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This is the Category Listing! When adding a page, add the categories that apply. If a category which is not on this list is put on a page, the category may be removed. If you want to make a new category, go to Category Appeal and number all of the stories which can be put into that category. If there are 10 or more, show this to a member of staff, and they will add the category to this page.

About Restricted Categories

Only specific people can add to restricted categories.

If you want to have an author category, please contact the staff and show that you have written 10 or more stories.


  • Minecraft pastas do not need the Computers/Internet or Video Games categories.
  • Mario, Pokémon, Zelda and Sonic pastas do not need the Video Games category.
  • BEN Drowned pastas do not go in the Zelda category or the Video Games category.
  • File Extensions pastas do not need the Computers/Internet category.
  • MLP, Spongebob Squarepants, and Thomas And Friends pastas do not need the Television category.
  • Red Mist/Squidward's Suicide pastas do not need the Spongebob Squarepants category or the Television category.
  • Jeff the Killer pastas do not need the Mental Illness category.
  • Holders pastas do not need the Beings, Items/Objects, or Places category.
  • THX Tex pastas do not need the Lost Episodes category.
  • DVD Boxset stories do not need the DVD category.


  • Animals: Pastas dealing with animals.
  • Beings: Things that aren't quite human...
  • Cautionary Tales: Mess around and find out!
  • Computers/Internet: The Internet can be a deadly place...
  • Diary/Journal: Just started a journal. Surely nothing bad will happen.
  • Disappearances: People going *poof*.
  • Dreams/Sleep: Nightmares and dreamscapes and various unsettling things that go bump in your sleep.
  • DVD: Dark secrets hide in those shiny rainbows...
    • DVD Boxset: The complete collection of your nightmares!
  • History: The ghosts of the past can still haunt us today.
  • Holders: No one knows how many there are, or what happens when you bring them all together.
  • Humor Articles: For stories which are meant to be funny. Add via {{Humor Article}} template.
  • Items/Objects: Odd objects and disturbing artifacts.
  • Lost Episodes: Shows involving content that the creator probably never would have allowed.
    • THX Tex: Stories about Lost THX Tex trailers or containing THX Tex.
  • Mental Illness: Insane individuals and people who may not be all there.
    • Jeff the Killer: GO TO SLEEP. (This also includes Jane the Killer articles)
  • Military: Is anything more terrible than war?
  • NSFW: Pastas with a high amount of sexual content. Add via {{NSFW}} template.
  • Places: Those odd landmarks where strange things happen...
  • Poetry: Rhymes and limericks from the dark side go here.
  • Profiles: Telling you who is who.
  • Reality: Spinpastas made to destroy the reality you once had.
  • Science: Science is just a tool. It can be used for good or evil.
  • Slenderman: Pastas involving the Slender Man.
  • Television: Spooky TV shows and odd occurrences on TV (includes movies).
  • Theories: The deadly truth of the most innocent things... theoretically.
  • Torture: Sometimes death isn't as easy as one, two, three...
  • VHS: Be kind, don't rewind!
  • Video Games: All your spooky gaming needs are here! More realistic than life!
    • Mario: Your princess is in another graveyard...
    • Minecraft: Notch's brother welcomes you.
    • Pokémon: GHOST used CURSE!
    • Sonic: The fastest hedgehog around can't escape his fate.
    • Zelda: The Triforce of Power now lies in the hands of Hyrule's greatest evil.

Site Maintenance Categories

  • Delete Now: For non-admin users to bring to an admin's attention for deletion. Add via {{Delete}} template. NOTE: This category is a standalone category.
  • Marked for Review: Pages that might need a once over. Add via {{M4R}} template. NOTE: This category is a standalone category.
  • Profiles: Pages which are not stories, but explain other stories or characters within them.
  • Under Construction: For stories which are unfinished. (These also have to be a subpage of Spinpasta Wiki:Drafts until they are finished.)
  • Videos: Pages with videos.


Staff and Person:

RCaDC and above:

  • Organization: About the wiki's categories, administration, maintenance, and outbound links.
  • Site Rules: Site rules.

Admin and above:

  • Suggested Reading: Stories that are markedly above the rest in at least one admin's view.
  • PotM: All Pasta of the Month Winners go here.
  • Weird: For pastas that just can't be described any other way. (Yes, this category is Admin-only.)