About forty years ago an old game by the name of Polybius was released in most arcades. The game was made by Sinneslöschen which means sense deletion. The urban legend originated in Portland, Oregon, 1981. The last game cabinet resurfaced in 1989 but quickly disappeared. The game was tied to many mysterious deaths involving suicide. This story involves the tale of four boys who go to explore one of the old arcades for scrap parts.

This story is about four boys going and facing death. Not by war or disease but a video game. I was one of the boys. My name is Camron. My friends are Lani, Braden, And Luke. We are scrappers, collecting old games and computers so we can make our own. We recently learned there was an old shut down arcade nearby. What a great place to find parts! After we picked out a date, we left for the arcade.

The drive was about thirty minutes long. Most of the ride we were gathering up flashlights,snacks,water, and bags. We pulled up to abandoned building. As soon as we stepped out we smelled what we thought was a dead animal it was so bad. We walk up to the door and we saw graffiti and warnings to turn back. We didn’t listen to him, but we should have. We grab a sledgehammer and bust down the door. We begin to walk though the old building. Dust has collected on the windows and counters. One of them screams and they all run to see what happened. They found where the smell was coming from. When they looked at the object they couldn’t figure out what it was. Then they began to notice its shape. It had arms and legs but they were badly mangled. The body’s arms were bent in odd ways like the body was hit repeatedly with a metal bat. We try to figure out what happened but then we heard a loud bang from the other side of the arcade. They say one of the machines start up by its self. They look at the title of the game it says Polybius.

The game look like it was just put into the building. Luke decided to play the game and slipped in a quarter and began to play. The game played like galaga ,but something was off about the game. The background of the game was kind of hypnotic in a way, the game had no music, the only noise was a woman screaming every minute or so. The more Luke played the stranger he got. He began to get more angry with everyone and he became depressed if he wasn’t playing. Lani tried to play but Luke began to hit him over and over. He eventually stopped and kept playing the weird game. We pried Luke off the game cabinet and tried to leave but the entire car ride home he was screaming. 

We tried to go to sleep but we heard another loud bang. We got up and saw that Luke broke the window and ran towards the arcade. We put on our close and drove after him. By the time we got there we saw Luke hanging off one of the rafters of the arcade. We called the police and told them the story. When we told them about the mangled body inside they didn’t believe us. We went to show them where the body was but it was gone. Then we tried to show them. The weird game cabinet but it to was gone. The police sent us home and told us to stay there, but Lani didn’t listen. He wanted to prove the game was real. I didn’t want to go so Lani went by himself. It was about a day later before we say lani again. When we did see him he was different, just like Luke was when he played the game. We tried to talk to him but he wouldn’t answer any of our questions. That night Lani went missing. We searched for ten days and never found him. It was just me and Braden left. After a few years me and Braden had a falling out. About Five years I learned that he went back to the arcade to find answers to what happened all those years ago. He never came back.

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