Author's note: My name is Mark, and I will like to share with you my journal entries about Slender Man.

Day 1: June/12/2011

Today I had a very strange day. It all started in the morning when I decided to take a bath. It was nice and relaxing. No one was awake yet so I had some peace and quiet. Until I heard light fingernail tapping at the bathroom window (the window is high up, so nobody would be able to look in). I got out and peeked out the window. I saw what looked like a branch tapping the window, but it was moving in a somewhat erratic way. I just figured it was a squirrel messing around with it.

~Mark Lasky

Day 2: June/13/2011

Today was a great day since it was my birthday! Again, I woke up earlier than anyone else. I went on the couch and dozed off for about 15 minutes. When I woke up, I heard a strange tapping again. I looked out the living room window and saw something that looked like a man behind the tree. I couldn't really make him out since he was standing behind a tree.

I woke my dad up and said there was someone wearing a black suit outside. He got up, put his shoes on and went outside to look around. Dad came back in about a minute later and said, "He must be gone."

~Mark Lasky

Day 3: June/17/2011

I was still paranoid by that man I saw outside. Was he the one tapping on my window on June 12th? Since it was nice out I decided to go outside and get some fresh air. When I saw that man again. He was standing with his back facing me. I hesitantly said, "H-hello?" The man didn't answer.

I went back inside in slight fear. Was this man stalking me? I pondered that question for the rest of the day.

~Mark Lasky

Day 4: June/20/2011

Today started a brand new day compared to the last three. The sun was big and bright in the mid-morning sky. My friend called and asked me if I wanted to come over. I asked my mother. She said yes. So, I told him I was coming and hung up. When I got my sandals on to go to the car, I felt like I was being watched. I looked behind me to find that man yet again! This time he was wearing a generic blank Halloween mask, the one that is completely white with the shape of a nose, mouth and holes for eyes. The man was bald and wore sunglasses. When my mom came out, she asked the man to leave. And so he did.

~Mark Lasky

Day 5: July/6/2011

Today started out great! My parents decided my sister and I could go to the circus! After we got home, I decided to go take a nap. I went up at around 3:00 PM and woke up to a strange sound at 1:43 AM. I was somewhat upset I missed out on the rest of the day. But as I went downstairs I saw that man in my house!

I woke up my parents and told them what happened. My dad went downstairs and shooed him away. After he left, I was to scared to go back to bed so I just hung out downstairs for the rest of the night.

~Mark Lasky

Day 6: July/14/2011


I was about to lose my sanity over seeing that man. Of course that was just the beginning. I went outside to take the garbage out and saw that man hiding behind the tree. I looked at him, he looked at me, my sanity dropped. The man had NO face. No eyes, no mouth, no nose, no ears! Instead, he had indentations where his eyes, nose, and mouth would have been.

I went inside and told my dad to call the cops. When the cops arrived, I described the man. The cops thought I was pulling some sort of prank since it is impossible for someone to live without a face.

~Mark Lasky

Day 7: July/15/2011

Just one day after that horrifying image that is burned into my mind. I hoped this was the last time I would see that man, but I only saw him more. I went to my uncle's and went for a walk in the woods... the woods. We came to a stop with a small body of water. My sister, my three cousins, and I went in it for a few minutes. When my uncle called us out, we all continued our long walk.

I was having fun until I saw a thin, black figure walking in the distance. I halted for two minutes. By then everyone else was far ahead of me. I took out a small video camera I had with me to record evidence of this strange man. I lost sight of him but I found a rock resting at my heel with a note tied to it.

I read the note and it said, appearing to be written by a three year old, "No eyes, always watching." I was very scared at the moment. When I looked up I saw the man standing only a few feet away from me! When I aimed the camera to him, he would cause the screen to go staticky. I ran until I caught up with everyone. My uncle asked where I was and I said we HAVE to go back. I explained to him what happened. So, we all ran back, got in the car and left.

~Mark Lasky

Day 8: July/16/2011

I totally lost my sanity today. I was all shaky and hyper. My mom had called the cops over and said they have video proof. When the cops got here, I tried showing them the video, but it would always come out in motionless static. The cops then agreed this was real when they saw me paranoid. They then told me and my mom to meet them at the interrogation room.


When we got there, I explained the whole thing. After that, three cops were sent out to the same woods I was in. We waited several hours and got a call that two of the cops died and one was severely injured. I did not know what to do at this point.

~Mark Lasky

This ends my journal entries for Slenderman.

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