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These are the blacklisted subjects for the Spinpasta Wiki. They've been banned because they're over-cliched, over-done, or all of the stories are the same.

Banned Spin-offs:

  • "THX Tex", "Evil Characters", "Killing Spree", "Final Hours", "Meteor", "Demon Time", "Characters Sue McDonald's", "Character The Eraser", "Character's Rampage", "Character's Vengeance", "Character Gets Rabies", "Werewolf", "Night of the Were-[character]", "[character] The Color Stealing [type of character]", "[character]'s Virus", "[character]'s visit", "(character) the blood beast", and "vampire" stories are now blacklisted. Any new stories written in these formats will either be deleted or moved to another wiki.

If you wish to appeal a story that may contain blacklisted subjects, please go to the blacklist appeal.


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