards the main hideout where the THX logo stood. Kirk soon let go of the yellow absorbed sponge and threw him in front of the THX logo.

Untitled1114 20240510202920

ah hell naw spongubob boutta die

Followed by Tex dropping down behind him and Kirk in front. Spongebob pleaded not to die by the hands of the two menacing criminals, but the two showed no mercy to him, as Kirk got ready to suck Sponge’s soul out. Spongebob backed away in horror as this frightening moment was approaching him. It cuts to a shot of Kirk before cutting to Spongebob, who was scared to death as a rising suspense tone rose before abruptly cutting to black as the sound cut off with the only audible sounds of the agonizing screaming noise of Spongebob as he got killed offscreen.

Chapter 4 - Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy lV - Upon Death[]

As soon as I thought the trailer would soon be over, it showed a dark room with dark crystals above. Then it would reveal Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy walking towards the screen and entering into their respective hideout. However as they entered there they found corpses of Plankton and Karen inside, and the other corpses of the people in Bikini Bottom. They looked around the room to find the culprits behind this mysterious act, until they saw two dark figures in a dark hallway, those in resemblance to Man-Ray and the Dirty Bubble. They came for terror to defeat the two heroes once and for all, but failed as suddenly Man-Ray was dragged into the abyss, screaming. And Dirty Bubble was popped by a sharp red claw that looked like Kirk Odd. Then two people were faintly seen, Tex and Kirk. Tex spoke a hidden message in morse code, which was sounded in a demonic-toned pitch, confusing both Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.

“Your crime-saving days are over. But don’t you worry, we’ll be assuring you that you’re gonna be in a wonderful world, where your friends are now.” Kirk spoke before the two’s eyes glowing out and them chuckling demonically. This made Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy pose into their battle stances, ready to fight back against the enemy. However, as the two fought with the robot, the figure, Kirk, lunged at Barnacle Boy while letting out a loud inhumane scream as Barnacle Boy screamed before knocking him out, placing his two fists and ripping the torso of Barnacles’ apart. Mermaid Man retreated and ran for his dear life, or else he’ll end up dead like Barnacle Boy. He tried to get out of the main hideout but was stopped by Tex in front of him.

“You think you can run very far?” Tex asked. “You know your fate must be sealed and you can’t run away from it.” Mermaid Man backed away from Tex but bumped into Kirk as he displayed a sinister grin. They both got closer to Mermaid Man as they were about to kill him. Before they could, however, the scene cuts to a hallway with a familiar figure watching the death of Mermaid Man. The scene cuts back to the criminals staring down at the dead body of Mermaid Man, until out of nowhere, a drawn version of Spongebob, Doodlebob, came out and held up a pencil and pointed at them while threatening to erase Tex and Kirk. The two of them however just started staring at them like if they didn’t just seem to give a fuck after all. “HOY MINOY!!” Doodlebob yelled as he charged at the criminals, but was soon grabbed by Kirk and then shredded away by bits, as the pencil of his fell to the ground.

The scene suddenly pans out of what looked like to be a TV, and would then cut to Patchy the Pirate and his pet bird, who were looking shocked and frightened. “SO THIS IS HOW IT ENDS?!” Patchy yelled in fright. Tex and Kirk quickly moved their heads towards Patchy as he became scared. “So you want me to come out of this screen of yours and drag you into the world of your wildest dreams?” Tex asked. Patchy couldn’t get up from his couch as he was glued to it (not literally), he was deemed too scared to get up and get away from the TV nor turn it off. Tex suddenly got out of the television and said “Speechless? Alright then… Your time is over…” Tex then proceeded to slash the head of Patchy’s off, but was immediately cut to black as the slicing sound was heard echoing.

The trailer then reached its ending peak by fading into a dark shot of the THX logo, but there stood unpleasant changes that unsettled me. The logo stood in dark shades, as an orange splat was drenched onto the logo, and the Nickelodeon text was seen in pieces, most likely shattered upon impact. The tiny yellow plankton creatures from the United Plankton Pictures Inc. logo were seen dead and decomposed as a huge blood splatter was found beneath them, as if it were to get roadkill or something. Some of the residents of Bikini Bottom were seen brutally killed, with some being mutilated and one of their body parts dislocated and their stomachs severely open and half of them were either eaten alive or burned to a crisp. And the sky above the logo was similar to the sky seen in Bikini Bottom, you know, the flower-like shapes of the clouds.

