"Hello. My name is John. I am 14 years old. I wanted to tell you a story.

"There was once a man who lived with his mother and his father. He was 20 years old, and the day was the 3rd of March. The next day, his parents died."

This was handed in by John to his English teacher as homework. The English teacher, named Brad, obviously shocked by the composition's length and ending, called for John immediately. After John came in, Brad asked him angrily about why he had written it in such a horrifying manner.

"I lived it."

Brad flinched, but immediately shook his head and gave him a break-in, in which he had to write same 300 worded composition with the same title, "My Life". The break arrived and Brad checked that John was writing, but he was just staring at his paper, his pen shaking in his hand. Brad, ignoring the shaking hand neared the young boy and asked him why he stopped. Then he looked at the paper, picked it up, read it and his mouth fell open.

The same story was written, except for a few modifications.

"Hello. My name is John. I am 14 years old. I wanted to tell you a story.

"There was once a man who lived with his mother. His father died 3 years after his birth. He was 47 years old and the day was the 2nd of May. The next day, his mom died."

Brad stared at John and shakily asked him a question, "What is your favourite colour...?"

To which John replied with a stuttered "Blue."

Brad then asked John to re-write a composition with the same title and he promptly left the class. When he returned, he found an incredibly scared John, staring at the paper. Brad ran into the class and re-read the same story.

"Hello. My name is John. I am 14 years old. I wanted to tell you a story.

"There was once a man who lived alone. His biological mother and father were never found and he detached himself from his adoptive ones. He was 58 and the day was 25th of December. The next day, two bodies were found next to the Seine River in France."

Brad, now paler than before, repeated the question. John replied, now with more difficulty, "Black.". Brad, now shaking at the sight that was happening before him, re-ordered John to re-write the composition. John paled at the end of the sentence and pleaded Brad to let him go out of the class. Brad, shocked, stared at John and thought whether he should let him go. He has been through much, another trip could tip him over the edge. But instead he shook his head and told John to re-write it. He quickly left the class, and returned in 10 minutes. The composition was done neatly this time, infront of an extremely, if not abnormally, calm John. Brad picked the paper up and realized that the story changed drastically and elongated.

"Hello. My name is John. I am 14 years old. I wanted to tell you my story.

"There was once a man who lived with his mother and father. When he was 20, they both died infront of his eyes together holding their hands as a way of always being together, even while dying. Desperate by this outcome, the man quickly decided to shoot himself, when he met a man that promised him a different life. The man took it and he was reborn as a child whose mother lived longer at the cost of his father remaining years, making him die far earlier than he was supposed to. The man was devastated, but he still had his mother. But then, when he was 47, she died. The man, having lived longer, decided that he lived a great life and wouldn't want to live the rest of it alone.

"So he took out his gun, only to be stopped by the same man from before. The other man offered him another chance. The man took it without any hesitation and ended up as a boy with adoptive parents who die at the normal age instead of earlier, but once he realized he was adopted, he detached himself from them and decided to live alone. At the age of 58, exactly 3 weeks after his birthday, two bodies were found near the Seine River. The police called for him because there were DNA samples of him all over them. He insisted that he didn't kill them, when a scientist came in, saying that the two bodies were genetically related to him, the signs were the same being because they were taken from the bodies' remaining blood supply. He stared at the corpses and something inside him snapped. He immediately pulled out a gun and pointed it to his head.

"The police moved suddenly back as to not agitate him, but a man appeared infront of the police and stared at him. "One last one." he said to the man before he was reborn an orphan, alone. He applied for school and entered. He was said to have a great mind and great memory, but he behaved strangely. He always wanted to see the English teacher. One day, on the 23rd of April, John was 14. The next day, Brad and John were found dead, both with a pistol bullet in their head. It is not known what the method of killing was, whether it was suicide, murder and if both, which one was murdered."

Brad looked at his armwatch and the date was 24th of April. Behind him, he heard a pistol reload and he heard a voice.

"You look just like him."

Then a shot was heard, and shortly after another one.

People came to see what happened and were absolutely shocked at the scene. The next day, some investigators came to see what happened and they found a small piece of paper.

"Hello, my name is John, and I have finally ended my life."

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