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Welcome to the Spinpasta Wiki's category appeal! You may ask for new categories here, and they may be added to the Category Listing if you prove 10 or more stories apply to them.


  • Parts of a series only count as one story. For example, a ten-part story about "Toothless Dave" does not necessitate a Toothless Dave category. Ten unrelated stories about "Toothless Dave" would be a perfect reason to make such a category.
  • Categories can apply to multiple somewhat-related characters, like the Jeff the Killer category, which also includes stories about Jane the Killer.
  • If you make a category appeal, you don't need to add all ten stories at once. You can also add stories to other people's appeals, unlike Deletion Appeal or Humor Appeal.

Example Appeal[]

  • Category you want to appeal - description of category
    • Story#1
    • Story#2
    • Story#3
    • Story#4
    • Story#5
    • Story#6
    • Story#7
    • Story#8
    • Story#9
    • Story#10

Possible Categories[]

  • Not Creepy: These stories are not scary, and will be a reward to watch!