Vandalism is the conspicuous defacement or destruction of an unprotected article. On this wiki, it will not be tolerated and will be met with swift – and severe – action. On this wiki, Vandalism is considered doing the following, including but not limited to:


  • Adding unconstructive words/pictures/objects to an article.
  • Blanking content from an article.
  • Replacing a story/article with your own.
  • Spamming an article.
  • Replacing content in an article without author permission.
  • Replacing content in an article with something that violates Wikia’s Terms of Use.

Note: Making edits to correct awkward phrasing, spelling, grammar, etc. IS NOT vandalism. Quite the opposite; it is helpful. Vandalism is destructive editing.

Heavily Vandalized Pages

  • After a page has been vandalized a minimum of five (5) times, it is to be protected for a temporary time of two (2) weeks.
  • If the vandalism continues, the page may be permanently protected.

User/Talk Pages

User Pages

  • If you are not that user, you cannot edit their page without permission or they have broken a form of rule (example; posting NSFW content, a story, etc.) Then you may remove it.
  • The same general rules on articles are also applied.

Talk Pages

  • If you are not that user, you cannot remove the content/change the content of their talk page without permission or that someone had broken a form of rule (example; posting NSFW content, a story, ect.) or that you are messaging/removing your message that you have left for the user
  • The same general rules on articles are also applied.


  • Removing replies that are legitimate to the post is considered vandalous as it disrupts the flow of the discussion.
  • Removing in-session forum threads is considered vandalous as well.
  • Altering a quote box in your own reply is not only vandalous, it’s stupid. The original reply will still be there. Correcting things like spelling is excusable, but changing the wording to take the quote from context is not.

Administrative Response

As stated, this is considered a very severe offense. If you vandalize, you will be blocked for:

  • 2 weeks, first offense.
  • 1 month, second offense.
  • 2 months, third offense.
  • 6 months, fourth offense.
  • Since it’s obvious you won’t learn anything, indefinitely on the fifth offense.

Note that the times are dynamic and can depend strongly on the severity of the vandalism. These are only the general block lines for a medium case of vandalism.

Note: Vandalism on User/forums is a broad range for block guidelines. A user who blanks because they said something silly hardly deserves the same punishment as someone who replaces the entirety of someone else’s user page with the word “poop”. For this reason, the administrator should fully investigate the situation in the event of extremely minor vandalism and distribute the punishment they deem appropriate.

Nevertheless, User page/forum vandalism should be considered “less significant” than that of an article’s. Minimum punishments can be a simple warning to keep things civil. On the other hand, users can be blocked as per the guidelines. Example, the user replacing the user page with “poop” can be blocked for two weeks.

If the author blanks his or her own article with only the "Delete Now" category, they will be warned on their talk page to not do it again. If they do it again, however, the administrative response will occur.

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