Spinpasta Wiki

On this wiki, blogs and discussions can be used interchangeably. Any rule that applies to a blog also applies to a discussion.

Blogs are not...

  1. Blogs are not articles.
    • If you post entire spin-offs or stories on the blog, you are acknowledging that, at any point, someone can just move it to an actual article.
    • Do not categorize a blog post. The only category on a blog post should be "Blog Posts."
  2. Blogs are not there for pointsgaming.
    • Do not post just one word for a free badge.
    • If you create a spam blog, simply for pointsgaming purposes, it might be deleted.

Blogs are...

  1. Blogs are a way to ask about things in the community, such as opinions on stories, how someone feels on an on-site/off-site issue, etc.
  2. Blogs are a way to introduce yourself. Tell us about yourself!
  3. Blogs are a way to share experiences! Because sharing is obviously caring...
  4. Blogs are a way for admins to post rule notifications, reminders, and other things.