Chapter 1: Unknown Intentions

Fifteen year-old Milo Asher sat on the doctor's bed, explaining everything he could to Dr. James Corenthal. Dr. Corenthal was listening intently, his head cocked at an angle. "So you're saying that he's been stalking you since you were a little boy?" said James.

"Yes. I feel his presence everywhere I go, every time I dream. It's like he's always trying to tell me something."

"And you're also saying that eventually, this virus will spread to your brother?"

"Yes..." Milo reluctantly replied. "And he will probably have it much worse than me. I just hope that he will never commit suicide. I probably will." He sighed. "Can I tell you something?" Milo asked, barely above a whisper.

"Go ahead, Milo. I take every case seriously, and yours is certainly no exception."

"WHY must you classify it like THAT?!," Milo moaned in schizophrenic agony. "It's NOT a case, it's a plague! A plague that I have to live with until the day I die!" At this point, Milo could not contain it any longer. He lost it, and burst into hurtful tears.

"Milo, calm down. I classify it that way because there's other people like you that I know that have gone through the exact same thing that you have."

Immediately, Milo's pulse and heartbeat stopped COLD. He looked up shakily, and said, "There's other people like me? Other people... just like me?"

"Absolutely," James replied calmly and firmly with a warm smile.

"But...but...why haven't you told me this before?! Why haven't you taken me to meet them??" Milo said, frighteningly close to blacking out from terrific fear.

"Because it's what's best." James said. "Now get some sleep Milo, you've been up for almost 22 hours." James left as Milo broke out into crying again.

"Well," James said to the nurse and anesthesiologist, "That was...unexpected." And James left, without saying anything more.

Little did anybody know, Milo only had 16 years left before he would be killed and taken. Taken by the Collective.

Chapter 2: Milo's Time Runs from Positive to Negative

2008. Milo was getting ready for a plane trip from Alabama to Florida. He was going to visit his brother, Noah Maxwell. But he was still aware that doing such an action may render him considerably more vulnerable to the Operator's attacks. "No," he told himself. He had to keep in touch with Noah to make sure he was okay. Nothing should separate him with his brother. 

The plane trip took only four hours. Upon reaching his brother's doorstep, he sensed The Operator's presence there, but shook it off, as he didn't think the Slender Man would be here so quickly. He rang the doorbell and waited. The door opened, and there stood his brother. Noah let him in, welcoming him, and Milo greeted him with a simple set of phrases. But he was still uneasy. After all, he DID still feel that presence. He noticed Noah had a new Sony camcorder, and hoped that no ringing would come from it. But he was wrong.

Later that night, he was peering out of the bedroom window and something caught his eye. Upon seeing a running figure, Milo's heart raced to unproportionate lengths. Then he heard a voice behind him.

"Milo, what are you doing with my camera?"

It was Noah.

"...Nothing," Milo said uncomfortably. Noah and Milo both went to bed that night, but Milo just couldn't shake that feeling off, and at last he could ignore it no longer. He went outside with his brother's camcorder in case anything happened.

Milo looked around in the streetlamp-lit area, but could find nothing. Then, quite suddenly, a HUGE amount of static started bursting from the camera. Realizing exactly what the fuck was going on, Milo looked around, frantically in fear. His camera's view came to rest on the Slender Man flaying his tentacles, scaring the literal shit out of him, and Milo attempted to flee. He succeeded, but that wasn't the only encounter with The Operator.

Over the next few days, Slender Man appeared multiple times, unnerving and scaring Milo at completely random. At last he could take it no longer. He had to leave after 3 days. Noah was truly scared for his brother, and gave Milo his best wishes. Four Hours later, and Milo was back at his home in the South Chapter. Then...nothing happened for a while. No visits from Slendy, and no random or sporadic intervals in Milo's behavior.

However, this did no good to comfort Milo. In fact, it just scared him more. He knew that usually when nothing happens, something BIG was about to happen. But nothing did. Milo eventually started contemplating whether he should continue going with his life. Eventually, Milo decided that he had had enough. He committed suicide by overdosing on his meds.

Upon hearing this, Firebrand was depressed, because he WAS the fourth world alternate of Noah Maxwell. He knew that The Observer helped Milo commit his choice to death, and for that, he would repay the dirty bastard for as long as Noah Maxwell lived. However, he didn't know that The Observer and the Keeper had Milo's dead body until a bit later, and boy, he was pissed when he was told by Swain. He decided, just for a little early start, he would tease The Observer. He intercepted one of The Observers' messages to Noah and told him a little bit about everything. This became the main part of footage in the Intercepted video.

Milo Asher's body was never recovered by police.