Here is a system in which you can get your OC Original Content (OC) spinoffs, prequels, sequels, and stories on the forbidden subjects added to this wiki. Here's how it works:

Post your story offsite, and add a link to it below, along with a brief description. We admins will review your story to determine if it's good enough to be added to the wiki. If it is determined that your story is good, we will add the story ourselves, and add credit to you in the footer section. We will also add your story under User Submissions under your username. If the request is fulfilled, your post will be deleted.

Here are some places you can upload your story for it to be judged: Pastebin, Jeff the Killer wiki, Sonic Creepypasta wiki, SCP Wikia, MLPPasta-Wiki, Pokepasta Wiki, or the SCP wiki. You can also post them from Deviantart.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Your story must be original content (OC).
  • Your story must meet the Quality Standards in order for it to be accepted.
  • Try to use as as few Clichés as possible.
  • Stories (this includes stories written the format of a diary or journal) must be complete. No "COMING SOON!" pages or half-finished pages.
  • You can add multiple stories in your request, but you have to put a description for each one.
  • If you don't want to give away any "twist" you added to the plot, just mention in the blurb that there's a twist that we should find out for ourselves.
  • Don't use this page to troll.
  • Don't get too upset if your request is denied!

Admins: If you reject a request, give an explanation why (bad spelling, bad grammar, too many clichés, too generic, poorly-written, etc.)

And please remember to add the title to your appeal, add {{unrev}} next to the title and to sign your requests with four tildes (~~~~).

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