I love YouTube. It has some funny videos and also has just plain old stupid videos but it also has a weird side. One day I was browsing YouTube looking for any videos to watch and I found a video called "Simpson Homer". I thought it was one of those videos with Simpson clips in it so I clicked on it.

The video started with a picture of Homer staring at the screen. The background was gray and Homer's eyes had no pupils and he was frowning. Then the audio started. The audio was a sound of somebody laughing, but reversed. Then homer said without opening his mouth, "Hello Hello hello hello hello." I started to get confused. I moved my mouse to pause the video, but then a high pitch sound came out of my speakers. I covered my ears and it cut to the Simpsons' house. The house looked abandoned and had scratch marks everywhere.

It then showed Bart who was outside of the house. He looked like he was annoyed, then text appeared that said "you are a mistake." Then it cut to something I will never forget. It showed Homer who had his arms chopped off, his legs were also chopped off, and he was screaming. Then a deep scratchy voice said "He died because you clicked on the video." Then the person who was laughing at Homer showed up, and looked like a normal live-action man inserted in the video. He said in a deep voice "I was the one who killed him."

Then it showed Lisa who was walking on the sidewalk. She had a blank look. Then she stopped at the house and went inside. Then the video cut to black and played the sound of Bart laughing and Lisa screaming. It then cut to Bart moving towards the screen and when he was close to the screen, he said in the deep scratchy voice, "Anyone who watched this video will know what I did."

Then the video ended and I thought to myself, "What was that?!" I noticed it was close to 10 PM and went to bed. The next morning, I got up and logged onto my computer. I went onto YouTube and I saw a video called BART_SIMPSON in my recommend section. I clicked on it. It started with Bart walking towards Krusty Land. He went towards Krusty the clown, who said, "Hey kiddo!" Bart then walked towards him and it cut to black and Bart said "Goodbye stupid clown!" The video ended and as I shut off my computer, I heard a  deep voice behind me  say "Hello."

It was the man from the video. He asked me, "Do you know what I did?" and I said "No." He looked sad, and stared at me for five minutes. Maybe he was trying to figure out if I was lying, but I wasn't. In the end, he sighed, walked out of my line of sight, and disappeared. I don't know what that was about, but I've never seen either of those videos or that man again.

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