I remember when I was 9 I used to draw a character named Roy. And when I was old enough to use a computer, I first used MS Paint and I drew him a lot. I would print my pictures of him and put them on the fridge. I decided to draw him for old time sakes, but there was already a file on my desktop called ROY.BMP. I decided to open the file because of my curiosity. The first thing I noticed was the helmet. I had it as a blue skateboard like helmet with a very happy smile on his face. But this time around it looked like a fleshy face that was duct-taped to it instead of the happy face, it looked like my dead friend's face, Ed. And his shirt, it usually had a smiley face with a line connection his nose to his smile. But in this drawing, the shirt had instead of the smiley face, it had a face of a unknown person with a eyeball hanging from one of it's sockets, like a zombie. But the skin was just a normal tone. His hair had burn marks in it, his three long spikes that gouged out form under his helmet, like he tried to kill himself because of something he could've done. Maybe he was responsible for the death of my friend? No. There's no way. Or… Is there?

Moving on. His brown rubber shoes where now a burnt rubber color. And it was almost as if I could smell the rubber somehow. His left hand was wielding a knife, with stains of blood, and there was a few drops about to droop off of it. Like it was fresh. I looked down at my hand. I had a cut in my hand that spelled out "ROY.BMP" Or how my imagination saw it as. Was I the victim? The upcoming victim? I had no clue. His hand had several cuts that all spelled "ROY.BMP" I started to think that… Was I possibly Roy? Was I the cause of my friend's death and god knows what? So many questions but no answers. His eyes had large full circles around his eyes, like he hasn't slept in years. Almost like mine, but much heavier. His lips were a dark crimson color, like he put on some type of chap-stick that had a effect on his lips, or possibly lipstick. I decided to print it out too keep the tradition of putting it on the fridge even though of my older age. There was something changed while it printed, it got stuck for a few seconds and when it came out it had my entails and ROY.BMP written on it.

It was odd, dare I say, creepy. I hung it up on the fridge with a "R" Magnet. Right next to the "Y", "O", "M", "P", "B" and the "." magnet's. I decided to go into bed and take a nap. I was woken up in the middle of the night by the printer, it was 3:00 A.M. and there was a image printing of yet another picture of Roy. But it looked awfully more gruesome and different. I chose to hang it up on the fridge with the "O" magnet next to the "R" magnet that hung up the other one. Then I went back to bed. I woke up the next morning and I went back to the fridge to study the newly printed picture while I ate some waffles.

First thing I noticed that was completely different was the helmet. This time it had the face of Roy from the last picture. But his face had my entails on them. Which probably was written with a knife, much like a butter knife as the marks seem. I had a butter knife with me and I was cutting my waffles. It could've been a really. A really creepy one or just a completely average normal everyday thing. I looked at the hair, and this time it was shorter, as if it was cut off with a weed-whacker, as there where seeds and grass in it. His eyes where a now dark hazel color. Like mine. The shirt had the face of a clown on it, a demented clown as it suggested. I hated clowns.

There almost as big of a worst nightmare then these series of images. He had a large smile, and some pieces of what I could only imagine was waffle. He was wielding in his right had a butter knife, that had instead if blood, syrup and butter, and a heavy coat I might add. His boots know were red running shoes that read "TSUNKONI" in bold blue letters, with a blue and red stripe lace design and gray lines. Like my shoes. This one seemed more like me. As almost if this was a picture to deja vu me. I hung it back up with the "O" magnet again.

I went to my computer to check if the file existed, and this time the file name read "RYO.MPB" Like the order of the magnets. Another odd coincidence. I drag the two files in the Trash bin, but it said "ERROR: FILES IN USE." I restarted my computer and my login photo for my profile was now the word "ROY.BMP" I was confused. How did that happen? I logged on but it entered text for me for my password. And my background was now Roy just staring at me. With no eyes, like they fell out of there sockets. I shut it off in disgust and went for a walk to clear my mind.

I hung out with friends and told them about my experience but they didn't believe me. I decided to invite them over and we walked back to my place. We all entered my house and I turned on my computer, and now the profile image was just Roy, staring at me like my desktop background. My friends said that I set this up. But I tried to explain, then my background was the Windows XP background. But there was a small pixelated figure behind one of the valleys. This time they were convinced as the browsed over the files of the images, one was called "EVAN.BMP" the second one was "REMEMBER.BMP" After we talked for a little bit, the power shut off and it was completely pitch black. I heard a door creak, a few footsteps then a jab. I passed out after the jab and I woke up in the hospital. My friends where there and relived to see I was alive. The doctor said that I was stabbed extremely, I had cuts on all parts of my body, and the all read "EVAN, REMEMBER, ME, PLEASE, HELP." The doctor also said my friends were cut, but it was just "RUN FROM EVAN." for them.

The doctor had asked me what happened. I explained that I had no idea and that all I remember is that I was stabbed after the power went out. I went out a few weeks later and me and my friends decided to celebrate at Ali's house. (One of the friends in the bunch.) We got there and we had some snacks and treats and such, we started to talk about some things about the past when we were younger and it was all fun and games. Until… We decided to go to his bedroom, once we went in, the door locked behind us and we couldn't get out. We chose to be calm and turn on the TV and watch some old cartoons and talk about them.

We heard his computer make a Skype file accept noise and we went to go see that a user named ROY BMP sent him the two pictures from my desktop. The TV turned off and the light dimmed. Then after we panicked after a bit the light just burst. I was so worked up I went unconscious. I had the worst nightmare, I was in the room, I got up and went outside and ran and ran. As fast as I could. Then I saw Roy behind me and my friends were behind bleeding pleading for help and asking why I did this. I didn't know what they were talking about.

Roy then caught up to me and pinned me down as he said in a demonic voice "You forgot me. Left me behind. Now, I will forget and leave you behind." I saw a slash of a knife and then I awoke from several buckets of water getting poured on my face. It was Ali. He asked me a bunch of questions and all I could explain was the nightmare. He said I could sleep over and after a few hours of just chilling, playing video games we finally went to bed. And before I feel asleep I heard the words "Thank you Evan. I enjoyed your time… For now…