Untitled1114 20240508170218

Tex has sum explaining to do

Not knowing what will happen next, Tex dropped down to the screen in a quick pace, scaring me as Kirk appeared behind him. Tex looked up at me and began saying something viscous that almost scarred me for life. Tex’s speech is as follows, “Do you see what happens when you think it’s funny to be so scared of my appearance? The truth hurts, but the ones you love will never be seen again. These actions of mine are an act of vengeance and misery, and yours is just begging for an end.”

And Kirk’s line is as follows, “Do you remember the time, 7/25/05? The time where your favorite sponge fell into misery. This is why you all must reconsider the terrible actions you do, thus you’ll land into a world of undeniable suffering and despair.”

Then Tex finished by saying this, “So if you think you’ve seen this by mistake, know that what you will be witnessing is much more painful that no escape is guaranteed. Good night.

At that point the deep note began to rise as Kirk suddenly launched Tex by violently throwing him into the air as he followed while both of them laughed like a group of maniacs. Once they disappeared the THX logo rose and the deep note played, except the logo was now in a deep shade of red, and the deep note was a rendered version of the original deep note with the entire Spongebob cast screaming. Then followed by “The Audience is Listening” slogan dropping down on screen, the slogan was now instead “The Audience is Drowning” in the style of the Krabby Patty font as seen in the credits. Not to mention that the text was drenched in blood and blood splatters were seen in the corners of the screen as the copyright holder of Viacom and Spongebob were seen in the bottom, and the THX website link was beneath the copyright holder and the Nick.com holder was on top of the copyright holder too.

Chapter 5 - Trailer Epilogue/VHS Opening[]

Untitled1114 20240508164157

the second split frame before showing the Paramount opening logo

The screen then fades to black. I was super appalled by the nature of this trailer. It stayed black for around 7 seconds before showing a distorted image of Tickety afar from the screen. She spoke with text at the bottom of the screen saying “And what do I owe this pleasure? A sick and twisted human being who wanted to save his favorite characters from a red robot and an inhuman figure? Well deserved.. but I’ve got more to show…” The image got closer and suddenly grew dark black eyes with white pupils and also grew its mouth wider and razor sharp teeth. It glitches out after like a second.

This is where my deepest desires for ejecting the tape, but couldn’t at the same time, and where things would go downhill.


Hey Apple! What?!

Paramount 2003 opening (1999 Style)

The 2003 Paramount logo displayed on the screen, having the style in the 1999 version, which was a weird sense this video tape was released somewhere around the year 2004. However the changes made were very disturbing in many ways. The mountain stood with drenches of blood and guts, with cracks all over and surrounding it as well and it being very unstable. The dark presence of the mountain also had bite marks and scratches all over the mountain, as it was in a dark shade with the other mountains on the verge of collapsing. The sky was a color of bloody red as a bottom gradient as the sky was dark blue above. And the clouds… had a malevolent appearance of unsettling and disturbing faces that resembled Mario ‘85, and they all seemed to be having a share of laughing expressions as they were all gray and distorted. The disturbing appearance of the logo was accompanied by a sudden distorted and reverbed music track from “Amazing Grace” with the appearance of screaming heard in the background. I was so frightened that I almost went pale and passed out.

Then the Nick Jr. Just for Me promo was shown, despite it being a 2004 release, technically it was normal for the most part. Except for the part where it showed the Nickelodeon banana logo, it switched to a different variation of the logo for a split second. The variant in question was that the banana looked rotten, it had bite marks on it as part of the banana was squished out, and the Nickelodeon was heavily distorted with it being reversed. The sky was also in a dark shade of red. And there was text in a disturbing red font saying “I AM COMING FOR YOU. YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM ME.” During the promo it was normalized, until after a while it started to change. The contrast began to get darker, the audio quality grew distorted, and nearing the end is just a bunch of scrambled distorted noises. And once the Nick Jr hippo clays appeared, the screen lagged before fading into a dark contrast image. Thus the lagging then stopped, and then the same distorted Tickety image unexpectedly appeared with a grin, a much sinister grin I must say. Sad, depressing tune was heard in the background as she began to speak in a text box that said “Well… I’ve been mercifully awaiting your arrival. Now that you're finally here, the fun can finally emerge for once. I’m super excited that I just can’t wait.”

