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Before this era of days and events I was on top of my game and I had nothing to worry about, I’m, or was a Disc Jockey and successful one, too, now I am seeking mental therapy for what I have seen. Although I am most certainly am not afraid to tell you what exactly what happened within this… let’s call it “an era".

March 18, 2013

It all started when I very least expected it, I was performing for a humongous, wild and crazy crowd of people who very well look like typical ravers and it was a very typical time I had before as a disc Jockey. Out of all the dozens of people who came, like sure it was crowded, but there can only be so many ravers at the same place at the same time, who caught my eye the most, was a couple, and they, did not dance like those all around them…

They danced more exquisitely, more cooperatively, like they were doing partner dancing to Mozart or a slow violin strange considering it was a crowded rave, and strangely, no one around them reacted to such a strange happening in a rave, no dry humping them, no talking to them, no nothing. But while I continued doing what I do best, I also tried to nominate the couple… or make them the light of the party if you will, by just simply trying to pull out a spot light or the closest thing and pointing it at them. But in hindsight, I could not find such, I could only make so much money at a time and I realized it wasn’t necessary.

Oh well, my performance continued and everything went well, if not better than expected or as planned. So eventually, everybody, even the super hard core, dance too crazily and carelessly to be normal people while wolfing down treats until, 3:40, 4:20, or even 6:00 in the sun-rising morning were finished raving for the day, night, morning or even couple days and everyone left.

However, when I managed to clean everything up and well, finish my most recent performance, when I turned a random direction, I saw an eerie, Metallic glint, as my eyes adapted to the glint, I saw a mysterious figure just standing there, when I managed to take a close-enough look, I realized this figure was nothing I have seen before. This figure was bipedal and had metal plates all over his body, and he was clad in what very well is a pair of camouflage pants and a restraining jacket, both bloody, filthy-looking and ripped, revealing more of the metallic parts. I took my IPhone out and snapped a picture.

It looked like this:

R distant

I came closer to take another picture, it looked like this:

R close

I made my IPhone zoom in to take a picture of his more unusual hand or arm, I was most certainly creeped out, cautious or even scared enough not to go any closer, the picture looked like this:

R arm

Finally, with my Iphone, I took an unintentionally blurry and heart speeding picture of his face, the photo is here:

R face

I was shocked, spooked considerably more than I was a few moments ago to see more detail on his appearance, its eyes were so bloodshot, that all you could see are a pair of strikingly small, slit-shaped pupils surrounded by white-covering pink, red and yellow vein-like texture, the irises were so hidden that it looked like he had none, I’m calling it a he due his masculine appearance, I don’t know who or what this thing is, other than it looked like it persevered countless militaristic fights and had brutally killed numerous people, most likely other fighters god knows what.

I did not freeze during one time, I used haste magic to get as far away from him as the haste magic could let me and oddly enough, he didn’t bother to chase me, attack me or even move. I realized he was not looking at me the slightest. He was instead staring at a different direction, something passed me. And with such grudge-like, furious anger he did. What was he looking at I thought. And then he turned, heading for rougher terrain revealing two, cannon-like limbs and shot at the ground, causing him to be launched high into the air to disappear into the woods.

March 19, 2013

With my performance from yesterday being successful, I decided to go to a parking lot theater to get inspiration for a future music video. Coincidentally, I saw the same couple, I took a closer look at them without getting they’re attention and I was a tad, not overly or significantly surprised to see that the couple are familiars that I have never thought of  being in relationship. The town’s treat baker… the laborer at the apple orchard…

Dating each other? Sorry, I just have so much on my mind I have just too much on my mind that I can’t remember names. I had nothing against this relationship, opposites attract after all. I really did not know what made the two eye each other like that. But, who am I to judge, I’m just a disc jockey, not some sort of relationship adviser or master whatever. So I just stopped thinking and went on watching the film.

