So, you know the video from June 22, 2016 called SMG4 and Pals: Seaside Stupidity? Well here’s the alternate version of it.

I was looking for SMG4 videos, since he is funny, and there is SMG4 and Pals: Seaside Stupidity Part 1 Alternate Version. I wondered what it is, so I played it.

It begins in the same way that SMG4 and Pals: Seaside Stupidity Part 1 played. But SMG4 and Mario had the same eyes as Squidward had in the Unmarked 2000 VHS Tape. As the monster did the same helicopter maneuver, the multicolored Marios fell in to a bloody ocean. A red light displayed.

SMG4: Jeebus is that you? I’m coming!

Then ??? came out.

???: Hello hello hello. I am Fishy Boopkins. A various creature of the sea.

??? WAS Fishy Boopkins!

FM: If you come to eat us, then start off with the fattest man.

Mario: Hey!

But instead of Fishy Boopkins saving them, his eyes went black and lifeless, and ATE them!

As the Marios fell through Boopkins‘s stomach, which was small, they slowly melted.

The video ends there. At first, I thought Fishy Boopkins would save them, but he ate them.

You can watch the normal video at

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