The tint on Tickety slowly starts to become a dark red like color as her grin gets wider and unnaturally bigger. She suddenly screams, “NOW LET THE ENDLESS ENJOYMENTATION BEGIN!" as the text spammed all around the screen before bursting into static, and the promo would then end normally.

It then would display the familiar Nick Jr. Face clock bumper, but something was wrong. Face looked scared, and didn’t care about the clock on his face. He said something that wasn’t ever in a Face Time segment, “Oh, h-hi there. F-Face here… Look I-I really d-don’t know why you’re here but… look you still have time before she catches you. P-Please do, it’s your only hope for your survival out of the grasp of hers. And if you don’t, you’ll surely never be forgetting this moment for life. But well… Blue’s Clues is up next.. on Nick Jr… *insert trumpet fanfare* Please just listen to m-“ His speech gets interrupted by a howling noise as Face gets worried. “O.. Oh no… That’s her, go, run kid RUN!! There isn't much time before it happens!” He then heard a growling noise and the sounds of dashing, as Tickety offscreen ran towards him: "L-Listen.. Y-You don't have to do this, We can talk about this, No.. NONONONONOO-“ As the screen would lag out, cutting off the scene where Tickety was about to kill off Face before cutting to black. Thus the real tape began by showing the Blue’s Clues intro.

I just sat there gritting my teeth in a moment of silence. I was hoping that the contents of the tape wouldn’t get worse than before. But… man… this really did go downhill more than ever. One day I’ll regret watching this mess.

So technically only one episode played and it was Blue’s Big Costume Party, before it could play the next episode. However I checked the back of the tape’s cover, and to my surprise, it had no episode selection in the back. It left me puzzled, as I thought Nickelodeon probably left an error before releasing the tape. Nonetheless I really didn’t care after all due to the fact that I was bored. So I decided to watch the 2nd episode… but that would mark the beginning of real-time mistakes.

Chapter 6 - Episode Beginning[]

The episode’s beginning started with the intro, however when the book opened, the setting inside the book was set into a nighttime scene, with a full moon being covered with clouds aback. There were also white stars in the background as the sky was in a color shading of dark blue. The intro itself went on as normal as in a regular Blue’s Clues episode. The missing part of the intro that I noticed however was that the characters popping out of the windows which had Slippery and Tickety, had her absent for some reason. It was confusing at first but later shrugged it off thinking it was an animation error.

Anyways it then panned up to the front door where Steve would open it, revealing him and Joe inside the house with Halloween decorations decorated around the house. I then noticed the Skidoo frame was different, with it having a dark and spooky looking forest background, with a wolf plastered onto the image. Back to the episode, Steve would open the door and greets us in his usual happy tone in every episode. The scene then showed Steve walking over to the bedroom and then heading over to the bedroom drawer where Tickety would be, but strangely she wasn’t there.

However, Steve didn’t notice this error as he turned to the camera and said that he had found something very rare and special. He opens the drawer to grab out a reddish-orange dog toy and shows it to the camera. Steve claimed that it was one of Blue’s old dog toys when she used to love playing with it as a little puppy. He said that he founded it during his cleanup in the attic around this morning.

Steve would then call Blue to come out saying that he has something to show her, but she didn’t arrive to his surprise. He asked the viewer if he had seen Blue anywhere around the room, until he had found Blue behind the bed. He slowly took a look behind the bed before suddenly Blue jumped out from behind the bed and happily barked and licked Steve. Steve laughed as Blue continued licking him, before her stopping and getting off him. Steve asked her what she was doing and she responded by barking meaning that she wasn’t doing anything at the moment.

Steve then surprised Blue by showing her off the old dog toy as she barked happily before hugging Steve and saying thank you in barks. He gives the toy to Blue, who then starts playing with it in glee as Steve watches with a worthy smile on his face. Then Steve would look back to the bedroom drawer behind him, finally taking note that Tickety was missing, which in reaction left him confused. Steve and Blue both wondered where Tickety could be, themselves then hearing a certain cough from a familiar voice that was heard off-screen. Upon hearing it, both of them looked at each other, exchanging confused glances.

