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This is the Category Listing! When adding a page, add the categories that apply. Only the categories on this list may be added to pages.


  • Minecraft pastas do not need the Computers/Internet or Video Games categories.
  • Mario, Pokémon, Zelda and Sonic pastas do not need the Video Games category.
  • BEN Drowned pastas do not go in the Zelda category or the Video Games category.
  • File Extensions pastas do not need the Computers/Internet category.
  • MLP, Spongebob Squarepants, and Thomas And Friends pastas do not need the Television category.
  • Red Mist/Squidward's Suicide pastas do not need the Spongebob Squarepants category or the Television category.
  • Jeff the Killer pastas do not need the Mental Illness category.
  • Holders pastas do not need the Beings, Items/Objects, or Places category.
  • THX Tex pastas do not need the Lost Episodes category.


  • Animals: Pastas dealing with animals.
  • Beings: Things that aren't quite human...
  • Computers/Internet: The Internet can be a deadly place...
  • Diary/Journal: Just started a journal. Surely nothing bad will happen.
  • Disappearances: People going *poof*.
  • Dreams/Sleep: Nightmares and dreamscapes and various unsettling things that go bump in your sleep.
  • History: The ghosts of the past can still haunt us today.
  • Holders: No one knows how many there are, or what happens when you bring them all together.
  • Humor Articles: For stories which are meant to be funny. Add via {{Humor Article}} template.
  • Items/Objects: Odd objects and disturbing artifacts.
  • Lost Episodes: Shows involving content that the creator probably never would have allowed.
      • THX Tex: Pastas about Lost THX Tex trailers or containing THX Tex.
  • Mental Illness: Insane individuals and people who may not be all there.
    • Jeff the Killer: GO TO SLEEP. (This also includes Jane the Killer articles)
  • NSFW: Pastas with a high amount of sexual content. Add via {{NSFW}} template.
  • Places: Those odd landmarks where strange things happen...
  • Poetry: Rhymes and limericks from the dark side go here.
  • Reality: Spinpastas made to destroy the reality you once had.
  • Science: Science is just a tool. It can be used for good or evil.
  • Slenderman: Pastas involving the Slender Man.
  • Television: Spooky TV shows and odd occurrences on TV (includes movies).
  • Theories: The deadly truth of the most innocent things... theoretically.
  • Torture: Sometimes death isn't as easy as one, two, three...
  • Video Games: All your spooky gaming needs are here! More realistic than life!
    • Mario: Your princess is in another graveyard...
    • Minecraft: Notch's brother welcomes you.
    • Pokémon: GHOST used CURSE!
    • Sonic: The fastest hedgehog around can't escape his fate.
    • Zelda: The Triforce of Power now lies in the hands of Hyrule's greatest evil.

Site Maintenance Categories

  • Delete Now: For non-admin users to bring to an admin's attention for deletion. Add via {{Delete}} template. NOTE: This category is a standalone category.
  • Marked for Review: Pages that might need a once over. Add via {{M4R}} template. NOTE: This category is a standalone category.
  • Profiles: Pages which are not stories, but explain other stories or characters within them.
  • Videos: Pages with videos.


RCaDC and above:

  • Organization: About the wiki's categories, administration, maintenance, and outbound links.
  • Site Rules: Site rules.

Admin and above:

  • Suggested Reading: Stories that are markedly above the rest in at least one admin's view.
  • PotM: All Pasta of the Month Winners go here.
  • Weird: For pastas that just can't be described any other way.