Sonic CD 666

I know that this isn't normal, but.. I'm scared of this game. It wasn't even the horror scary, I mean like... The messed up kind of scary. This is my story of Sonic CD...

I saw great reviews for Sonic CD, and I was looking for a place to start in Sonic. So I looked through some websites, and I found a copy of CD that looked like it would work. It took about two hours to download, but I had plenty of time to spend anyway, so it didn't really matter. I soon got home and started to play, and I found that the animation seemed to be... off.

The animation seemed to be in G-major for some reason. All of it, the animation, the music, everything... But the title screen seemed to be normal. It wasn't until I got to Palmtree Panic, when something else was off. The music that plays when Sonic jumps off the stage, when you don't touch the controller, was playing.

That was the only weird thing in Act One, it was Act Two when things got weirder. Sprites would flicker, and the music was again, in G-major. Finely I got to the last zone, almost ready to quit. But, to my surprise, nothing. I fought the boss with little difficulty, and still nothing.

Then the game froze once I got to the next stage. Sonic then looked at the screen, towards me, and jumped off the screen. A loud scream played that made me jump a bit, and it slowly turned into a moan. Then the camera panned down, to reveal: Sonic, Amy, and Dr. Robotnik dead on spikes. I was disturbed and turned off the game.

Shortly after, I wen't to see if the game had stop acting weird. And I was right, everything was back to normal. I soon got back to playing for some time when... all of a sudden. The screen cut to black, and I was greeted with a message.

"Why are you still playing?"

The text was compressed and pixelated. I had so many questions. Why? Why was it telling me to stop? That question just repeated.

"Do you know what happens, do you know what happens when they die? Oh no, you don't. Well, you see every video game character is in a world. That's what you see and what they see, at first. But, when they die..."

"They go into a... How should I put it? New World, but they call them Dead Files."

It then showed me... probably millions of dead Sonic corpses. I was shocked and then one more message popped up... it said: And yes, it's not just you. Then the game crashed.

I was left with fear and confusion. What I think it saying was: every game has two worlds. And when ever anyone dies in a video game, they go into that world... only to be replaced with another copy of themselves, and the ones that died are trapped in that world to suffer forever. I don't want to be leave it, but it could be true.

Written by: The MB Guy.

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