They noticed that the coughing sound was heard from the living room with the help of the children off-screen. So Steve and Blue walked into the living room and saw Tickety who was sitting on the Thinking Chair, but Tickety looked like she wasn’t feeling right, infact, she looked far from normal. She had pieces of hair sticking out, which confused me because clocks normally don’t have hair since their working machine objects. Her face looked like it had almost grown a muzzle and her mouth was bleeding. Personally I thought it was just a slight of ketchup or some other red food coloring, but later figuring it out, WASN’T KETCHUP NOR FOOD COLORING MIX THE SLIGHTEST.

Steve and Blue then heard Tickety’s cough again, which sounded similar to her cough from Blue’s Big Musical Movie. They walked over to the Thinking Chair where they both kneeled down to see Tickety. Upon hearing Steve calling her name, she looked up at Steve and spoke in a rather weak voice as if she’d lost her voice in Blue’s Big Musical, “Oh… H-Hi *cough* Steve..” Steve told her that she had been coughing for the past couple minutes, and both Steve and Blue wanted to know why. After what Steve said, Tickety looked at him with a serious expression and said, “Okay Steve I need you to listen to me very clearly. I want you to promise to me that you’ll NOT let anybody know about this.” Steve promised as Tickety took a deep breath and was about to spill the beans, but was interrupted by a howl outside as Tickety looked up at the window and noticed the bright full moon that fog was being cleared out of.

Both Steve and Blue were amazed at the gazing bright moon. But on the other hand, Tickety rather had the opposite experience with the moon. Steve asks Tickety if she’s ok, but all she did was shivering in fear, acknowledging what’s about to happen next. She started to grow rows of fangs, only causing her mouth to bleed out more. Blue was scared by this, as she barked in fear. Soon enough, Tickety’s voice would grow a bit deeper and raspy as she then shouted in fear that she had to go before jumping off the Thinking Chair and hopping herself away quickly. “TICKETY WAIT!” Steve shouted, but Tickety was nowhere to be seen. After that awkward moment, Steve and Blue were left confused and concerned.

Blue barked saying that what just happened was quite an unexpected strange moment. Steve stated that she’s been acting strangely for the past couple of weeks, and he doesn’t seem to know why. He then stated that she might have a secret or something. This made Blue bark again now saying that she in fact does have a hidden secret that she was hiding, which got Steve’s attention. Steve asks what was the secret, which made Blue run up and jump her paw towards the screen as her paw print was imprinted on the screen, indicating that they were gonna play Blue’s Clues to find out Tickety’s hidden secret. This made Steve get up and sang his “We Are Gonna Play Blue’s Clues” song.

Chapter 7 - Playing a little game of Blue’s Clues![]

After this Steve explained that we’re gonna play Blue’s Clues. Blue’s prints on the clues means, Blue’s Clues. Suddenly the paw print that Steve looked at replied with squeaking sounds before growing fur and eventually turns into a werewolf (or I should say “WerePrint!”), with thick and heavy fur, the colors of its paw print much darker, and shaped into a werewolf paw instead of a dog paw. Turns out the paw print indeed had a secret to tell, as Steve was shocked seeing the paw print’s real secret, was the identity of a werewolf. Steve exclaimed that the paw print was now a werewolf, which after saying that made the WerePrint do a howl. Steve said that it was like pawprint became a… werewolf! This made the wereprint grow red eyes and angrily growled at him before running off-screen, leaving Steve amused and shocked.

“Woah… well that was, definitely something…” Steve said as he turned to the camera before asking what we needed for our game. The Handy-Dandy… Notebook!

Steve went over to Sidetable Drawer to collect his notebook, who Sidetable looked distressed and worried about something. She said that she was worried about Tickety. He comforts her and tells her that she’ll be fine eventually. Then Sidetable gives Steve his notebook as he goes off to sing his Blue’s Clues theme. After this Steve asked if I could help figuring out what Tickety’s secret is, to which I marked my agreement to it. Then Steve was about to walk until he stopped for a moment to ask which way Blue went, until the offscreen kids said Blue went the right way as she popped out while barking. And so Steve walked towards that left, indicating that he was heading to the backyard.

