BLACKEST NIGHT pokemon pikachu by TomG0

The day started out normal at first, me going to school and sitting through all the boring classes. When it get's to the last subject of the day, maths, I looked outside. When I looked outside I slumped down and looked at the amazing glow that came down to me from the sun. I tried my best to look outside but my eyes wouldn't straighten up!

When I finally got a clear view from out side, I looked down on the ground and thats when I saw it. I couldn't make out what it was at first, it just looked like a grey square, but then it became a lot more clear. To my shock it was a Nintendo DS game! Just then when I turned back the bell rang and the school day ended.

I rushed outside to pick it up and that's when I saw what was written on it. It was completely blank with the original sticker ripped off. All it had on it was just black marker pen scribbled on it reading out "pokemonorange.nds". As soon as it got home I got my DS and put the game in my DS and switched it on. Nothing happened at all just a black screen with the text on screen saying:

"The following ------ may be corrupted.

Please visit -files/pokemonorange.nds"

By this time I was creeped out and had no clue what to do. I decide to go to the website to see if I maybe able to fix the game in any way. Before I visited the site, I thought about the error message and how it had the pokemonorange.nds on the end of the link, like it knows what the game is.

I visit the website and all I see on it is on the page "DOWNLOAD POKEMONORANGE PATCH HERE".

By all that was happening so far, I knew something wasn't right. I didn't know how on earth the file go patch the game when it isn't on the computer it self. I look around on the Internet for a little while looking for a copy of the ROM if there was one. I never found anything until I came across this chat room from the website explaining about hacked Pokemon games.

He started talking to me first and said, "You have found it I can see."

I froze there in silence not knowing what to do next. He sent another message this time a link, I clicked the link and it automatically downloaded a Zip Folder. I extracted the file from the folder to my desktop and then noticed it was a .nds file.

I begin opening my NO$GBA Emulator and open the file named "pokemonorange.nds" just like on the game I found. When I opened it, nothing happened at all, just a big black screen. I begin fiddling around with the buttons wondering what to do next. I finally press the "5" key on my keyboard and a text box pops up saying:

"Orange is so similar to red in so many ways. Red is also so similar to blood!"

Being extremely creeped out by that message I go to escape from the window when suddenly the game started to begin. I still couldn't exit the window and nothing would work, not even shutting down my computer! I learned there was no way out quickly so I give up and play the game. Everything is normal and nothing is different what so ever as I play through it. The game was a hacked version of Soul Silver but nothing was different. I played the game for ages and finally coming to the 4th Gym leader and that's when things get creepy.

When I went to battle the other trainers in the Gym, the wouldn't fight you when you walked in front of them, nor clicking on them. All clicking on them did was make them say, "TURN BACK THERE IS STILL AWAY OUT OF THIS!!! HURRY!!!"

As I walk up to the gym leader she walks down slowly to me with no music playing in the background. When she finally gets to me, the screen turns bright red with a scream in the background. Suddenly, out of no where what so ever. Text keept flashing on the screen. But I couldn't work out what it said. I then end up having s seizure from the bright flashing colours on the screen.

I wake up the next day. It was like nothing happened last night. I was in bed and it was 6 AM. I quickly decided not to think about it too much and assume it was a bad dream. But what made it seem more realistic was that it was the next day. I decide to move along from what ever happened last night and search my room to see if I still has the game. I couldn't find it but wasn't too worried. I go to school and meet up with my friends. I asked them what happened yesterday. They said it was just a normal day.

After that I moved along with my boring school day and waited until the last subject of the day when I noticed it was almost the same as yesterday. The sun shinning the same, same time to go until the bell and the grey square on the ground outside again. Like yesterday I rush outside to grab it. Before I get to it though. One of my teachers came over to me and picked it up. The stood there just staring at it for what seemed like hours! She soon starts crying and instead of tears coming out her eyes its blood.

I ask what's wrong and she says, "... No more. No more. No more. NO MORE!!!"

After screaming that out she faints and I scream at my self and pick the game up. I run away with it in the palm of my hand crying saying, "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE. NO!"

I then through it in a near by pond and walk home as normal.

I try to act like nothing happened and calm my self down. I check my computer to see if the files where still there but they where gone and so was my whole hard drive!

After I restored my disk again I decide to try and re-visit the Nintendo website and find links to that chat room. But it was all gone, everything like it never happened. No links from the Google search or nothing. From that day on I try to continue with my life, but I always have nightmares about that one day and sometimes even bursting into tears. It's been two years now and I am taking the event a lot better and almost forgetting it ever happened.

Written by Codyska.

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