SeeU-Hide and Seek-English Subtitles-0

SeeU-Hide and Seek-English Subtitles-0

SeeU Demon

Has anyone heard of the Vocaloid singer SeeU, well there is a song called Hide and Seek, now on YouTube there is a video, but I believe this truly happened. Their was a sickness at one point that no one understood, but this one family would soon find out the meaning. There was a knock on the door. As it echoed through the house, a voice followed the sound of the knock and said, "I will find you, no use hiding." Now the mother understood what he wanted. He wanted them to take his illness. She ran to lock the door only to discover the door was already opening. She pushed against the door and told her son and daughter to go into hiding. The kids were scared, but they did as they were told.

The little girl went into her room and hid under her bed, but the boy didn't hide. He ran throughout the house. He didn't want to hide, he had to find his mom, then at that moment he heard a scream. This scream belonged to his mother. Tears streamed down his face; the tears started to blur his vision and he tried to run through it. Then a voice said in a feminine voice, "No use hiding I will find you." He nearly froze with fear, but he kept running. That voice belonged to his mother, not that man at the door...

The little boy continued running and trying to find a place to hide. Then he heard a scream coming from his sister's room. The scream belonged to his sister, but again the voice of the new person was his sister. He continued running, then he ran into his bedroom (knowing his sister would look under the bed). So he hid in the closet. His sister came into his room saying, "Knock... Knock... I'm here... Are you under the bed?" His heart skipped a beat and his breath steadied, but it wasn't long until she said, "Oh, I see you're not under there. How about in the closet?" His heart skipped a beat; as the closet door let in a streak of light and he saw his sister grinning a unnatural grin and her eyes were as black as night. Then there was a scream.

There were three bodies found in that house, a man's, a mother's, and a little girl's. Each were strangled, but their bodies seemed to have move from where they were to have died from. This case is still not solved. There is no sign of the boy. If you ever hear a voice saying, "Knock knock, I'm here to find you." Don't go to the door. Hide and never come out. There seems to be a knocking...

"Knock knock, I'm coming for you."

Never go near the door.

Credited to ShadowSlayer666 Based on song by Ho-ong-i

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