About somewhere between two thirds or three quarters in the movie in the outdoor theater, I turned away from the theater just to stretch or scratch or even to give my eyes a break, when my eyes adapted, while looking away from the screen, I saw something from a distance, I was shocked to see the same figure, standing still, at a, massive distance, I still don’t know what he wants for me. And I don’t know what to do if I do know what this THING wants! He then disappears into the woods using the same explosive jump, but except this one, as much it was higher, it looked more like a leap than a jump, but still with massive height and distance. But still, nothing else unexpected has happened. And the movie was over and everyone left, and I decide to ease drop for just few seconds. But, what they said was not important, and in hindsight, it was neither polite nor wise.

When I got home, I simply decide to get a good night’s sleep after what has happened, especially when I have thrown that performance all night that night. Perhaps my dreams would give me inspiration instead of some movie with clichés. So I slept, and what grew on me was that I keep on thinking that thing, that metal-coated monster would just do something to me while I am off-guard sleeping, but oddly, I slept until an hour and a half before the crack of noon.

March 20, 2013

And so I finally had a good night’s sleep and my morning was a rather typical one, I prepared breakfast for me and my classy housemate and wash the dishes with well, loud music. And so, my day continued as average. Then my memory hit me, the figure that I kept on seeing for the last two days, maybe it wasn’t after me after all. So I tried to contact a few others, heck, I have even talked to my house mate about this event that has happened twice in a row.

Although in slight disbelief instead of fear or panic, she still was a bit concern about me, how it happened and the safety of ground and air knows who. When I show her the pictures I have taken, she was unnerved, but not to the point of sheer horror. She asked me “Where did you get these photos?” I told her I took them and I really saw this figure in person. And her reaction was greater.

So I went out to show these photos as much as possible.  However, with only so much time in a day, I did not show absolutely everyone. When saw the apple orchard and the bakery, I saw a metallic glint, rather than looking any more closely I decided to run back home. Day turned to night during the whole process of spreading the phenomena and getting back home and I really started to get thinking and worried about who or what is he after and struggled to sleep.

March 21, 2013

In the middle of the day, I decided to go up to the couple, but for some strange reason, I did not find them together. I found the laborer at the apple orchard and I talked to him, trying to take it slow on when it comes to bring up the warning, as comfortably warn him. Strangely, it was nighttime and he was sorting the soil. I had a conversation before really trying to spill out the warning. Then, I saw a melic glint in the sky that was falling to the ground. I then told him to look at that direction; he was not sure what he wanted me to look at.

All went silent and then I panicked to see that it was… it was… THE SAME MONSTER THAT I KEPT ON SEEING! And he was closer, but still far and then, I heard a massive, sound of a homing missile being launched, as soon as I heard that ear impaling noise, I casted haste magic on both me and the laborer to make darn sure we outrun that missile, The chase went on for god knows how long, I looked behind me and realized I wasn’t the target, the laborer was! Getting tired of the chase, the laborer turned around as a failed attempt to fight the monster.

All of my nerves and every inch of my skin felt this amazing shockwave, all it did was knock me a about ten feet but strangely, it not inflict pain or damage, when I got up, I was absolutely horrified, and given an image that will haunt me for life, or until mental therapy cures it, which will a be difficult process. I ran to the house that is supposed to be connected to the rest of the farm, alerting the laborer’s family, we all ran to the scene, heartache filled up the atmosphere, we were all devastated.

Even though I did not know the laborer well, but the way he died, was most certainly caused me to share the same mood with the laborer’s family, I was covered in blood and some remaining parts of the poor worker. I felt ever so sorry, thinking that I will never be able to give enough sympathy to the family. Eventually, I came home, only to sleep with nightmares. However, I have realized upon sleeping, that the family’s youngest sister did not appear. I really didn’t think why, so I slept terribly, It was so horrifying that I became sleep deprived in the morning.

March 22, 2013

At the apple orchard, it was crowded and depressing with the detectives doing their job, while quite a crowd is further away witnessing. It even appeared on the news. Everyone heard about it, even the treat baker. I decided to go to the baker’s house as an attempt to make her feel better.

