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Should your pasta get deleted for some reason you feel is unjust, you can appeal it here.

We will review your post and consider an appeal, but there are guidlines that must be followed:

  • You must create a new section headline. Use the font drop down box or surround your headline with two ='s on each side.
  • Like this == SECTION HEADLINE ==
  • You must leave the name of your Pasta in your message or section headline.
  • You must leave your signature. Treat this as though it were a talk page.
  • Do not try to appeal via the comments section. Appeals here will be deleted.
  • Do not use the discussion board for an appeal either. It will have the same consequence.

Most commonly, a pasta will be deleted due to abysmal formatting, being a trollpasta, etc. In that case, only appeal for a fixed version of the story. If an admin deletes your page because they felt like it, that would a compelling reason. Don't appeal because "My trollpasta got deleted!" It will be denied.

And please remember to add the title to your appeal, add (unreviewed) next to the title and to sign your requests with four tildes (~~~~).

Appeal for sirhorror.avi[]

PLEASE GIVE ME A REASON FOR THIS REMOVING PLS THANKS! i dont how to add a signiture - Bayonet

I originally deleted this because it wasn't consistent with reality. Now that I looked it over, it's also highly unnerving and could be offensive or threatening to SirHorror. However, that's not a strict reason for deletion, so unless you want the story deleted, it will stay here on the site.
At some point prior to this, I decided to delete it anyways because I realized I didn't have to keep up stories like that. Basically, the story was deleted because it felt like a personal threat against this specific person. So I guess that it was kind of me putting my foot down again and bull-headedly deleting a story because I thought it was too offensive (but I still think I'm right, just like I did the first time, even though I buckled under the slightest bit of pressure).Squidmanescape (talk) 22:00, 6 April 2024 (UTC)