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The following story is not supposed to be a creepypasta or spinpasta.
It was made for comedy, and shall not be taken seriously.

While me and my mom were moving out of her abusive boyfriend's house, I found a unmarked VHS tape with a sticker labelled "New Hampshire Public Television", which appeared to have been recorded in 2011 by me while I was at school. I remember having my VCR set up to record this tape, but I ignored. One day, when I was replacing my mess of toy monster trucks with old VHS tapes, I rediscovered the cassette. Alas, my curiosity won over my will to avoid it, and before long I switched the input of the TV and slammed the tape in.

It started out with a New Hampshire Public Television bumper, then I feasted my eyes on what appeared to be a local airing of a lost episode of the 2010 remake of Shalom Sesame entitled "That's Enough".

Shalom Sesame was a crossover between Sesame Street and it's Hebrew/Arabic version Rechov Sumsum, that was originally made in 1986 and 1990, then revived in 2010 as a 12-part series. It was aimed at introducing Israel and Judaism to children that are not necessarily fluent in the Hebrew language, since Rechov Sumsum is completely done in Hebrew.

Intended to be the final, 13th part in case Sesame Workshop wouldn't make parts to the series, "That's Enough" was secretly taped in an unused soundstage at Kaufman Astoria Studios, with everyone involved under the influence of alcohol. Pressed for time, the cameraman used an old VHS camcorder bought at a flea market and reused a VHS tape containing off-air recordings of the PBS broadcast of Plaza Sesamo to record the episode. Sesame Workshop employees in various positions then demanded to see the finished product, but it was only shown to Sesame Workshop co-founder Joan Ganz Cooney. I can't imagine why.

The opening credits, typical for these kinds of episodes, were redone to look scarier. Here, the opening theme is in G major, the picture is warped, and there' someone screaming the whole time. Pathetic.

Scene 1 began with Shoshana welcoming the viewer as she walks down Rechov Sumsum. She says that Annelise is in the process of having sex with Moishe Oofnik, and they need to get really sexy.

Scene 1 then continued with Annelise naked and being fucked by a man in a Moishe Oofnik costume. After that, it showed the Crack Master cartoon, and an animation showing us the Hebrew word for "Hey, watch where you're putting those cold hands, buddy!"

Scene 2 showed Grover watching as Kobi is being murdered by a man who calls himself "Monster", who I swear to God had to be portrayed by Doug Walker, aka the Nostalgia Critic. Grover tries to talk to Monster, then Monster says "Shut the fuck up you blue fake monster!"

The Film was instead a video of a woman in a very detailed fursuit of Krystal from dancing to "Pink Pussycat" by Devo in front of a pile of dead bodies. Then, there was a Cartoon showing us words that begin with "You're"

Scene 3 showed Kippi Ben Kippod, who was in his redesigned version from Rechov Sumsum/Shara'a Simsim, talking to Mitzi Mozzarella from the Rock-afire Explosion. Mitzi appeared to be the bot that ended up with Retro Pizza Zone user Dylanlip, and she appeared to be voiced by Salisha Sloan. Also, you could see the dolley she was on, and you could hear the mac valves clicking away in the background. After that, there's a jumpcut and Kippi then makes out with a woman in a CEI Mitzi costume.

Scene 3 then continued with Devo performing "Satisfaction", and then Mark and Bob 1 proceed to lay dynamite around the sets before letting a rabid midget named "Harry" blow them up. Oh, Harry appears to be played by Verne Troyer.

Another Film was shown, showing kids watching a porno.

Scene 4 showed Monster and Harry dumping a mannequin dressed up like Kobi down a hill.

Scene 4 then continued with Grover and Moishe having a gay twosome while free jazz plays in the background.

The Cartoon showed words that began with "Fuck"

The Muppet segment was the Fraggle Rock theme. Pretty lazy, huh?

"Muppets / Celebrity" showed Dennis Anderson explaining the word "Death" and then being pelted by chroma-keyed grenades.

Scene 5 showed Shoshana coming home to a wasted neighborhood. Her jaw drops, and then we suddenly cut to the closing segment, where the sponsors are announced, and then the theme song plays over a longer-than-usual credit scroll superimposed over Shoshana touring the ruins of the set, scenes from other Sesame Workshop shows, and Shoshana banging her head against a wall.

I was shocked by this, and sent the tape to the NYPD. They sent it back, saying they were confused by it.

Pretty strange, huh?

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