Spinpasta Wiki

Pointsgaming is the act of making useless edits on pages only for badges and/or score. In this wiki, it is considered a serious offence and transgressors will be punished accordingly. Make sure to report any pointsgaming to an administrator.

Examples of Pointsgaming

  • Adding categories unrelated to the article;
  • Adding categories not listed on the Category Listing;
    • Always check the categories page above before adding a category.
    • If you feel a category should be added, put it in the Category Appeal.
  • Adding galleries where they do not belong;
    • Only add images related to the article.
  • Editing, saving the page, and editing again.
    • Edit everything there is to edit, then save the page.
  • Recreating an unfinished page
    • You will get banned for recreating a page anyways. Don't do it with an unfinished page.


  • 1 day ban for the following:
    • Adding one category not related to article, adding one non-existant category.
  • 1 week ban for the following:
    • Multiple editing on pages, adding a picture where it doesn't belong.
  • 1 month ban for the following:
    • Blatant pointsgaming, such as adding multiple unrelated categories to a page, adding multiple pictures that have nothing to do with the article.

Note that ban time will increase with multiple offences, and all ban times are at admin discretion.