Warning. This story contains events from real life situations, Shocking Chunks of the Story, And/or references to other life events. Please turn back now if you do not wish to read this story. (Some Names have been changed)


He took me under his shadow, Under his dangerous training. Eventually, I became like a Ninja of sorts, protecting my so called "Brother" from death. Eventually, I became something called a "Second Banana." He took literally all the credit for what i did, stole my dreams, and killed my loved ones. He never even cared if I loved someone! He would just sigh in annoyance. One day, I get a chance at figuring out who he was. Jean Sagimuri. A gamer. Was all this training for nothing? Or was there a purpose? Eventually, I got my hands on a Platforming game. This game seemed to be so appealing to me in so many ways possible! But then, something went horribly wrong.


I spent all this time playing the game myself, only to master what my "bro" trained me for. I was creating almost every motion in the game in real life. My Brother was trying to turn me into a fighting materpiece. It actually paid off after I started practicing Swordplay. Both of us would use Wooden Katanas. One was black, while the other was white.


The next day, my brother couldn't be found. I checked literally everywhere, his room, The Foyer, the Kitchen, even that small unused room he called the Dojo. I found him slashing small Wooden dolls in half with a Steel Katana. Not very unusal at all in any way whatsoever. He the tossed me the Steel Katana, only for me to catch it by the Hilt, and Slash 3 Dolls within a few seconds. I chuckled as my skills grew, and he was getting weaker. I began to actually engage in combat with him every now and then as the day went on. He continued to take all the credit, leaving me with nothing more than emotions of Sadness.


He enjoyed the day while he still could, only to get even weaker. This was starting to become seemingly unatural...He appeared to have many cuts, bruises, even he lost some skin in the process. Who could be doing all this damage? My brother's grunts could be heard from the dojo every now and then, but this was the last time he ever saw daylight. It may cost his life In order to see the next "Day" of his life. I couldn't tell but, I felt a strange presence.

It was later that night when I had the urge to get my long-awaited vengeance. I grabbed a Steel Katana from the dojo, and hurried to my "Brother's" room. Asleep like a bug on a rug, I would unsheathe the Katana, and begin to stab him. 16 Brutal stabs in his back, I wouldn't hold back my rage until he was history. At the 16's stab, he was finally put to rest. I began to chuckle in a sinister way, having got what I wanted. Revenge is what I desired. This is the last entry until I bury the secrets inside the book. My insanity may never be found by anyone.

Notes and After Reading

This is an actual Journal I found buried under my house, due to the fact I was digging for gold like an idiot. Some names were changed due to the fact that, if I were to tell the real name, I would have been having nightmares. Yeah. It's that serious of a name! I am willing to give the book to anyone who desires to read it. Thank you for reading this true event.

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