Upon entering the backyard, he walked to the left motioning for us to follow him, but behind him was a trail of pink fur, with Blue’s pawprint on it indicating its first clue. One of the kids exclaimed that they'd found a clue, which alerted him. Behind him was a trail of pink fur with Blue’s paw imprint on it. He walked over and kneeled down to look at the fur. This prompted him to draw the fur onto his notebook. After drawing it, the fur appeared above Steve making a scratching noise. Tickety’s secret sure wouldn’t be excessive fur… right?

Meanwhile, Shovel and Pail were facing a problem together. Their sandcastle seemed like it was destroyed by someone. They didn’t know who destroyed it, yet they asked Steve for help. Blue on the other hand barked at Steve, telling him that she had found something. She points at the sandprints that were trailing out of the sandpit. The four then proceed to follow the path of sandprints until they’ve reached a split path with three ways. The left path had dog prints, the middle path had sandprints that resembled Tickety’s sandprints, and the right one had cat prints. The two thought for a moment before asking the viewers which path is Tickety’s path. The kids responded with the middle one, which prompted them to move and follow the middle path.

They kept following the path until another split path was reached. The left had Tickety’s prints, the middle one was dog prints, and the right one was squirrel prints. Steve asks the kids again for the right path, and they choose left, which were Tickety’s prints. And so they continued to follow until they’ve reached one last split, which had fox prints on the left, squirrel prints on the middle, and Tickety’s prints on the right. Shovel and Pail followed up and told Steve that this was getting aggravating for them. The viewers helped them with choosing the right path, helping the four to follow the right path and eventually reaching the end of the path, where a giant pile of dirt stood in front of them.

Suddenly, the sound of a familiar voice could be heard muffling underneath the dirt. Blue got all of this under control and began digging out all of the dirt, revealing Periwinkle underneath the dirt. Periwinkle was thankful that they'd found him, but was asked if he was the one who destroyed the sandcastle, which made him respond with a “No” answer and that he wasn’t near the castle. Instead she would respond with Tickety responsible for the destruction of the sandcastle. Steve wonders why, which prompted Periwinkle to put some thought into it, as a flashback transition showed up, similar to the one in Blue’s Big Mystery as a flashback scene began.

Chapter 8 - Flashback Intermission[]

The flashback opened with Periwinkle practicing his magic tricks. While he wasn’t noticing, Tickety came up behind him and swung him in the face with a bat, knocking him out unconscious as a little bit of blood was seen from Periwinkle. As his body laid there, Tickety dragged him by the leg with her so tight that blood started to spew out, then Tickety would drag Periwinkle offscreen.

The scene cuts to Periwinkle slowly waking up inside of a dirt hole, soon realizing that Tickety was burying him. Periwinkle grew scared and puzzled, while asking her what she was doing to him. Tickety in the flashback ignores him and continues to bury him like a dog. All he remembers was Tickety saving him for the last as her “feast”. It showed Tickety saying that she’d been saving Periwinkle for the last as her feast and makes a small, wicked grin before ending the flashback.

After hearing all this, the four were… visibly shocked, especially Pail, who was in absolute fear of knowing that Tickety had slowly become a monster. Before Blue and Steve could head on back, the sounds of glass being broken and loud screaming could be heard. Blue immediately got scared and hid behind Steve, shivering and barking at the same time. Periwinkle on the other hand couldn’t deal with the current situation and ran back to his home. Pail and Shovel went back to rebuild their sandcastle, while Steve and Blue went back to the house.

Chapter 9 - Clockwised Rampage![]

The two stormed into the house and went for the bedroom, where the sounds were getting louder, with the accompanying sounds of furniture being thrown. They went inside the room, asking if Tickety was okay, but were interrupted and shocked seeing the wild behavior of Tickety’s overreaction. She was (literally) hoping madly around the entire room and banging the floor with her hands.

“Woah there Tickety, what’s going on?” Steve asked.


Now that had me shocked right there, even though she didn’t try to swear on a fucking kids show. Blue was surely shocked as much as I am, she gasped and covered her mouth.

“Tickety, language!” Steve shouted.

“HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW I’M NOT NEEDING TO BE SWEARING WHEN I'M DEALING WITH A DAMN SEIZURE!!” Tickety yelled as she continued screaming while slamming her fists onto the ground.

“Tickety, just calm down!” Steve asked while Blue went to get a blanket and cover her with it so she could calm down.

“I’m not really sure if I really WANT to calm down…” Tickety responded.