PLEASE NOTE: Before you try and make a game out of this, please resort to my quick explanation that I'M ALREADY MAKING ONE, DANGIT!

May 5th, 2012

My horse, Ray, he's one of my prized animals. Ollie, Footy, and him are my favorites though. I recently got the flu, and haven't been able to feed them. I'm sorry guys...

May 9th, 2012

Four days without feeding them. I'm starting to worry a bit... If my flu doesn't go away, they'll starve!

I've been quite odd-feeling ever since I got the flu that I thought nothing of, at first. I've been having halucinations of a monster-like Ray, tentacles, 4 feet taller, and pitch black eyes. I see him in my sleep, in the mirror, out my window, sometimes when I blink.

May 10th, 2012

Ollie and Footy ran away. They left the barn to scout out for food. Ray didn't leave... He died of starvation...

It's been 10 hours and I went to bury him, but his corpse was gone! I was not only scared, but sad. Ray couldn't get a proper burial...

May 13th, 2012

I went to look for Ray's body. I found nothing. After hours of searching and throwing up, I finally found something; a note saying "HE KILLED US. YOU'RE NEXT, VICTOR."

I was scared out of my mind at that point, wondering who knew my name, when I lived alone and had no relatives.

I took 2 more hours in the forest, searching, before I gave up and went home, weeping for Ray, hoping he'll be eternally happy wherever dead horses go.

That's when I heard it. A wet, snake like slithering sound behind me. I looked up, to see Ray, eyes pitch black, tentacles, 4 feet taller, and sad looking.

"I thought you cared," Ray moaned. "I thought you would love us enough to feed us. It's time to pay your debts, you bastard!"

"NO! PLEASE!" I cried deperately. "I-- I was sick with the flu! I... I..."

"It's too late, now..." said Ray. "I'm sorry."

Ray reached out with his tentacle, and touched my forehead. I passed out and woke up in bed. Something died in me that day. I felt guilty, rather than scared. My horses always depended on me. I was a fool to leave them to die...

Let this be a lesson to whoever found this journal; ALWAYS take care of your animals. I learned that the hard way...

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