After some socialization, she offered me a cupcake. And after a few minutes everything faded to black, I didn’t know how much time flew when I woke up, but when I woke, up, I was absolutely horrified. I was pinned to a plank of wood and I was held too firm to move, and there the baker was, right in front of me, with a tray holding a palate of sharp utensils. “Where is he?” she said. “He is dead, I’m so sorry!” I said. She said, “Well, anyway, I’m about to bake yet another batch of cupcakes, but I’m going to have to get the secret ingredient.” She then grabbed a surgery knife, attempting to slowly and gently slice a chunk of my skin off!

All I could do to keep her at bay, is to use some sort of cheap, laser blast magic to stun or drive that damn knife away! There was absolutely no clock around so I have absolutely no idea what time it really was! I was at full panic mode, every minute of this nightmare in real life felt like a slow, traumatizing, eternity that I have no idea when it is going to end, the baker became more and more determined to get even just one cut into my body, the sadistic, wild grin on her face turned to a scowl of extreme, soul searing anger, the adrenaline spikes that I got each time I missed grew more and more violent, I was surprised that I did not have a heart attack, she tried with every pound of energy, every sharp, surgical implement just to get a cut, but missing, by tiny fractions of an inch!

I was hanging on to dear damn life, just to get that baker away from me! Then, we heard the thudding of metallic feet walking on the floor above the basement we were in, the interval of the sound lengthening, lengthening and lengthening and then, silence. The baker grabbed the syringe and appeared to start to continue, and then I heard nothing but a hiss of a homing missile followed by heart wrenching, silent blast of a higher door being demolished, followed by an identical copy of the same noise sequence, but accept with the door of this very room! It was the same monster that I saw the last few days!

Oh god was I horrified, traumatized and ever so panic stricken, that the only thing I thought was to break free before god knows what on earth will happen! I squirmed violently like a mouse on a sticky trap and screaming literally right on top of my lungs for help and mercy! The baker was too crippled and slow to react and perhaps intimated to do anything but watch as…he grabs each metal constraint and rip it off of the plank that was holding me firm! I was still just as panic stricken to see what on Earth was ripping this constrainer and this up close!

Then, after he ripped off the semi ring that was holding my chest, I bolted upstairs, out of the house that I call a torture dungeon instead of a damn house, all the way home! With me using haste magic like if I would have died if I stopped running, I moved too fast to see what was I passing other than my beloved house! My house mate was, concern and uneasy to see me. I still was just as fear filled as I was when in the basement, which is more than scared enough to tell her and absolutely in the same panicked manner. I then calmed down, knowing that I am now back to safety. I tried to sleep when I decided to go to bed, but had nightmares. I slept very little that night.

March 23, 2013

Feeling tiered and seriously sleep deprived, I did not have enough energy or focus to react to those memories from yesterday, let alone do anything but slowly walk, do my morning routine and attempt to be fully awake. I felt greasy, tiered and horrid, it was most certain that I could not work today, but I had enough money to last me a long time anyway. Time passed as I felt less tiered and sleep deprived, but still, not okay, as I was still rattled of what happened with the last time I saw that damn baker!

However, I calmed down, but still in fear, as I watched television, the news said, yesterday at a time between eight or nine PM, there has been a suspicious disappearance, all other information is classified for all other citizens. The rest of the story will be revealed at 9:00 PM”. Thinking about what has happened, I realized something, there were a few people missing that I rather often saw, remember about the youngest sister of the apple orchard family? She had friends and all three of them were missing. And the athlete who of a group of six, with the baker being one of those six. So that makes four who were missing before those days that I saw the figure that launches homing rockets.

