I don't commonly find things on the internet that make me want to throw the monitor out the window, but this is one.

My friend Jake emailed me. I will copy and paste his message.

"Hey Logan I found a website that I thought you might like. It's got a ton of deleted scenes from kids shows. Man, some of them are funny as hell!"

I clicked the link. The website was a colorful page with a list of links to video downloads. I scrolled down a bit and found a link for a video called "Spongebob Squarepants Sunday deleted clips."

I clicked the download link. It finished downloading in ten minutes. I opened the file.

The episode starts with Spongebob trying to find ingredients to make his sundae but when he was about to eat it, it cut to static for 50 seconds and then cuts to the scene were he sees the marching band. One of the marching band members is seen with a rope in a loop. Another member is seen with a lighter and a jug of gasoline. It when on like it usually did but after the part when his stinky breath crashes into the marching band, all of them explode as there blood and guts went flying everywhere. They weren't cartoon blood and guts, they were totally hyper realistic ones. It cut to Spongebob and Patrick in the movie theater. Spongebob does the gag where he turns to the fish next to him and asks if his horrible ugliness bothers him. The fish pulls out a gun and shouts, "I can't take it anymore," and runs away causing him to drop the gun and leaving it behind. Soon Patrick and Spongebob are the only people in the theater.

Patrick notices the gun on the floor. He picks up the gun and says, "This is for your own good, Spongebob." in a demonic voice.

SpongeBob then yells in terror "No Patrick, please! I'm your best friend!" Patrick then replies "That's enough!" He then shoots SpongeBob with the gun which causes him to bleed hyper realistic blood and he dies instantly. Patrick's laughter can be heard as the episode fades to black.

I emailed my friend and told him what I saw. He didn't believe me and joked about me being a sicko. I wonder who had made this clip and why. I went back to the website and entered the live chat. I asked about the episode I had seen. A number of people said they had seen the same video. At least I'm not the only one who has those images burned into my memory.

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