Welcome to the Spinpasta Collaborative Writing Project!

The theme is: Criminals are placed in a state of permanent sleep, effectively removing them from society without the death penalty, probably making laws more strict as more people are sentenced.

Here are the rules:

  • Admins are allowed to edit your section from grammar, plot consistency, and the like. They are also free to remove it if it doesn't follow the plot.
  • You must wait for two users to post their section before posting another section.
  • You are only allowed to post one section at a time. Do not post two sections, or one of your sections will be removed by the admin team.
  • All posts must follow the theme/plot.
  • Do not remove other people's section. If you have an edit conflict, post your section underneath the section that was posted before yours. If you do, it'll end up with you getting a two week block from editing.
  • Do not vandalize the page. It is a community project, and we like it if you're not one of those idiots that decide it's "funny" to blank other peoples' hard work. If you do, you will get a two week block from editing.

The site rules apply for this page, as well as your posts. But keep in mind that this is supposed to be for fun! People like fun... right? This'll be up until December 21st, 2014. It'll give people on this wiki a lot of time to post their section, and it'll give a lot of time for the wiki to notice this page. Have fun people!

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