I tried to think harder, but I’m not sure about the connection. But I at least think if not most certainly know that something is fishy about their disappearances. Still, uneasy, I decided to show whoever can help me with what happened in these days, the pictures that I have taken, reactions have varied, some were fascinated, others were creeped out, but one, most certainly knew what to do with them. First, they were shown to law enforcement, when that happened it is said they will be searching for him. And then, for some strange, hard to figure out reason, posted the pictures on the internet for everyone to see. I still have yet to see how others on the internet reacted to these images.  I am sure a bit relived that I will no longer be alone on when it came to such experiences I had.

March 24, 2013

The next day, there were many reactions. Some were entertained by how frightening the images looked, others wished they haven’t seen the images at all, they are even urban legends that figure the images are haunted. And causing viruses, I really don’t know if such is true, but I most certainly know that those who know the baker may or may not want to know what happened to her. So, I decided go up to the baker’s friends and tell them what happened.

Although I don’t know  what emotions the y will be  in, but it will most certainly be not happy. When I managed to get a hold of all four of them, with hesitation, I told them or tried so, about what happened. They were all very depressed to know that this really did happened, and then they all shed tears and fell silent. I most definitely know that this is not a bright moment at all. And so, sadly, the day went on like normal, almost normal.

March 25, 2013

I was more cautious than before, just shaking to keep my courage up, I decided to go out alone, looking for the supposed graves or where the funeral will take place. And so, I looked for anyone, anywhere or anything that be at the very least a clue about such. Eventually, I have managed to find something that I never expected to find, I was not sure what it’s supposed to be, but it looked like, some sort of excuse for a shrine, it looked like a tree that was rather healthy and it had red and pink colored stones around it.

I went closer and eventually, I realized that there are messages carved onto it, Both had started with “HERE LIES WASTES OF HORSE SEX AND RESOURCES” Along with revealing two familiar names. The names of the laborer who worked at the farm and the baker who drugged and attacked me are also revealed on the stones. I would not reveal their names because it may cause some… let’s call them negative reactions. A strange, sky blue colored stone that says “Thou must prey for these four with all of their might” and then revealed the four others that were missing long before.

I kept on looking, and I have seen two pictures of the two that I met, but they looked disrespected and vandalized, I saw nothing short on marker and glass cracks and over into the distance, I heard a strange, clomping or thudding sound, I kept on hearing it and slowly knowing were  the sound is coming from. I slowly turned to look, to see the same damn entity of metal, just walking slowly towards me. Clomp…Clomp…Clomp and so on. I did not know what exactly to do because, I have used a lot of haste magic and I don’t know if it will exhaust or not, I don’t not know what will happen, so I just stood there, like an idiot, who is very frightened.

So I stood there, while he slowly walked towards me, and just looked at me, maybe it was more of a prolonged stare, and I just have no idea what was going to happen. And then, from all of that suspense, he used those cannons on his back to launch himself into the air and that was the last time I have saw him. And I have decided to return to civilization to tell the tale. Now, I am trying to figure out why all of this has happened, As in, what were the key causes to these incidences, why these things happened, pardon me as I think about this, so the laborer’s smallest sister was missing, so were her two friends.

I did not see the athlete who knows the baker well and share the same four friends, but the athlete was missing before the baker, and back when I was at the baker’s basement, I was seeing some sort of stitched up, blue, doll-like thing that was just as large as I was, and looked like it was make of a relentlessly cut up corpse. So the baker was responsible for the athlete’s disappearance, and hmm…I am also trying to speculate why the laborer and baker appeared to like each other so much, opposites attract? 

I don’t know, but wait, perhaps that it’s each other’s bloodlust has attracted each other, than the laborer must be responsible for the disappearance his little sister and was cunning enough to seem like it never happened, and if that’s the case, then the reason why the metallic figure has come along, killed the couple, no one else and disappeared never to be heard again, is because of what the couple has done. But, that raises several questions, one, how does what has happened before he arrived concern him? Two, what motivated him anyway, if he had nothing to do with anything in this world? And finally, HOW DID HE GET TO EQUESTRIA AND DISAPPEAR LIKE THAT?!

Credited to Blake W. Mackinnon

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