Blogs are not

  1. Blogs are not articles.
    • DO NOT categorize a blog post. The only category on a blog post should be "Blog Posts."
    • Do not post entire spin-offs or stories on the blog.
  2. Blogs are not there for Pointsgaming
    • Do not post just one word for a free badge.
    • If you create a spam blog, simply for Pointsgaming purposes, you will be banned for a week and your blog post deleted.
  3. Do not post simple sentences on Blog Posts. They will be considered spam and treated as such.

Blogs ARE

  1. A way to ask about things in the community, such as opinions on stories, how someone feels on an on-site/off-site issue, etc.
  2. A way to introduce yourself. Tell us about yourself! This should be longer than three sentences or you will be blocked from editing for three days and your blog post deleted. Don't try and get around with pointless sentences either - the admins aren't incompetent. It will be considered Spam and treated as such with the same penalties.
  3. Sharing experiences! Because sharing is obviously caring... (Again, LONGER THAN THREE SENTENCES.)
  4. Posting of rule notifications, reminders, etc by admins.


  1. DON'T YOU DARE COMMENT ON A BLOG FOR THE SAKE OF COMMENTING ON A BLOG!!! Three day block from editing if you happen to do so.
  2. Don't comment on a blog to earn a badge. Doing so is a block for three days.
  3. DON'T COMMENT ON AN ANCIENT BLOG POST THAT HASN'T HAD A POST IN TWO MONTHS. It isn't necessary and it's actually blatent pointsgaming that is downright idiotic. Do I really need to say what the block is?
  4. If you see a spam blog post, report it to an admin on chat. Don't state it in the comments. It engorges your edit count and can/will be considered Pointsgaming.
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